Sunday, October 12, 2014

Free Speech Productions - Lieutenant Morrisseau - Interview II : Our Latest Comedy Show

Chris & Denny... at it again in our 2nd Very Funky "Garage" video...

Free Speech Productions - Lieutenant Morrisseau - Interview II

Not noticeably better than our first, too-long one... but it's got a nice tail at the end.

Another more compelling SHORT video is coming soon, I promise.

And THAT video will either go viral and we'll UN-elect almost everybody in the Congress, or it won't... we'll spread it just a few days prior to Nov 4th... say on Oct 30... my birthday.

A reminder from Down Under:

Vote the Bastards Out

Previous hilarity and inspiration:

"Fire Congress": on November 4th, Occupy the Voting Booth and vote the incumbents out!

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