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#2221: Marine Links Serco Edge Of Logic Waypoints To Blue Air Drop Zone Crime, Black Hand Airbus Climb

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's imputation of "edge of logic" waypoints into target aircraft to drop-zone crimes which hide evidence of insurance frauds in a poorly-observed "Blue-Air" space and the Black-Hand captain who/which allegedly sent the Airbus A320-216 of QZ8501 into a climb of 6000ft to 9000ft per minute and then dropped it at 11,000ft a minute with bursts of up to 24,000ft.

McConnell became aware of Blue-Air crimes during the Amalgam Virgo exercise of June 2001 when Serco stood the U.S. Air Force down during a 30 hour rehearsal for the attacks on Five Eyes tracking and telemetry systems before 9/11 and apparently directed Black-Hand captains to fly AA Flight 77 through the edge-of-logic waypoints which terminated in drop zone (W386A) after 9/11.

McConnell claims that Serco's imputed "edge of logic" waypoints into the Airbus A330 of AF447 to overwhelm its logic controllers with phony ACARS messages including "2:10:54 - NAV TCAS FAULT"; trigger a fatal nose-up stall and place evidence of insurance frauds in a Blue Air drop-zone to be destroyed by Black Hand captains and first responders.

McConnell notes that in February 2012 David Cameron set up a Serco-Airbus backdoor into the tracking and telemetry systems of the US Air Force Space Command at former RAF Oakhanger – thereby allowing Serco shareholders, including HSBC and Allianz, to identify Blue Air spaces where Black Hand captains could dispose of planes targeted by edge of logic climbs and drops.

McConnell invites rebuttal of his deduction – see – that Serco imputed "edge of logic" waypoints into the Airbus A320-216 of QZ8501 to destroy the plane in a poorly-observed Blue-Air drop zone together with evidence of Black Hand insurance frauds on Lloyd's Names.

Prequel 1: #2220: Marine Links MH/QZ Blue Air Crimes To Black Hand Ship Jumper Dave, Five Eyes' Dirty Serco Bank

Prequel 2: Presidential Field Links Mrs. Clegg's Carbon Disclosure To Air France Nose-Up Stall

Drop Zone Trailer 

Leaked evidence of edge-of-logic climb

QZ8501 AirAsia: '40 bodies' found in search

Drop Zone Theme Song- JJ Lawhorn ft Colt 
Ford Lyrics [on screen]

The Riot Club Trailer 

Serco... Would you like to know more?

"Blogger claims 'Black Hand' plot in missing AirAsia QZ8501 
Published: 30 December 2014 
Conspiracy claims have emerged surrounding the disappearance of AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501, with a Chinese blogger saying it was the work of a shadowy group called 'Black Hand'. – Reuters pic, December 30, 2014.Conspiracy claims have emerged surrounding the disappearance of AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501, which went missing on Sunday, with a Chinese blogger saying it was the work of a shadowy group called "Black Hand". UK paper The Daily Mail has reported the blogger saying that the same group was also responsible for making Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappear and the shooting down of MH17 in Ukraine.

His claims have started a storm of speculation online, more so because he had said that the Black Hand group would next target an AirAsia flight, almost two weeks before QZ8501 vanished.

In one comment on December 15, which has been loosely translated by a Reddit member, the blogger apparently warns:

"Black hand has hijacked and shot down MH370 and MH17.

"This has pretty much killed the sixth largest airline: Malaysian airline.

"Now the black hand are targeting AirAsia to ruin this airline cause it too belong to Malaysia.

"Given how powerful the black hand are I suggest that all Chinese thinking about traveling to avoid AirAsia, so that you don't disappear like those on MH370."

Black Hand is a term used as a metaphor for a covert organisation or underground group.

The Daily Mail reported that a Reddit user suggested that the translation should read "International big black hand" which was more of a reference to an "international bully". Social media users have called the blogger a "conspiracy nut," while others accused him of being crazy.

Since QZ8501 vanished while en route from Surabaya to Singapore Sunday morning, many took to social media expressing shock at the prediction and speculated that the man could be a Chinese intelligence official or a hacker.

There were no Chinese nationals on board QZ8501 unlike on MH370, which was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 7.

The blogger's account became inactive after December 17. – December 30, 2014"

"AirAsia flight QZ8501: Aircraft's behaviour before crash 'on the edge of logic', according to expert 
Thursday 01 January 2015 
AirAsia flight QZ8501, which crashed into the Java Sea on Sunday, behaved in ways "bordering on the edge of logic", according to an Indonesian aviation expert. Comments from various experts come as France's crash investigation agency said its specialist black box search team and equipment would arrive early Friday at the search area for the AirAsia flight. The black box will reveal what happened in the final moments of the crash, as the truth behind the cause is still unknown.

Only eight victims have been recovered from the Java Sea despite a a brief window of clear conditions on Thursday. Officials say 162 people died the plane crashed on route from Surabaya to Singapore on Sunday.

Indonesian aviation analyst Gerry Soejatman believes the aircraft rose up as fast as a fighter jet and then dropped back into the ocean almost vertically into the water. And the extreme weather which Airbus 320-200 encountered meant the pilots were helpless to save the passengers and crew on-board, Soejatman told Fairfax media after he examined figures leaked from the official air crash investigation team.

He said "It's really hard to comprehend [the plane acted in a way] bordering on the edge of logic," as it plunged into the water "'like a piece of metal being thrown down." Mr Soejatman believes the crash occurred because the aircraft was caught in a severe updraft, followed by an equally severe ground draft, with the leaked figures showing that it climbed at a staggering rate of 6000ft to 9000ft per minute.

The aircraft then fell at 11,000ft a minute, with bursts of up to 24,000ft – in marked contrast to regular circumstances, when a plane would climb between 1000ft to 1500ft on a sustained basis, gaining 3000ft in a burst.

"You can't do that at altitude in an Airbus 320 with pilot action," he argued.

In pictures: Missing AirAsia flight QZ8501
'NO VICTIM HAS BEEN FOUND WEARING A LIFE JACKET', OFFICIAL SAYS In contrast, aviation expert Peter Marosszeky, from the University of NSW, told the Sydney Morning Herald that the extremely low speed of the aircraft's descent - as low as 61 knots - would suggest the plane was heading almost straight down, explaining why it has been found in water just 10km from its last point of radar contact.

Mr Marosszeky surmised that a climb rate of at least 6000ft a minute would indicate a "severe weather event," because that rate of climb was a 'domain for jet fighters.' But both experts agree that the jet plunged into the water almost vertically because of a freak weather pattern that placed it under extraordinary force. Meanwhile, Dudi Sudibyo, a senior editor of aviation magazine Angkasa instead claimed that the pilot managed to land on the sea before the craft was overwhelmed, the Mirror reported.

He suggested the plane landed safely as a heavy impact would have set off emergency locator transmitters on board – but there is no evidence this happened. The craft was then swamped before sinking below the waves due to the stormy weather, he claimed.

Earlier in the week, AirAsia chief executive Tony Fernandes suggested the jet had encountered "very unique weather" and suggested climate change may be making flights more risky, particularly in the tropics."

"Air France Flight 447 (AF447/AFR447[a]) was a scheduled, international, long-haul passenger flight, operated by the French airline Air France from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.
On 1 June 2009 the aircraft being flown, an Airbus A330, just after 02:14 UTC, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. All 228 passengers, aircrew and cabin crew aboard the plane were killed.[2]

While the Brazilian Navy removed the first major wreckage and two bodies from the sea within five days of the accident, the BEA's (Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation Civile) initial investigation was hampered because the aircraft's black boxes were not recovered from the ocean floor until May 2011, nearly two years later.[1][3]

BEA's final report, released at a news conference on 5 July 2012,[4][5] concluded that the aircraft crashed after temporary inconsistencies between the airspeed measurements – likely due to the aircraft's pitot tubes being obstructed by ice crystals – caused the autopilotto disconnect, after which the crew reacted incorrectly and ultimately led the aircraft to anaerodynamic stall from which they did not recover.[4][6][7] The accident is the deadliest in the history of Air France.[8][9] It was also the Airbus A330's second and deadliest accident, and its first in commercial passenger service.[10]"

"Following 25 ACARS Messages were received from the [AF447] airplane:

2:10:10 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 221002006 AUTO FLT AP OFF
2:10:16 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 226201006 AUTO FLT REAC W/S DET FAULT
2:10:23 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 279100506 F/CTL ALTN LAW
2:10:29 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 228300206 FLAG ON CAPT PFD SPD LIMIT
2:10:34 #0210/+2.98-30.59
2:10:41 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 228301206 FLAG ON F/O PFD SPD LIMIT
2:10:47 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 223002506 AUTO FLT A/THR OFF
2:10:54 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 344300506 NAV TCAS FAULT
2:11:00 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 228300106 FLAG ON CAPT PFD FD
2:11:15 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 228301106 FLAG ON F/O PFD FD
2:11:21 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 272302006 F/CTL RUD TRV LIM FAULT
2:11:27 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 279045506 MAINTENANCE STATUS EFCS 2
2:11:42 - .1/WRN/WN0906010210 279045006 MAINTENANCE STATUS EFCS 1
2:11:49 - .1/FLR/FR0906010210 34111506 EFCS2 1,EFCS1,AFS,,,,,PROBE-PITOT 1X2 / 2X3 / 1X3 (9DA),HARD
2:11:55 - .1/FLR/FR0906010210 27933406 EFCS1 X2,EFCS2X,,,,,,FCPC2 (2CE2) /WRG:ADIRU1 BUS ADR1-2 TO FCPC2,HARD
2:12:10 - .1/WRN/WN0906010211 341200106 FLAG ON CAPT PFD FPV
2:12:16 - .1/WRN/WN0906010211 341201106 FLAG ON F/O PFD FPV
2:12:51 - .1/WRN/WN0906010212 341040006 NAV ADR DISAGREE
2:13:8 - .1/FLR/FR0906010211 34220006 ISIS 1,,,,,,,ISIS(22FN-10FC) SPEED OR MACH FUNCTION,HARD 
2:13:14 - .1/FLR/FR0906010211 34123406 IR2 1,EFCS1X,IR1,IR3,,,,ADIRU2 (1FP2),HARD 
2:13:45 - .1/WRN/WN0906010213 279002506 F/CTL PRIM 1 FAULT
2:13:51 - .1/WRN/WN0906010213 279004006 F/CTL SEC 1 FAULT
2:14:14 - .1/WRN/WN0906010214 341036006 MAINTENANCE STATUS ADR 2
2:14:20 - .1/FLR/FR0906010213 22833406 AFS 1,,,,,,,FMGEC1(1CA1),INTERMITTENT
2:14:26 - .1/WRN/WN0906010214 213100206 ADVISORY CABIN VERTICAL SPEED

The cockpit effect messages mean:

- AUTO FLT AP OFF: The autopilot disconnected without crew intervention - AUTO FLT REAC W/S DET FAULT: windshear detection is unavailable
- F/CTL ALTN LAW: FBW switched into alternate law (protections lost)
- FLAG ON CAPT PFD SPD LIM and FLAG ON F/O PFD SPD LIM: characteristic speeds (green dot, VLS, ...) lost due to loss of calculating function
- AUTO FLT A/THR OFF: Autothrottle disconnected other than by crew intervention or throttle levers were moved into the idle notch
- NAV TCAS FAULT: TCAS is inoperative, the message has not yet been explained
- FLAG ON CAPT PFD FD and FLAG ON F/O PFD FD: flight director bars have been removed from primary flight displays
- F/CTL RUD TRV LIM FAULT: The rudder limiter value computation is unavailable, the rudder remains limited to the present values until slat extension
- MAINTENANCE STATUS EFCS2 and MAINTENANCE STATUS EFCS1: not brought to the crew attention
- FLAG ON CAPT PFD FPV and FLAG ON F/O PFD FPV: flight path vector displays removed from the primary flight displays, red flags shown instead
- NAV ADR DISAGREE: Computers have rejected one ADR and then detected a disagreement between the remaining ADRs on one of the monitored paramenters.
- F/CTL PRIM 1 FAULT: Primary Flight Controls Computer 1 has stopped functioning either as result of a command or failure
- F/CTL SEC 1 FAULT: Secondary Flight Controls Computer 1 has stopped functioning either as result of a command or failure.
- MAINTENANCE STATUS ADR2: not brought to crew attention
- ADVISORY CABIN VERTICAL SPEED: cabin pressure changes at a rate of 1800 feet/minute or greater for 5 seconds."

LLOYD'S CAPTAINS REGISTERS AT GUILDHALL LIBRARY AND RELATED SOURCES …The Registers were compiled by Lloyd's from information regularly transmitted by the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, for the use of Lloyd's members in assessing insurance risks, although no information relating to insurances is given. They list for each person the place and year of birth (but not home addresses in later life); the date, number and place of issue of the master's certificate obtained; any other special qualification, including the "steam" certificate from 1874; the dates of engagement and (sometimes) discharge as master or mate since the certificate was obtained, with the name and official number (taken from the Mercantile Navy List) of each ship; the general area of the des­tination of each voyage; casualties (sinkings, collisions etc.); and notes (e.g. reprimands, special awards). …

1869-93 (from 1888 a key is printed at the top of each left-hand page):

black ink: engagements;

red ink: discharges;
blue ink: casualties and notes;
ship's name not underlined: engagements as captain;
ship's name underlined: engagements as mate.


black ink: engagements as captain; 
red ink: engagements as mate (engagements as 2nd/3rd mates in red ink with ship's name underlined);
blue ink: casualties and notes"

"The FAA has been implementing red teams since the Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Red teams conduct tests at about 100 US airports annually. Tests were on hiatus after September 11, 2001 and resumed in 2003.[7]

The FAA use of red teaming revealed severe weaknesses in security at Logan International Airport in Boston, where two of the four hijacked 9/11 flights originated. Some former FAA investigators who participated on these teams feel that the FAA deliberately ignored the results of the tests and that this resulted in part in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the US.[citation needed]"

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation


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