Friday, November 14, 2014

Empire Building Requires War - Timeline: 100 Years of Britain's Endless Wars Across the World 1914-2014 - No Glory in War: "My Dad and My Uncle Were in World War One"

No Glory in War: "My Dad and My Uncle were in World War One"


  1. It is truly unbelievable how they have brainwashed society , they have laws against murder yet force everyone to go and murder people thy have never met in a country they have never been to and who have attacked no one , if you do not comply and become a robot murderer you will be in prison for wanting peace . The bonus of course is they will give a piece of bronze worth ten cents for being a hero killer . Defense from an attack is a lot different than a perceived threat by some created boogie man . No one has attacked USA UK in 50 yrs yet they have been empire building and attacking everyone . It is also worth remembering they also funded and helped those who did attack the UK USA which tells the story , war is a scam .

  2. It looks like it will take the US and UK having their arrogant asses handed to them, for people there to finally get the message. We need NATIONAL economies restored. Demand a NATIONAL currency that doesn't cross borders. Shut down all tax loopholes and offshore entities; the rich can pay their fair share, for a change. If they don't like it, they can move to Zimbabwe. It's not complicated, but people these days are too stupid, lazy, and greedy to see and act on the obvious. And for Christ's sake, remove Jews from ALL positions of influence – they have RUINED the US and UK!

  3. Indeed there are laws against murder but the most blatent murderers by proxy are Bush and Blair yet they remain free as does heir to Blair Cameron whose casualty toll is continuing to rise. Libya Syria? Ukraine?


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