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#2216: Marine Links Serco Airbus Tagged Assassin Network (SATAN) To City’s Shadow Air Navigators Guild

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a Serco Airbus tagged-assassins network (SATAN) apparently operated out of former RAF Oakhanger to an alleged murder-for-hire long-range-alibi service provided by the City of London police and a shadow air-navigators guild embedded in the Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

"19th February 2014 Good-bye to GAPAN Possibly the ugliest of Livery acronyms, the Air Pilots and Air Navigators have stuck to their use of the description Guild long after becoming a livery company in 1956. It was their new Royal Charter which really started discussions in earnest about a change of the name, and it was their Patron, Prince Philip, who originally suggested it. And as with the Master Mariners in 1926, their royal patronage has allowed them to become Honourable. They do still include navigators (the AN of GAPAN) in their ranks, although the decision was taken to drop 'Navigator' in the company title in recognition of the fact that the role simply no longer exists [?!!]. So, the Honourable Company of Air Pilots it now is, and the Grand Master Prince Andrew having replaced his father some years ago."

McConnell alleges that the present Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolf, spun the shadow navigators guild off from the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators – now the Honourable Company of Air Pilots – in February 2014 because Abel Danger had exposed the role of Serco and the City Navigators in the 9/11 attacks.

McConnell notes that Barack Obama has managed to establish long-range alibis for the downing of three passenger aircraft – MH370, MH17 and QZ850 (just lost over Indonesian waters) – this year even though his aide, Valerie Jarrett, has been fed with real-time tracking data for each of the planes through the U.S. Air Force Space Command by the Serco Airbus tagged-assassins and shadow navigators at Oakhanger.

McConnell invites rebuttal of his deduction that Serco and Airbus operate a tagged-assassins network out of Oakhanger and have arranged long-range alibis for Obama while MH370, MH17 and QZ850 were downed by City police and shadow navigators.

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Director of Aviation releases last point of 
contact with QZ8501 

MH17 crash: Obama accuses Russian 
separatists of removing evidence
Master of Air Pilots and Shadow Navigators Prince Andrew with the former Obama CIA Director Leon Panetta 

Serco... Would you like to know more? 

"Andy Mayes Test and Integration Engineer at Airbus Defence and Space
Demographic info
Portsmouth, United Kingdom | Defense & Space 
Test and Integration Engineer at EADS Astrium
Test and Integration Engineer (Skynet 5) at Serco (For Paradigm Services, at Satellite Ground Station, Oakhanger, Mobile Satcom Terminal Engineer...
University of Portsmouth, Southdowns College, Havant College, Crookhorn School
I am a Security Cleared, flexible and hardworking engineer with broad ranging electronic hardware and software background. Wide experience of RF ..."

"QZ8501: Lost over stormy Indonesian waters 
28 DECEMBER 2014 @ 9:08 PM
JAKARTA, Indonesia: A massive sea search was underway for an AirAsia plane that disappeared Sunday while flying from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board through airspace possibly thick with dense storm clouds, strong winds and lightning, officials said.

More than 12 hours later, shocked family members huddled at the Surabaya airport from where the Airbus A320 had taken off, awaiting any news of the jetliner, operated by an airline whose parent company is based in Malaysia. It is the third incident involving Malaysia this year following two of the worst aviation tragedies that hit Malaysia Airlines — in March Flight 370 disappeared with 239 people and in July Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 people on it.

Indonesia and Singapore launched a search and rescue operation for Flight 8501 near Belitung island in Java Sea over which the jetliner lost contact with ground traffic control, about 42 minutes after taking off from Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city. The flight had completed a little less than half of its journey time to Singapore.

Speaking 10 hours after the plane lost contact, Indonesia Vice President Jusuf Kalla expressed deep concern.

"It is most possible that it has experienced an accident,” he said.

The last communication between the pilot and air traffic control was at 6:13 a.m. (2313 GMT Saturday), when the pilot "asked to avoid clouds by turning left and going higher to 34,000 feet (10,360 meters)."

It was last seen on radar at 6:16 a.m., and a minute later was no longer there, Djoko Murjatmodjo, Indonesia’s acting director general of transportation, told reporters.

He said there was no distress signal from the cockpit of the twin-engine, single-aisle plane.

"We hope we can find the location of the plane as soon as possible, and we hope that God will give us guidance to find it," he said. AirAsia, a regional low-cost carrier founded in 2001 by Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes, said in a statement that the plane was on the submitted flight plan route. However, it had requested deviation due to weather before communication with the aircraft was lost while it was still under the control of Indonesian Air Traffic Control.

"This is my worst nightmare," Fernandes tweeted.

Malaysia-based AirAsia, which has a presence in most of Southeast Asia and recently in India, has never lost a plane before and has a good safety track record. Flight 8501 was operated by AirAsia Indonesia, a subsidiary that is 49 percent owned by AirAsia Malaysia.

Sunardi, a weather forecaster at the Indonesia's Meteorology and Geophysics Agency, said dense storm clouds were detected up to 44,000 feet in the same area at the time the plane was reported to have lost contact.

"There could have been turbulence, lightning and vertical as well as horizontal strong winds within such clouds," said Sunardi, who like many Indonesians uses only one name.

The plane had an Indonesian captain and a French co-pilot, five cabin crew and 155 passengers, including 16 children and one infant, AirAsia Indonesia said in a statement. Among the passengers were three South Koreans and one each from Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. The rest were Indonesians. It said the captain had a total of 6,100 flying hours, a substantial number, and the first officer a total of 2,275 flying hours.

At Surabaya airport, dozens of relatives sat in a room, many of them talking on mobile phones and crying. Some looked dazed. As word spread, more and more family members were arriving at the crisis center to await word.

Transport Minister Ignasius Jonan told reporters in Surabaya that search and rescue efforts now involved the Indonesian army, the national Search and Rescue Agency as well as Singapore and Malaysia.

The Search and Rescue Agency's operation chief, Maj. Gen. Tatang Zaenudin, said 200 rescuers had been deployed to the east side of Belitung island. Air Force spokesman Hadi Tjahjanto said three aircraft, including a surveillance plane, had been dispatched to the area. The Singapore air force and the navy also were searching with two C-130 planes.

Airbus said in a statement that the missing aircraft was delivered to AirAsia in October 2008, which would make it six years old. It said the plane had accumulated about 23,000 flight hours in some 13,600 flights. AirAsia said the aircraft had last undergone scheduled maintenance on Nov. 16.

AirAsia, which has dominated cheap travel in the region for years, flies short routes of just a few hours, connecting large cities of Southeast Asia. However, recently it has tried to expand into long-distance flying through its sister airline AirAsia X.

Fernandes, who is the face of AirAsia and an active Twitter user, sent out an earlier tweet saying: “Thank you for all your thoughts and prays. We must stay strong.” He tweeted later that he was heading to Surabaya.

Fernandes stirred controversy earlier this year after incorrectly tweeting that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, now synonymous with one of aviation’s enduring mysteries, had landed safely. The wide-bodied Boeing 777 disappeared with 239 people aboard soon after taking off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on March 8. It remains missing.

Another Malaysia Airlines flight, also a Boeing 777, was shot down over rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine while on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17. All 298 people on board were killed.

William Waldock, an expert on air crash search and rescue with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona, cautioned against drawing comparisons to the disappearance of Flight 370.

"I think we have to let this play out," he said. "Hopefully, the airplane will get found, and if that happens, it will probably be in the next few hours. Until then, we have to reserve judgment."

The circumstances bode well for finding the plane since the intended flight time was less than two hours and there is a known position at which the plane disappeared, he said.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, expressed solidarity with AirAsia. In a tweet he said: "Very sad to hear that AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 is missing. My thoughts are with the families. Malaysia stands ready to help.

President Barack Obama, who was vacationing in Hawaii, was briefed Sunday evening on the plane’s disappearance and officials were tracking the situation, the White House said.

The Airbus A320 is a workhorse of modern aviation. Similar to the Boeing 737, it is used to connect cities anywhere from one to five hours apart. There are currently 3,606 A320s in operation worldwide, according to Airbus. The A320 family of jets, which includes A319 and A321, has a very good safety record, with just 0.14 fatal accidents per million takeoffs, according to a safety study published by Boeing in August.

Flight 8501 disappeared while it was at its cruising altitude, which is usually the safest part of a trip. Just 10 percent of fatal crashes from 2004 through 2013 occurred while a plane was in that stage of flight, according to the August Boeing safety report.

In 2007, an Indonesia-owned Adam Air flight carrying 102 people vanished during a domestic flight. Debris was found a few days later, but much of the fuselage remains on the ocean floor. In 1995, an Indonesian plane operated by Merpati Nusantara Airlines disappeared over open water while flying between islands in the archipelago nation. The 14 crew and passengers were never found.

Passing through bad weather such as severe thunderstorms could have been a factor with Flight 8501. Airbus jets are very sophisticated and are able to automatically adjust to wind shears or other weather disruptions. However, weather has played a role in past air disasters that occurred at cruise elevation, including the 2009 Air France Flight 447 crash over the Atlantic Ocean.

Another possibility is some type of catastrophic metal fatigue caused by the cycle of pressurization and depressurization associated with each takeoff and landing cycle — something that Flight 8501 would have done a lot. Still, metal fatigue is unlikely because this plane is only six years old. –AP"

"Your Royal Highness
My Lord
Mr Recorder
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen
A very good evening to you all! I want to add my welcome to that of the new Warden, to this our first Livery dinner as the Honourable Company of Air Pilots!

When we last dined together in all our white tie finery at Guildhall three months ago, it was a very special and historic occasion as we celebrated the grant of our Royal Charter and change of name. Tonight is also a very special and historic occasion, as it is a first for several reasons, which will become apparent as I continue, so it is very appropriate that we are graced by the presence of our Patron, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh, who has the tremendous distinction of being our first and therefore our longest serving Liveryman. We are delighted that you could join us again tonight Sir. You are most welcome.

We are also joined by Alderman and Sheriff Sir Paul Judge, who is here representing the Lord Mayor, Alderman Fiona Woolf, who is unable to be with us, because of an overseas visit.

Welcome to you.

Firsts are extremely significant - the word first has connotations of "leading", "top”, "best", excellent. The Livery movement has long sought to embrace excellence and uphold high standards.

Aviators have long been associated with the City and with the name of Honourable. Our company is 85 years old this year and yet the first ever aerial passenger voyage in England took place here right in the City of London from the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company. It was in a balloon 230 years ago in September 1784. Why was there not a Guild of Aeronauts long before 1929?"

"City of London Police
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The City of London Police is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement within the City of London, including the Middle and Inner Temples. The force responsible for law enforcement within the remainder of Greater London, outside of the City, is the Metropolitan Police Service, a separate organisation. The City of London, which is now primarily a financial business district with a small resident population but a large commuting workforce, is the historic core of London, and has an administrative history distinct from that of the rest of the metropolis, of which its separate police force is one manifestation.

The City of London area has a resident population of around 7,400.[2] There is a daily influx of approximately 300,000 commuters into the City with an additional 300,000 cars passing through the "Square Mile" each day, along with thousands of tourists.[4]

The police authority is the Common Council of the City, and unlike other territorial forces in England and Wales there is not an elected commissioner replacing that police authority by way of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.[5]

With 1,310 employees, including 750 full-time police officers, 70 special constables and 39 police community support officers,[1] and three police stations (at Wood Street (also the headquarters), Snow Hill, and Bishopsgate), the City of London Police is the smallest territorial police force in England and Wales, both in terms of geographic area and head-count.[6] The Commissioner since December 2010 is Adrian Leppard, QPM, who was formerly Deputy Chief Constable of Kent Police.

History of policing in the City[edit]

Policing in the City of London has existed since Roman times. Wood Street police station, also headquarters of the City Police, is built on part of the site of a Roman fortress, which may have housed some of the first police in the City.[7]

Prior to 1839, the responsibility for policing in the City was divided between day and night, primarily under the two Sheriffs. It was these officers responsible for ensuring the Night Watch was maintained. Policing during the day eventually came under the City Patrol, which evolved into the City Day Police, which was modelled on the Metropolitan Police. In 1838, the Day Police and Night Watch [Modern name for Boeing E4Bs allegedly used by Jarrett to impute friend or foe challenge to DeConto in Pentagon] were merged into a single organisation. The passing of the City of London Police Act 1839 gave statutory approval to the force as an independent police body, heading off attempts made to merge it with the Metropolitan Police.[8]

During 1842, the City Police moved its headquarters from Corporation's Guildhall to 26 Old Jewry, where it remained until it was relocated to Wood Street in 2002.[7]


The City Police is organised into five Basic Command Units:[9] 
Economic Crime Directorate 
Crime Directorate 
Uniformed Policing Directorate 
Information and Intelligence Directorate 
Corporate Services Directorate 
Because of the City's role as a world financial centre, the City of London Police has developed a great deal of expertise in dealing with fraud and "is the acknowledged lead force within the UK for economic crime investigation."[10] The Economic Crime Directorate includes:

Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit (DCPCU) 
Overseas anti-corruption Unit (OACU) 
Insurance Fraud Department (IFED) 
National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) 
Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)"

"Prisons and justice[edit]

In Britain Serco supplies electronic tagging devices for offenders and asylum seekers.[24] It runs four prisons, a Young Offenders Institution and a Secure Training Centre.[25] It has also operated two Immigration Removal Centres since 2007.[26][27] Serco is also responsible for the contracted-out court escort services in the south-east area (formerly a role undertaken by HM Prison Service).[28] In September 2013, Serco was accused of extensive sexual abuse coverups of immigrants at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre prison in Bedfordshire, England [29] In August 2014, Serco was criticised for using immigrant detainees as cheap labour, with some being paid as little as £1 per hour.[30] The decision to give the firm a new £70 million eight-year contract to run Yarl's Wood has been criticised. Natasha Walter, of Women for Refugee Women, said "Serco is clearly unfit to manage a centre where vulnerable women are held and it is unacceptable the government continues to entrust Serco with the safety of women who are survivors of sexual violence."[31]


Serco holds defence contracts worldwide including the UK Government's first modern outsourced contract for the maintenance of the UK Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at RAF Fylingdales;[32] contracts are also held for the operation and maintenance of RAF Brize Norton,[33] RAF Halton[34] and RAF Northolt[34] in the UK and RAF Ascension Island in the mid-Atlantic.[34] Serco also provides support services to garrisons in Australia.[35] Serco also manages many aspects of operations at the Defence College of Management and Technology in Shrivenham.[36] Serco is one of three partners in the consortium which manages the Atomic Weapons Establishment.[37]Serco also has a 15-year contract worth £400 million to provide facilities management services to Dstl.[38]

Serco Marine Services is responsible for fleet support at the three main UK naval bases, HMNB Portsmouth, HMNB Devonport and HMNB Clyde.[39] Aviation[edit]

Serco provides air traffic control services at international airports in the United Arab Emirates[40] and at some smaller airports in the United States and Canada.[41][42] Since 2004 Serco have also had £5m a year from the US government to manage airports in Iraq.[43]Serco also operate Scatsta Airport on Shetland.[44] In June 2010 Serco signed a £4 million contract to operate all air traffic control services for Coventry Airport.[45]

Prisons and justice[edit]]

Serco runs partly privatised Hünfeld Prison in Hesse, Germany.[68]

In Australia, Serco runs Acacia Prison in Western Australia[69] and Borallon Correctional Facility in Queensland[70] as well as the national contract for immigration detention centres, including Christmas Island and the Villawood detention centre in Sydney.[71][72]

The Union of Christmas Island Workers highlighted the systemic failure by Serco to manage the Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre. The centre detains a large number of refugees including 1,000 children.[73] Under Serco, there has been an increase of deaths in custody, self-harm, and of Serco staff beating prisoners. As well, there has been a deterioration of facilities leading to the decline of the physical and the mental health of detainees and of staff. Ombudsman Allan Asher said on the Australian radio show AM, "In the first week of June when I visited Christmas Island, more than 30 incidents of self-harm by detainees held there were reported".[73] Serco, in a staged memo leaked to The Australian, blamed the detainees for "creating a culture of self-harm", in order to use it as a "bargaining tool".[73] The former manager of the Serco run detention centre stated the centre was grossly understaffed whereby it was "typically 15 staff members short every day".[73]

In Auckland, New Zealand, Serco runs the Mount Eden Prison remand prison[74] and in March 2012 was awarded the contract to build and operate a 960-bed prison at Wiri.[75]

Serco has a contract with the City of Chicago, Illinois, to enforce parking meter regulations.[76]"

"Serco in the clear: City of London Police find no evidence of any "corporate-wide conspiracy" 
by Guy Bentley 
Outsourcing firm Serco has finally received some good news after a disastrous year. After being asked last year to conduct an investigation into whether Serco staff had been misleadingly recording prisoners as ready for court when they were not, the Crown Prosecution Service has accepted the view of the City of London Police and put Serco in the clear.

No charges will be brought against Serco or their staff. It was also found that the information gathered for the City of London Police was sound enough to conclude that there was "no evidence of any corporate-wide conspiracy or an intention to falsify figures to meet the DRACT contract requirement by senior Serco management or at the board level of the company".

The City of London Police will not be continuing their investigation. The controversy began after the police were asked to investigate allegations of fraud at the FTSE 250 company over a £285m prison contract with the ministry of Justice last year.

The Public Accounts Committee recently called for the brake up of big private-sector contracts for government services after documenting the failures of companies such as Serco and G4S.

Last month, Serco chairman Alastair Lyons announced his intention to step down. His last year at the company was characterised by slew of profit warnings and "operational mis-steps"."

Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation


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