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#2158 Marine Links Serco’s Ammo Bibeau Crime Scene Tags to Paulson’s Hotel EOC, Versaterm Pig Farm

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's alleged procurement of ammo and electronic tags for crime scenes associated with the wrongful death of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau on October 22, 2014, to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson’s alleged deployment of emergency operations centers (‘EOC’) in nearby hotels where one or more guest rooms are equipped with the Versaterm systems that were apparently developed and used to disrupt police responses to the serial murders at the Pickton pig farm in Port Coquitlam, B.C.

McConnell believes that Paulson deployed Versaterm emergency operations centers in the Fairmont Chateau Laurier and the Sheraton Ottawa hotels so selected guests could equip Bibeau with Serco ammo for his Winchester 30-30 rifle and direct Serco’s tagged offenders to guide Bibeau from the War Memorial to an alcove in the Parliament Building where his head encountered a 9mm bullet from a pistol fired by 29-year RCMP veteran and Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers.

McConnell claims that Serco deployed Con Air tagged offenders on 9/11 through Versaterm emergency operations centers in the Pentagon City Sheraton Hotel to disrupt first responders during the attack on the Pentagon's U.S. Navy Command Center and in the Marriott Hotel at 3 World Trade Center, NYC, to disrupt the evacuation of the Twin Towers and thereby achieve a spot-fixed body count for bookmakers in London.

"Versaterm Inc. is a leading developer of integrated software solutions for police agencies in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. The Versadex product suite combines advanced mobile workstation technology, robust computer aided dispatching, and a sophisticated records management system to give police the efficiency, flexibility, and control they'll need from their information management systems in the 21st century. With a depth of police systems experience, and a long standing commitment to working closely with their clients, Versaterm continues to redefine integrated police information management."

McConnell suggests Canadians check out 32-year veteran Serco manager Bob Coulling who appears to have the tradecraft skills needed for killings at the pig farm, the Pentagon and on Parliament Hill including electronic warfare, tagging, asset recovery and Childbase paedophile image analysis for the UK MOD, GCHQ, CESG, Police, Home Office, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Ministry of Justice and Customs and Revenue and Immigration Service.

Prequel 1: #2157 Marine Links Con Air Sister, Pig Farm Paulson to Serco Ammo, Bibeau Head

How Kevin Vickers subdued the Ottawa gunman 

RCMP show dramatic security video of gunman behind Ottawa shootings [Note plain clothes reception committee at 1:53 and the individual who runs in the direction which established a track for the shooter; 2:41 transfer to a minister’s car at used by the shooter to track to the Centre Block of the Parliament Building; 3:54 shooter is tracked behind the truck which moves away; 4:09 RCMP officers fall in behind the shooter so he cannot come out the way he went in; note the two security guards at front door stood down to let the shooter track through to the sequence as described in the video below] 

Serco... Would you like to know more? 

Ottawa shooting: Gunman's movements caught on video, but security questions remain
Hill guard's cries of 'Gun! Gun! Gun!' helped prevent greater tragedy, witnesses say
By Kady O'Malley, Hannah Thibedeau, CBC News Posted: Oct 23, 2014 5:51 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 24, 2014 9:00 AM ET Surveillance video shows the sequence of the Parliament Hill attack 1:50
Ottawa shooting 4:12  
Security concerns 2:48

It took just 80 seconds for gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau to go from fatally wounding Cpl. Nathan Cirillo to finding himself one unlocked door away from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the entire Conservative caucus.
A harrowing compilation of security video provides the clearest picture yet of how Wednesday's attack in Ottawa unfolded.
The video, which was released by the RCMP on Thursday afternoon, reveals that after shooting Cirillo at the National War Memorial, Zehaf-Bibeau got into his car and made a U-turn in the direction of Parliament Hill, just a few hundred metres away.
He abandoned the car outside the East Gate on Wellington Street and sprinted through the posts meant to deter unauthorized vehicular traffic, as bystanders fled.
The video shows he approached a line of ministerial cars parked outside the East Block, commandeering one of those vehicles, which he proceeded to drive right up to the front steps of Centre Block with several RCMP vehicles in pursuit.
"It only took one minute and 20 seconds for this individual to go from Wellington to Centre Block," RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson noted.
"It was incredibly quick."
Zehaf-Bibeau engaged in a brief exchange of gunfire with House guards as he entered Centre Block.
"As the suspect entered the building, there was an altercation with an RCMP officer, and some shooting occurred," he noted.
'Gun! Gun! Gun!'
Inside those Centre Block doors, Const. Samearn Son, a 10-year veteran of the Commons security team, was the first person to try to stop him, sources have told CBC News.
Son immediately noticed the long rifle in Zehaf-Bibeau's hand.
Although he was unarmed, Son lunged at the shooter, grabbing the gun and pulling it toward the floor, screaming "Gun! Gun! Gun!"
That alerted the plainclothes officers inside the building, who have weapons.
During the ensuing struggle, Son was shot in the foot. He was taken to hospital later in the day, and released that night, but with a permanent souvenir — the bullet will stay in his foot, sources say, as it would do more damage to remove it.
Son has been hailed as a hero. Sources tell CBC News that if Son hadn't taken the actions that he did, the situation could have ended up much worse.
Zehaf-Bibeau continued up the stairs, but by that time, the officers inside had been alerted by Son's cries.
"The shooter went down the hall, at which point [Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin] Vickers did engage with him," Paulson said. "The suspect repositioned himself to get a better shot at Mr. Vickers, and witnesses heard a multitude of shots."
Zehaf-Bibeau was killed by those bullets from security officers and Vickers.
Vickers and his team "are heroes," Paulson told reporters, "as are my officers and [Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau's] officers."
'It could have been much worse': MacKay
Speaking with reporters outside the House, Justice Minister Peter MacKay said MPs should think carefully before making "any rash decisions" on changing Hill security protocol.
"Yesterday was a traumatic day, it was a tragic day, but it was a triumphant day," he pointed out.
"It could have been much worse. Let's not forget the potential for even more harm did exist."
Asked about the possibility of arming guards, MacKay would only say that it was something that would likely be examined closely.
Conservative MP Daryl Kramp agreed that it was "disturbing" that someone could, as a journalist put it, "walk up to the front entrance of the Parliament buildings and start shooting."
"We’ve taken our freedom so much for granted, that sometimes, we do become complacent as individuals," he noted.
He pointed out that the heads of both the RCMP and CSIS, as well as Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, testified at committee just days before the attack took place.
"They stated very, very openly that the threat is real," he recalled.
"We have to be vigilant, and I think this … has really brought to the forefront the strength of their statements."
Kramp said that, he, personally, is in favour of arming Hill guards, but noted that it isn't up to just him.
"I think our services and all of our support staff will certainly have these discussions," he added.
"The collective forces will obviously be sitting down and evaluating what took place and dealing with all the preventative measures that either can or will be in place."
Hill closure 'temporary'
In a brief statement on Thursday afternoon, House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer informed his colleagues that he has ordered a "thorough report" of the incident, which he intends to share with the all-party Board of Internal Economy that oversees Hill administration.
"I have also taken additional steps to ensure the integrity of the ongoing investigation into yesterday’s events," he added, which include closing Parliament to visitors and cancelling tours for the day.
"However, I have stressed that these must be temporary measures," he added, to cheers from MPs.
"Parliament must remain an institution that is both open and secure.""
"The BC Missing Women Investigation is an ongoing criminal investigation into the disappearance of at least 60 women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside from the early 1980s through 2002. The investigation is headed by a task force of members from the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department.
Many of the missing women were impoverished, drug-addicted sex workers from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Much of the investigation centred on Robert William Pickton and his Port Coquitlam pig farm."
"Versaterm is a Canadian corporation based in Ottawa, Ontario that develops information systems for police, fire, and other public safety agencies.
Versaterm was founded in 1977 by principals after spending a number of years building and refining the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) computer system, the Canadian equivalent to NCIC and NLETS. From the beginning, the focus was to create advanced information and management systems for municipal Public Safety agencies. Versaterm has been doing Fire/Police/EMS systems for integrated dispatch and early emergency operations centers since 1985. The company went through several 'start over' product generations before adopting modern, open tools and environments in 1986. Since then, Versaterm products have been UNIX/Linux based, used RDBMS products and used other 'middleware' to assure that the products did not rely on any specific proprietary component.
Versaterm products were first employed in the U.S. in 1991, in the Caribbean in 1995 and gained major market share through the Y2K replacement cycle. Versaterm is a privately held corporation based in Ottawa, with a wholly owned US based subsidiary located in Scottsdale, AZ. The company has experienced an average 30+ per cent annual growth rate since 1998 and is financially healthy.
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"Defense Ammunition Center (DAC)
Contract Type: Fixed price
Period of Performance: 10/1/2008 to 9/30/2013
Project Overview:
Since 2008, Serco has assisted DAC with the analysis, design, development, implementation, management/ administration, and evaluation of integrated, enterprise-wide and component-specific training, learning, knowledge management, and strategic human resource management interventions that are critical to achieving their mission. Serco holds an OPM TMA TO with DAC and also a contract through GSA Millenia Lite. When the GSA contract could not support all of DACs needs, Serco recommended the use of the OPM TMA vehicle. Through these contracts, Serco provides training program management support to deliver multi-faceted best practice solutions in training development and delivery, knowledge management, portal technologies, course conversions (ILT and CBT to WBT), mobile performance applications, and Learning Management Systems support. Serco applies the ADDIE model to all course development activities including ILT, WBT, and leading-edge technologies including mobile performance applications. Serco provided LMS support and also developed and continues to manage DAC’s Ammunition Community of Excellence.
Types of Solutions Developed:
Serco converted DAC curriculum from predominantly ILT to a blended training environment that provided DL, ILT support, continuous performance support through a CoP, and mobile application tools for approximately 110,000 students annually. To date, Serco has worked with DAC to grow their online curriculum to more than 60 courses representing approximately 240 hours of training. Serco assisted DAC in migrating to the mandated Army Learning Management System (ALMS) in less than six months. Serco also provides ongoing support for the identification of new DL courses while maintaining and updating the spectrum of existing courses. On the ILT front, Serco provides design support and, when required, additional facilitator/instructor support for several courses.
The CoP provides a repository of relevant materials, a forum for collaborative sharing of information, and an “Ask an Expert” capability for soldiers to receive answers to their questions from qualified DAC resources. The CoP enjoys more than 10,000 active members and has received numerous accolades from appreciative members.
Most recently, Serco proposed the inclusion of mobile application tools and games to reinforce training and provide continuous and “in the field” performance support. To date, Serco has developed six mobile apps which have been distributed for both the iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play) environments. Together, these apps have reached over 15,000 soldiers and have allowed DAC to become a center of excellence in this burgeoning training environment.
Intended or Achieved Result:
Through the design and delivery of customized instructor-led, web-based training and distribution of mobile performance supports, Serco has increased the number of DAC learners by 10–15% year over year. Serco has increased the number of DAC learners reached annually by 10%–15% via varied modalities. In 2011 alone:
110,000 Soldiers took a Serco-authored DAC Distance Learning course
15,000 Soldiers participated in a Serco-developed, DAC-sponsored ILT course
15,000 people [potential hackers] used the Serco-administrated DAC Ammunition CoP to discover information, references or collaborate with other ammunition professionals.”
Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation


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