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Overwhelming evidence: Stuxnet hack on Vancouver's Skytrain

Source: Jim Stone Freelance

Nov 6 2014

Want to know how powerful this web site is? ABC News has already responded to the Israeli attack on the Skytrain article, and is attempting to pin Israeli aggression on the Russians – the ULTIMATE FALSE FLAG.

Overwhelming evidence: Stuxnet hack on Vancouver's Skytrain

Vancouver is now living under threat of Israeli Stuxnet induced train crash

An impossible system-wide power outage happened to Vancouver's Skytrain – and suddenly B.C. is kissing up to Israel. I actually happen to have the technical details on Vancouver's Skytrain, and can solidly and affirmatively prove the alibi given to explain it all FALSE – with the only real possible explanation being an Israeli computer hack on the system, which cut power to everything, to send B.C. a message without killing anyone. This is a complex report; it will take the day to complete it. For starters:

Vancouver's Skytrain is an operator-free, 100 percent computer-operated system. There are no train drivers; it is 100 percent computer-controlled. Computers watch for people on the platforms, know when people have boarded, know the conditions on the tracks, and drive the trains themselves. It is a 100 percent automatic system and has functioned very reliably for well over 20 years so far. These trains have absolutely no supervising conductor on them; they are 100 percent automated.

A Stuxnet attack on a fully-automated train system could be used to kill a lot of people, just like the Stuxnet attack on the train in Spain that happened a couple years ago. A Stuxnet infection would be impossible to root out of a system as vast and complex as Vancouver's Skytrain, especially since all it would take is one flash drive or internet-connected computer to infect the whole thing again. Stuxnet could even be injected into the system via one of the web-connected ticket touch screens which run Windows 98. There was a separate article about the Spanish train disaster on this web site as well, where Israel hacked a train system to kill top people in the Catholic Church. There was a fully-automated section of track involved in that crash as well, where the conductor could not influence the train, and it was accelerated far beyond rated speed.

This obvious Stuxnet attack on the Skytrain, which was intended to give British Columbia a non-fatal message that Israel controlled it all, was posted to the forum HERE.

The reports cite how a technician, who was working on a new portion of track that was not even open yet, was installing a new station-specific circuit breaker as part of the construction on a station that would open in 2016, and tripped out the entire Skytrain, including the command and control center. This is more than just impossible – it is laughably ludicrous. Something else happened, and B.C. Premier Christy Clark's GUSHING SUCK-UP TO ISRAEL within a week of this incident is a strong indicator of exactly what.

I have done the background work, and have concluded that Israel hacked the Skytrain and made a threat.

I have not counted all the breakers in the system yet, but an early estimate is over 85 breakers, fed from at least 6 completely separate public power sources the Skytrain was not associated with, had to trip to cause this. There are a minimum of 7 separate circuits between this new station and command and control alone. And it is probably more. There is no way changing a breaker in a station which has its own isolated power source could possibly trip out an entire system. This, beyond all doubt, had to have been a Stuxnet-style attack.

I have ridden the Skytrain at least 500 times and paid attention to absolutely everything, including failures and how they happened, simply because I am a techie type that pays attention to everything about a system when I ride it. I paid attention and therefore I know:

All stations have their own completely isolated sources, and on the long runs there are non-station-related sources between stations. I know this for sure, because I have ridden it and had it fail, and I know how far failures can affect things. A lost breaker will take out an absolute max of half the track on ONE SIDE, not both, half the distance from one station to another.


Tripped breakers therefore affect less than a half of a percent of the entire system at a time. Obviously, all trains on a track have to stop in one direction to accommodate an electrical failure that stopped a train, if that failure lasts long enough to bog them all down; but they all have power, except for the one that is stalled. Having the entire system go down is FLATLY IMPOSSIBLE absent a Stuxnet-style attack, where a command is sent to shut everything off.

A few damning salient points:

1. The Skytrain has backup generators which would have made this impossible: you cannot black out the command and control center, even if there is a blackout in Vancouver.

2. It does not take five hours to reset a tripped breaker.

3. The Skytrain system, which I have ridden hundreds of times, if not a thousand times, over a period of three years, does not trip out like that. Power losses only happen to AT MOST 1 KM of track in ONE DIRECTION. I have been stuck on it several times, and only half of one side of a station ever trips out.

4. The breaker change that supposedly tripped out the command and control center took place over 10 miles away. Power feeds on the Skytrain system do not go that far. It is impractical to have power runs that long at the voltages the trains use, because it is too low a voltage with too much current, and line losses would be too great. Power is cut and re-fed over 100 times in that system; each station has independent breakers, and you can see them in the stations.

5. QUESTION: How does a breaker in a station that is not even coupled to the main system yet, because it is still not operational, cause a tripout of everything back at command and control? I know how – and it is called a SCAPEGOAT COVER STORY.

6. IMPORTANT DETAIL THAT CINCHES IT: Only ONE electrician is being blamed for this. This means that whatever breaker is being blamed for this could have been handled by one person. This means it weighed 50 pounds or less.

ANY CIRCUIT BREAKER THAT WOULD RUN EVEN A SMALL PIECE OF EQUIPMENT, LET ALONE A TRAIN, WEIGHS OVER 500 POUNDS MINIMUM, AND TAKES A CRANE AND 10 PEOPLE TO INSTALL. The fact that only ONE man was blamed means it was a tiny tiny local breaker, not even large enough to do more than switch lights and power outlets; that alone proves the entire electrician story FALSE. A tripout of the magnitude that would shut a whole command and control center down would be so huge that people would be dead if their negligence caused it; there would be too much heat from sparks flying, with the people who caused it right by it GETTING FRIED.

If one man is getting blamed for this as an OOPS, it is an impossible scenario. Simple electrical facts prove he was not even working on the same power system that runs the train, because ALL of that hardware is too big for one guy to handle during installation. When it comes to installation, huge hardware is always a multiple man job. IF HE WAS WORKING ALONE TO TAKE THE BLAME ALONE AS THE STORY GOES, HE WAS DOING LIGHTS. To sum it up, there was never a tripped breaker: the Skytrain outage was brought to you by David in Dimona. 


Nov 8 2014

A week before the Skytrain "power outage", a similar outage was caused by a "failed computer card". 

Had they said that is what it was for the second outage, I would have believed it; but with rectifier stations at every Skytrain terminal, for a total of 47, the entire power outage story is a load of BUNK. And if they lied about the power outage cause, they may have lied about the cause of the failure of that computer card, which is highly probable to have been caused by a hack on the system. Absent lying about the power outage caused by a lonely electrician on a not yet open section of track (which is an in your face load of B.S.), I would have never pursued this story.

Once a lie gets told, however, there has to be a reason for the telling of the lie – and that leads to a search. This search led me to discover the following event, which indeed indicates an entirely different reason for the bigger problem:

So now we have a documented computer failure, which is a scenario that could have caused a system-wide outage. QUESTION: Why the B.S. story about an electrician with outage 2? Is it because there is something to hide with BOTH outages, and they had to spawn a huge story for the second one, to avoid public suspicions?

And there is other evidence all of this is BANG ON; for example, every time I hit a major topic dead on the head, my mails suddenly get flooded with obscene advertisements. I am fully subscribed to the LBGT newsletter, and I did not even know who they were until they mysteriously started nailing my mailbox after the Fuku report. After the Skytrain report, it got a lot worse – the box is now a cesspool. And what group resorts to that type of behavior when cornered? If you have any awareness of things, you ought to know. 

For the record: All the recent train crashes, that are impossible with fail-safe automated systems, have a central cause: hacks on the system. It cannot happen any other way – the systems are totally fail-safe. We had one in LA. We had one in Spain. We had one in DC. And I would be willing to bet threats have been made against far far more, and the Skytrain is the one I caught on to, simply because someone popped the question in the forum. When I heard it was a "circuit breaker" that did it, I knew the reason given was B.S. 

Hacks on critical systems represent the weaponization of everything – from your car's computer, to trains, to aircraft, to nuclear power stations – all can now be assumed to be weaponized via hacks. I actually liked the Skytrain – it was very reliable and very cool. Too bad someone got into that.

Site still under attack over the Stuxnet Skytrain report

These attacks are currently taking the form of edits that try to make me look illiterate, including spelling and grammar errors that are awful.



There are thousands of readers of this web site in Vancouver. SOMEONE GET OUT AND TAKE PICTURES OF THIS just in case I am ordered to take these down, so there is a backup: thanks!

QUESTION: How does a hapless electrician trip out the entire Skytrain from a line that is not even electrically connected yet?

Even now, 4 MONTHS after the outage of the entire system, most if not ALL areas of the new Skytrain line, where an electrician was blamed for tripping out the whole thing, HAVE NO TRACKS OR ANYTHING THAT USES POWER INSTALLED. Up until now, THEY ARE STILL JUST POURING CONCRETE. That leaves a Stuxnet-type attack on the command and control center by far the most probable (and only possible) scenario; and the following photos, taken in November of this year, PROVE IT:

See the fall colors starting to set into the trees in this photo? Where are the tracks? NOT IN PLACE YET IN THIS PICTURE, TAKEN NOV. 1 THIS YEAR: BUSTED!

But it gets worse, MUCH MUCH WORSE: in some areas, the concrete is not even poured yet. This picture was taken Nov. 1 of this year. How do you establish an electrical connection through THIS: 

Contract out to Tesla for that job, I guess!


The SCAMMING ZIOPRESS and ISRAEL have been totally irrevocably BUSTED!

High-speed train crash in Spain NOT POSSIBLE

Jim Stone, July 25, updated July 26, 2013


CONFIRMED: Rail system had automatic speed control which would prevent ANY train traveling on it from approaching the turn at that speed.


Of course, the media is focusing on how the train's engineer said he "screwed it up" after the crash – and are lying and misrepresenting his Facebook account, which shows a picture of a train speedometer with a reading over 200 km/h; but if the trains are designed to do that anyway as a normal matter of course, that's just a stab at the minds of people who do not know this. The media is also playing the mind game of mentioning the newest speed control system, and implying the reason for the crash was because the speed control system was not the most modern; but the ASFA speed control system this train was under the control of, was perfectly adequate – and, absent getting hacked, would never have allowed this crash.

After reading the media reports, it is easy to see the misleading quotes which add up to a lie. The bottom line is that this train crash CLEARLY WAS NOT POSSIBLE, outside of willful intent from someone not on the train. My original post follows:

With modern computerized controls installed on trains nowadays, it has long been impossible to go 115 mph around a 50 miles an hour turn. That is exactly what happened in Spain, so we are definitely looking at a control system attack or virus attack as the cause of the crash.

It was an extremely luxurious train of the type that would be carrying important political people and high executives from various companies, and a large number of very important people from the upper levels of the Catholic Church were aboard. The train was only one year old and had the latest computerized controls, which would never have permitted the train to be driven in a way that would cause this crash. This was a case of "Boston brakes" with this train.

In the initial Mexican broadcasts, they had pictures on television of a high-level figure who got killed in the crash; but when I saw it, there was a torrential downpour with thunder while I was eating at a taco stand under a tarp seeing it on a cheap TV, and I could not hear who it was that got killed, because the rain was too loud. The subsequent nightly newscast mentioned nothing about it. But someone very high up got killed in that crash. Now I cannot find anything on the web about who it was. No doubt that will be heavily censored.

I have absolutely no doubt that the train crash was an intentional and successful assassination attempt – and if anyone doubts they would hijack and crash a train the way they did Michael Hastings' car, what about all the suspicious plane crashes, where hundreds of people get killed just because one target was aboard?

What about 9/11?

Commuter trains have had computer-controlled speed regulation for over 20 years. Though it may be possible to crash them by putting opposite-traveling trains on the same track, having one train go over twice the speed it should be on a stretch of track is not possible. The computers on the train will know where the train is and how fast it is going, and prohibit the train from being operated over the max speed for where it is on the track. In Mexico City, the 20-year-old subway trains cannot be driven over speed, and have the entire course the train will travel under computer control with the operators in a supervisory position, unable to make the train go any faster than it should. The Boston subway is the same; even the older lines are speed regulated. In Vancouver B.C., the Skytrain does not even have an operator aboard AT ALL: the trains are 100 percent computer-driven and controlled – and even that system, which is fully automatic, is getting close to 20 years old now. Trains are really easy to have full automation on, because the tracks do the steering, and GPS and speed sensors do the rest.

So with this train, we are looking at either a hack or a Stuxnet-type virus attack; and though I saw one report that said the driver was driving the train that fast, I doubt it. Not with something that modern, which was a high-class luxury bullet train, to boot. Most likely, he was watching the sharp turn approach with horror and a dead stick.

Now the job is to find out who was on that train that made it worth hacking and crashing.

Can trains be hacked? Die Technik der Eisenbahnsicherungsanlagen [28C3]

"The Electrician" – The Walker Brothers 


  1. Newer Skytrain cars were built by Bombardier. Would it be possible to reverse the current remotely, so that it will bounce from train to track, thus surging the breaker connection?

  2. You folks like Jim Stone have been had!!! How do I know because I personally spoke to the crime train workers the very next day. It was brought up because I was going to go downtown and got screwed so when they were in the shop, where I work, I mentioned the outage and why. They explained how it works and why it was down. Jim Stone article is way way off base. You folks were suckered by a troll on his forum. HA HA

    1. Crime train workers? By that, do you mean Transit Police?

      From what I gather from your comment, you had previous to the outage planned on riding Skytrain into downtown Vancouver but were unable to do because the system was shut down. These "crime train workers" happened to visit your workplace and explained to you how the computer-operated electrical system works and what caused the shutdown. If what you say is true, those "crime train workers" should be fired for freely offering sensitive information in passing to a civilian unauthorized to possess such information as it might be used to attack the system.

      But, who knows? It's possible they've been extorted or blackmailed and want to set you up as a potential patsy for a more profoundly injurious event down the road.

      Stone is merely exploring a possibility based on information he has acquired. It is his right under the Charter to hold and express his opinion using whatever media he wishes to. It's one man's opinion.

      And, "Ha ha?" The only thing funny about this is the way you, an anonymous troll, refer to we "folks like Jim Stone" as being suckered by a troll. I don't know anything about Jim Stone. This is the first article of his I've come across. I haven't read his bio nor searched for his website. I read this article and found the outlook presented in it within the realm of possibility.

      So, since the only troll here is yourself, please be advised that no one has been suckered, making your final contention that we "folks" were so had.

      All you accomplished was to show us your ass. Now pull up your pants.


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