Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aviation Whistle Blower Field McConnell Invites Tim Clark to Meet Regarding MH370

MH370 Controlled ‘Until Very End’ At Diego Garcia. Emirates Head Tim Clark Criticises Gov’t CoverUp

Head of a major international airline has turned whistleblower on the MH370 government coverup by criticising the Australian government-led mission to locate the Malaysia Airlines flight and passengers and by throwing doubt on the entire official story. He believes the Boeing 777 was always under control but that officials have not been transparent about the whereabouts of it or its 239 passengers. 

Emirates Airlines head Tim Clark has thrown doubt on the official line that the aircraft carrying 239 people when it disappeared in March, flew south on autopilot for five hours until it ran out of fuel and plummeted into the water. Full Story HERE

Attention CEO Tim Clark

If you truly wish to unravel how MH370 arrived at FJDG at 0651 KL time I am willing to meet you in New York, Washington DC, Dubai or London to explain it to you face to face. On 9 March, the day after MH370 landed at FJDG Abel Danger Global Intel published a YouTube explaining MH370 [ boeing uninterruptible autopilot ] On March 30 I published a prediction to MAS that it may suffer another explosive event in the interim between the day of the warning and 1900, 17 July.  I was asked to go to Malaysia and explain it to government and MAS personnel and I traveled from Minneapolis to Kuala Lumpur 15 April to 21 April.  On 17 July I hosted a dinner at VINO IN THE VALLEY to celebrate VICTORY.   MH17 went down in Ukraine 17 July just hours before our VICTORY PARTY.  In June you, CEO Clark, solicited the public for information relating to MH370.  Abel Danger answered you, directly, with a YouTube entitled [ Attention: Tim Clark of Emirates - Five Critical Questions - QRS11 - Honeywell Embedded BHUAP ] On 2 October I posted a THREAT WINDOW for date range 02Oct14 to 1411 hours, 14-11-14. It is specific to A330-340-380 aircraft.  Airbus Widebodies whose registration numbers do not begin with N or C are at risk. I will be sending a 66 page document to you Mr. Clark. Your global email addresses will receive it today by HIGH NOON, central time US. I am willing to meet you and your team anytime after 10/22 and before 1411, 14-11-14.  If we do not meet and an Airbus Widebody goes down I will be making a "simulator video" to show the world what happened to MH370, MH17 and Sukhoi Superjet demo flight in Indonesia, May 2012. 

I filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) in September, 2008 and it was subject of an AGGRAVATED FRAUD UPON THE COURT and dismissed in January, 2011.  I will be refiling the case SOMEDAY SOON, feel free to join the suit.

On Sunday, 19 October, Abel Danger is again gathering at VINO IN THE VALLEY for another VICTORY party.  Any representative of Emirates is welcome to a place at our table.  Our reservation if for HIGH NOON and the dinner will be videotaped by personnel working on a TV show that may be related to the VICTORY we anticipate.

Field McConnell
41 years of ATP safety
+001 715 307 8222

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