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United Nations Sucker Punches the United States - Puppet Legislatures - The RED and BLUE Syndicates are the PURPLE Gang - Ferguson Is a Scripted Dry Run - Deploying Soft Weapons Against Populations

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Treasonous Bitches of Babylon

It takes about a decade between the time the United Nations passes a convention and the blind-sided, sucker punch reaches the American people. In that interim period, our puppet legislatures are handed legislation for programs that they call "reforms" and that are supposed to make things better – to solve problems. Ten years is a rough approximation. It could be a little more. It could be a little less but the point is that it's a long enough span to get the ducks set up in a row.

Republicans now have control of the Senate and what normally happens is that Republicans go back to sleep – comforted by the thought that their "team" is in charge. Heads up because you don’t have a team. The RED and BLUE syndicates are the PURPLE Gang – Republicrats and Demopublicans.

The way this game is played is that the strategy to divert the attention of the American public is written ahead of time – like a script in the movies. There may be more than one diversion. There may be a series of diversions – so many in fact, that it's like watching a gang of pickpockets at Christmas time in New York. They are very good but if you know what you are looking for, you can watch them operate.

As I'm surveying the media landscape, I see Ferguson, MO as a scripted diversion. I see the United Nations Convention on Small Arms as a diversion. I see ISIS as a diversion. There may be others, but there is another issue you need to be watching and to be ready to mobilize to defeat when it comes up – and it will come up.

The issue that you need to be watching is the legislation to ratify the United Nations Convention on Disabilites.

In 1990, the U.S. Congress passed the Americans with Disabilites Act. It cost American businesses a fortune to make the required changes to buildings, to purchase technologies for accommodations, etc. The UN Convention on Disabilities will extend those "human rights" to countries all over the world – which is not necessarily a bad thing in itself except for the fact of how the United Nations system and international agreements have been used as soft weapons against the people of this country.

Yesterday, I watched a senate hearing that was held in 2013 on the UN Disability Rights Treaty.

Disabilities Rights and International Law
November 5, 2013

You need to watch that hearing. I don't remember when I've seen so much patriotism and compassion from the members of a committee in Congress. It's all bullsh*t of course, but it was an amazing spectacle to watch. One of the key points that came out was that the UN Convention did not define the meaning of a disability. They leave it to the different countries to define what it means. For example, China defines disability as a medical condition. In other countries, a disability may be defined as a "human rights condition". One point that was made in quick passing was that there are "cultures of disability" in some countries.

What would a "culture of disability" be? Recall that India is under a caste system. The lowest caste are the Pariahs. They are the street beggars in the slums of Indian cities. My understanding is that they cripple their own children to make them more pathetic beggars so that they make more money. That's horrendous but it's India's culture and their problem – not ours.

In Idaho in 2006, the Idaho legislature passed legislation to define the inability to speak english as a disability (designation of "At Risk") . It was in legislation having to do with health and education of children. By definition, that makes the U.S. definition of a disability fall into the category of "human rights".

What does that mean? It means that once the United States ratifies that treaty on the UN Convention of Disability Rights, the United Nations will swing into action organizing disabled people to agitate their governments demanding their "human rights". There is absolutely no doubt that a significant number of them will be designated as "enemies of the state" by India – because it's in their interest to do so, that will cause the United Nations to designate them as refugees and the Bitches of Babylon will begin importing them to the United States for resettlement and the U.S. taxpayers will be on the hook to care for the disabled refugees of the world.

That's how the Refugees as a Weapons System works and that's how the United Nations works. And these organizations that I identified in Idaho that are connected with the International Rescue Committee and the Anglican Communion - Episcopal Migration Ministeries are the operatives/facilitators in this country or as I'm calling them now, the Treasonous Bitches of Babylon.

Disabilities Rights and International Law
November 5, 2013

Disability Rights and International Law, Panel 1 

Disability Rights and International Law, Panel 2
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Vicky Davis
November 19, 2014

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