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Meet the "New World Order"; Same as the Old World Order - Extreme Wealth Inequality Is Not "Normal" - Stealing Wealth: the Primary Symptom of the Ruling Cabal - The Fascist West Installs a Brutal Thug Regime in Ukraine - The Western Propaganda Echo Chamber - NATO's Offensive Acts of Military Aggression - The Oligarchs' Financial Mega-Crimes

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The Old World Order

Written by Jeff Nielson
Saturday, 23 August 2014

Regular readers are used to seeing various myths of propaganda debunked within these commentaries. However, (until now) one of the most insidious – and thus most important – constructs of propaganda has not been addressed: the supposed "New World Order".

The immediate and obvious point to make here is that readers should/must immediately become deeply suspicious any time we are bombarded with a label which contains the word "new". Implicit in every such label (by definition) is the concept that "this time it's different", because if it wasn't different it wouldn't be "new".

"This time it's different" is a cliché in Western societies. But it's not revered as an aphorism of wisdom. Rather, it is scorned as the mantra of idiots. This same point was made in a previous commentary which debunked and rejected the ludicrous propaganda euphemism "the New Normal". The same analysis applies to both propaganda lies.

Why is the concept that "this time it's different" (or this time it's new) universally scorned by the more intelligent members of our societies? Because such individuals subscribe to older, tried and true expressions of human thought:
The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Or, simply:
There is nothing new under the Sun.
Context changes. Principles are immutable. Those who refer to paradigms as being "new" or "different" (in categorical fashion) simply lack the capacity to perceive all the similarities to the previous paradigm(s). There is no "New Normal" in our societies, but we can also reject this particular lie by simply looking at the details of this (false) paradigm itself.

This time it's (supposedly) "normal" that unemployment (for the masses) is worse than at any other time in our history. Wages (in real dollars) are now as low as they have ever been in any time in our history. Meanwhile, the debts (among the masses) have never been higher. Poverty has never been as severe or as endemic. We never before had a class of people we now know as "the Working Poor".

In short, for the vast majority of our citizens (the Little People), life has never been worse. But instead of our (corrupt) governments telling us how they plan on fixing all of these problems – which they created – they pat us on the heads and tell us (via the Corporate media) that now all this is "normal" (i.e. things will now always be like this).

Meanwhile, for the small minority at the very top, we see the precise, mirror opposite. Their incomes have never soared higher at such a dizzying rate. The hoards of wealth which they have amassed are orders of magnitude larger than anything ever before seen in our societies. They control (through their massive stock holdings) a much larger percentage of our Corporations than at any time in history. But the taxes they pay have never been lower.

In short, for the tiny minority at the top, we see the opposite extreme: life has never been better. But instead of our (corrupt) governments telling us how they plan on rebalancing the worst wealth inequality in the history of our societies – which they created – they pat us on the heads and tell us that now this too is "normal" (i.e. things will now always be like this).

As a matter of the most elementary logic, extremes can never be "normal". As a function of both the laws of mathematics and the dynamics of human behavior, extremes always correct – back towards some more rational equilibrium which can be described as "normal". The New Normal is not only a complete lie, it is a very silly/obvious lie.

The purpose of the lie is clear. On the one hand, the intent is to permanently lower the expectations of the masses with respect to their own standard of living, literally converting them (us) into serfs. Meanwhile, those serfs are programmed to view the unimaginably huge hoards of wealth of the tiny minority of "lords" at the top as also "normal", while these Thieves finish the systematic looting of all the wealth of our societies.

But what of the other lie of a "new" paradigm: the New World Order? Here the picture is less easily discerned, for several reasons. First of all, the lie of a New World Order is not conventional propaganda; rather it is a specific subcategory of propaganda: disinformation.

While disinformation comes in many forms (and via myriad strategies), its primary distinction from conventional propaganda is clear and distinct. It is not fed to us via the same Corporate media monopoly which more and more people are learning to distrust, if not openly scorn. Rather, disinformation is always disseminated surreptitiously, which (in this case) means via the Alternative media (i.e. the small minority of media sources not directly controlled by a handful of gigantic, corporate fronts).

Disinformation is always presented (in this treacherous manner) in order to create the illusion that one is learning a secret, rather than simply being fed another lie. In the world of propaganda, disinformation is the "false-flag attack".

The other obvious point to make about disinformation in general, and the New World Order in particular, is that the targets of disinformation are always the already skeptical/suspicious minority. It is because such individuals become steadily more immune to conventional propaganda that they need to be targeted with a significantly different form of programming.

Ironically, what makes these individuals Skeptics is precisely what makes them so susceptible to disinformation operations. These are people who are looking for "secrets". So simply by "leaking" a particular propaganda message to these people indirectly (rather than feeding it to them openly/directly), the same lie that these people would normally scrutinize with suspicion is instead passively absorbed.

For thousands of years, governments have engaged in false-flag attacks with an absurd rate of success. Even after all of these centuries, human minds are still easily deceived by such indirect forms of treachery. For nearly as long, disinformation has been used to confuse, distract, and (hopefully) brainwash the minority of individuals who generally see through false-flag attack operations.

"False-flag" information (i.e. disinformation) is both a "last line of defense" in deflecting the Skeptics of a particular society away from important Truths (i.e. the real secrets), and – as of today – it is a tactic which tends to produce devastatingly successful results. Who is looking past/around/through the propaganda myth known as the "New World Order"? Essentially, no one.

What, then, is the Truth behind the lie? What does the New World Order hide? As the title to this piece suggests, the answer couldn't be simpler. The "New World Order" hides the Old World Order. Here we move to the genre of rock ’n roll for our words of wisdom:
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss.
What cabal is trying to consolidate wealth and power in our societies – and on a scale much more extreme/obscene than anything previously witnessed in our societies? The same cabal which has been trying to do the same thing (but failing) for centuries.

This, too, is little more than elementary logic. Which Actors in our societies would be in the best position to seize wealth/power in this manner? Obviously it is those who already held the most wealth/power.

Regular readers know that this cabal, this "Old World Order", now has a specific name: the One Bank. What is clear, from both the extensive computer modeling of previously cited research and our own empirical observations, is that the center of power for the Old World Order is financial in nature, and (more specifically) centers on the so-called "banking industry".

Further proof of the orientation (and focus of power) of the Old World Order comes in merely looking at how radically the Corporate media and our regulators have broadened the definition of the words "banking", "banker", and "bank". If you seek to construct a paradigm of power which is centered within a handful of monolithic (but interconnected) Big Banks, then you need to ensure that those Big Banks can stick their fingers in as many different "pies" as possible.

What has been the objective of the Old World Order, for centuries, and remains its objective today? Stealing as much of our wealth as possible, while it/they (hopefully) consolidate enough power to – this time – keep all that they have stolen from us.

Meanwhile, with the mythology known as the "New World Order", we are presented with a near endless list of supposed "goals" and "agendas" of this false paradigm – some diabolical in nature, some (supposedly) altruistic. What all of these mythical "goals" and "agendas" have in common is that none of them focus on the simple stealing of wealth, the one symptom of this ruling cabal which is far more obvious than any other.

Again, this reinforces that the "New World Order" is a disinformation operation intended to hide (for as long as possible) the Old World Order. None of this New World Order mythology ever discusses what this ruling cabal has been doing: primarily, stealing. Clearly, any (supposed) paradigm which ignores its own central theme must be a false paradigm.

There is no "New Normal". There is no "New World Order". More simply, whenever you see the word "new" attached to any label (regardless of the source), consider that label to be a lie.

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again


Ukraine Declares War on Russia

Written by Jeff Nielson
Friday, 05 September 2014

The (Western) march towards World War III continues. The series of events is crystal clear to any who have viewed them with an untainted mind.

First, the corrupt Western bloc – and principally the United States – engineered a (bloody) coup to overthrow the former, pro-Russia government in Ukraine. It was an unnecessary coup, from the standpoint of the Ukrainian people, as free elections had already been scheduled within the following year. However, it was a necessary coup from the standpoint of the fascist West, as the brutal Thugs they installed on the throne of Ukraine could never have mustered enough popular support to win a free election.

From the moment this pro-West Thug government (illegally) seized power, its mandate (dictated by its Western "sponsors") has been simple: crush all dissent. Despite having seized power themselves at the end of a gun barrel, the very first decree made by the Thug government was that everyone who did not support this illegal government had to immediately surrender all weapons ("do as I say, not as I do").

Naturally, the last thing which those opposed to an illegal government which had seized power in a bloody coup would do is to disarm themselves. One does not surrender their weapons to their political opponents – when those opponents already have a track record of killing anyone who opposes them. Thus, there can be no doubt as to who created the civil war which now rages inside Ukraine: the (illegal) pro-West government in Kiev.

Sadly, not one word of these events has ever filtered through the propaganda echo chamber which Western governments call a "free press". The tiny handful of multinational corporations who control all of our media have been given their own orders: simply "blame Russia" for everything.

The most despicable "false-flag" operation carried out by the Thug government of Kiev (and its Western backers) to endeavour to demonize Russia was the widely reported (and sensationalized) downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. The Malaysian media (tightly controlled by the Malaysian government), and specifically the New Straits Times, has bluntly accused the pro-West Ukraine government of shooting down its airliner – and ensuring that every passenger on board was murdered:
Intelligence analysts in the United States had already concluded that Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had something to do with it.
This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a fighter that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to Earth. [emphasis mine]
Again, not one word of the truth of this vicious false-flag operation has ever filtered through the (Western) Corporate media. Now the Ukraine government has escalated the armed conflict it created still further: formally declaring war on Russia, as reported both outside and inside the West.

As far back as two months ago, we have this headline out of the (obviously biased) Voice of Russia:
Kiev Declares War On Russia?
Far more damning, however, is what is being asserted today in Western media. As reported by the Associated Press, and parroted word for word in thousands of Western media tentacles, the pro-West government in Kiev has now formally declared war on Russia:
Kiev, Ukraine (AP) – Russian military forces have been spotted in both major rebel-held cities in eastern Ukraine, an official said Tuesday, prompting Ukraine to declare that it now has to fight the Russian army, not just the separatists. [emphasis mine]
Several important points need to be made with respect to this propaganda-warped statement. First and most importantly: like most of the anti-Russia propaganda from Western media, there is no independent confirmation of any of these phantom "Russian military forces" being spotted in Ukrainian cities.

The second important point here is that even if soldiers of the Russian army had been "spotted" in Ukrainian territory, no "declaration" of any kind is required in order for the Ukraine government to attack (alleged) Russian forces inside the borders of Ukraine. Such aggression falls under the loose umbrella of "self-defence", which is universally recognized both at a societal level, and under international law.

It is only if the Ukraine government intended to attack Russian military forces extraterritorially (i.e. inside Russia itself) where, under international law, governments are expected to make such formal declarations. While this (deliberately convoluted) declaration of war reported by Western media was intended to slip past the propaganda-numbed minds of Western inhabitants, we get an unequivocal expression of intent simply from the use of one word.

Governments which engage (purely and legitimately) in "self-defence" always express their actions in the following form: "we have the right…" to do this, and "we have the right…" to do that. This is because, as previously noted, self-defence is a universally recognized "right" under international law.

It is only governments which intend to carry out offensive acts of military aggression which ever (unilaterally) "declare" their intentions. With the Puppet Government in Kiev "declaring" that "it now has to fight the Russian army", there is only one possible/rational way in which such language can be interpreted: as a formal declaration of war by this pro-West government against Russia.

At this point, the remainder of this (potential) script toward World War III becomes clear:
1) The Ukraine government launches an attack(s) against Russian forces inside Russia.
2) Russia retaliates (as it has a right to do, according to international law).
3) The Western media censor all reports of the attack on Russia by Ukraine, and instead report Russia’s retaliation as "an act of unprovoked military aggression".
4) With the corrupt Western bloc (i.e. NATO) having already "pledged" itself to (supposedly) "defend the government of Ukraine", this is all that is required for NATO to become formally at war with Russia.
For those readers who find this to be a flimsy pretext for a world war, simply check your "history" books. According to all reports, our first World War was started entirely by accident. While that narrative may be just as fictional as most of the rest of our "history", it shows us how the Old World Order can incite enormous military conflagrations out of the tiniest embers of conflict.

What is the motive for the Old World Order to start yet another "world war"? It is the same motive which has been seen countless times in other unnecessary wars of aggression: in order for a fascist government (or in this case "governments") to hide their internal plundering (from those inhabitants not yet aware of the thievery), and to distract those inhabitants who are already aware of the criminal actions of their own government(s).

This is nothing more than one of History's oldest lessons. Apart from specific (external) geopolitical objectives, the wealthy and powerful start wars for one primary reason: to cement control over their own domestic populations.

In the case of the puppet governments of our (so-called) "Western democracies", these regimes have now been so thoroughly hollowed out from decades of looting by the One Bank, that complete economic collapse is not only inevitable for these corrupt regimes – it is very imminent.

For proof of this, we need only to look toward one of the greatest vultures in the modern history of our markets: Warren Buffett. Eighty-three-year-old Buffett, the (so-called) ultimate "long-term investor", has currently pulled more of his Berkshire Hathaway capital out of our markets than at any other time in Buffett’s illustrious (?) 40-year career at the helm of Berkshire Hathaway.

This mountain of money now exceeds $50 billion – more than the total GDP of most nations. Long-term investors only pull their money out of markets when they expect "a correction". They only pull a lot of money out of markets when they expect "a crash". And they only pull the most money ever out of markets when they expect the Mother of All Crashes.

Not only do we thus know (with certainty) that Warren the Vulture is salivating in anticipation of the worst economic collapse seen in (at least) the last half-century, but with his being 83 years old, we know that Buffett does not expect to have to wait much longer for all the bubbles to pop.

With total economic collapse in the United States (and thus throughout the West) now having been telegraphed in our markets, many pundits (outside the Corporate media) have been expecting the oligarchs who control the One Bank to manufacture another war – and one large enough to hopefully (in their minds) conceal their own financial mega-crimes.

We now have a formal "declaration" of such a war, albeit a declaration framed in the most tortured, convoluted manner which the propagandists could devise. At times such as this, those who still consider themselves "citizens" need to heed History’s greatest warnings:
All that is required for the triumph of Evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing. – Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana (1863 – 1952)

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  1. I am surprised to find the article about the oldness of the NWO so prominently displayed here. It might actually be a piece of disinfo. The secret to effectively disinforming/misleading the sceptics is in the weaving of lies into an otherwise sensible story.
    Field calls himself a Christian. Within the biblical context there is such a thing as the end-times. There are the warnings of the Anti-Christ and other unprecedented events. Unprecedented means never before, new.

    1. Not everyone lives within the biblical context. That is a very important insight to comprehend. There is a whole set of prophecies within the Islamic context, a further series within the Native American context, and so on. There is also the aspect of a self-fulfilling prophecy – that what a large group of people visualizes intensely tends to manifest, if they do it properly (and hopefully ethically). When many different groups have many different prophecies (with some shared elements), it is not unreasonable to expect a blending of outcomes. There are many lies within the bible (including various stories involving Moses, whoever he supposedly was), as well as many truths (stories involving Jesus appear a lot more credible, I find). It's rare to find two people who agree on many end-times details (interpretations). Certain "immutable principles" (as this article calls them) hold true always; yet much is in flux, and our choices do matter. We don't have to "resign ourselves" to "our fate", in other words: we can choose to be better and do good.

  2. I knew the big shots were just changing their name and that is a prelude to new borders. Dipshets like changing their name. Women marrying men in order to be part of a family identity are excepted.

  3. Anonymous maybe you are a troll hiding in anonymity, as always good work Field, I added the source to my bookmarks, thanks for the heads up on their work, peace

  4. I agree if they let a so called secret out its no secret it is propaganda given the way they go after real whistle blowers . The problem is the intel agencies are out of control and are really huge criminal gangs who can do anything anywhere with impunity no matter what the crime . JFK was correct about that ,all the laws are designed to keep competition out only those in on the game are allowed to prosper . Meanwhile if you as much as spit in the street you will be locked up . So the idea of justice is a complete joke .


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