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#2253: Marine Links Macdonald Dettwiler No-Fly Black-Hand Drones To Serco Ad Hoc Super Bowl Bombs

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked no-fly Black-Hand* drone systems developed by Macdonald Dettwiler for the United States Air Force to the threat of a Serco ad-hoc waypoint bombing attack on Super Bowl XLIX.

Black Hand* – Livery company captains or journeymen with "Privy Seal Licenses to Kill, Burn and Bribe" for the City of London's Honourable Artillery Company 1537, The Master Mariners and Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN) 1929 and The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts 1638 – whose alumni include U.S. Presidents James Monroe, Chester Alan Arthur, Calvin Coolidge and John F. Kennedy and – just perhaps – Barack Hussein Obama.

McConnell alleges that in 1962, the late pedophile Lord Privy Seal and commander of the Honourable Artillery Company, Lt. Col. Edward Heath, outsourced the U.K.'s four-minute warning system, the NPL cesium clock and Telstar timing to Serco's Black Hand journeymen who could then synchronize navigation, hit and burn operations in the United Kingdom and United States to within 1 μs of each other (previous efforts were only accurate to 2,000 μs).

McConnell claims Serco CEO Rupert Soames and his brother, former U.K. Minister of Defense Nicholas Soames, developed Black Hand no-fly drone maneuvers with Airbus after France withdrew in 1998 from the air patrols with the United States and the United Kingdom intended to stop Iraqi aircraft from flying inside zones north of the 36th parallel and south of the 33rd.

McConnell claims that Serco – C4I navigator for U.S. Air Force Space Command and the world's largest air traffic controller – developed Macdonald Dettwiler and Airbus no-fly drone systems at the Goose Bay facility with ad hoc waypoints provided by the Canada's former E/W airborne expert, pedophile psychopath and alleged Black Hand captain, David Russell Williams.

McConnell claims Serco tested Macdonald Dettwiler and Airbus no-fly drone systems during the June 2001 Amalgam Virgo exercise by tricking the enemy – the United States Air Force! – into standing down for 30 hours of "Blue Air" time while the Black Hand captain, Russell Williams, guided a droned aircraft along ad hoc waypoints in a simulated attack on the Capitol Building.

McConnell claims Serco's Rupert Soames, former CEO of temporary power provider Aggreko, ran MDA drone and Airbus 9-1-1 surveillance on Super Bowl XLVII – nicknamed the Blackout Bowl – and imputed a third-quarter partial power outage of 34 minutes in a spot-fixing fraud.

McConnell invites rebuttal of his allegation that Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates of Richmond B.C. has developed a Black-Hand no-fly drone system for outsourcing by the United States Air Force and allowed Serco to threaten an ad-hoc waypoint bombing attack on Super Bowl XLIX.

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No Drone Zone 

Advanced Auditing - BCIT Accounting. Faux Audit of MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates Ltd. 

Exelis Deployable ATM Solutions Anytime Anywhere

Serco Fire Services 


Serco... Would you like to know more?

"'Please don't bring drones to the Super Bowl,' says FAA in dystopian PSA In the future, only the finest rhyming PSAs will survive 
By Chris Plante on January 28, 2015 02:29 pm  
The FAA has produced a YouTube video encouraging attendees of the Super Bowl to "leave your drone at home." The video, titled "No Drone Zone," resembles other public service announcements, using stock photos like many anti-smoking ads and a diabolical head rhyme like "Don't Copy That Floppy."


While it's encouraging to see the FAA being proactive about drones, which can fall out of the sky anywhere — from your backyard to the White House — a better method for protecting citizens from the misuse of drones would be proper policy. Until then, we're left with these short videos that, five years ago, would have scanned as fake PSAs from alternate reality sci-fi films. When people ask when we'll live in the future, show them this video. Nothing is more futuristic than a boring government video kindly asking the public to refrain from bringing smart flying robots that could be used to bring unspeakable horror to the most televised event in the country.

For your enjoyment, here's another FAA video I can't believe is real.


"Aggreko [Formerly run by Serco CEO Rupert Soames] Powers Super Bowl January 29, 2014 By Linda Hardesty 
Aggreko will provide large-scale power generation for the Super Bowl on February 2. The event, taking place in East Rutherford, NJ, at the MetLife Stadium, will require heating and 21 MW of power, taking into consideration potentially frigid weather and additional security needs of the highly populated metropolitan area.

Aggreko will provide 21 megawatts of temporary electric power; 60 heaters, including 740 kW of outdoor heat for the open-air stadium’s press seats; a crew of 12 Aggreko technicians for installation and operation; hundreds of accessories, including panels, transformers and about 80 miles of cable.

An event of this nature also requires detailed design and logistics. The Aggreko team kicked off initial planning meetings almost one year ago following the 2013 game, and installation for this year began right after the New Year. The complete project timeline, including equipment removal, will encompass about two months. This marks the 24th year Aggreko will be supplying power and climate control solutions to the Super Bowl.

The 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans was interrupted with a 34-minute power outage, which was eventually determined to have been caused by an electrical relay device that ironically was installed to protect the Superdome equipment in the event of a cable failure between the switchgear and the stadium.

Aggreko says it kept its power running throughout the 2013 game in New Orleans despite the power disruption elsewhere in the stadium. Aggreko was responsible for the CBS media compound as well as the international broadcast and a large part of the halftime show, all of which operated with no reported outages.

In December 2013, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) said it is partnering with the NFL Environmental Program to provide green power for the 2014 Super Bowl. For every megawatt hour of electricity used to power the event, PSEG will purchase and retire one renewable energy credit (REC)."

"MDA Wins Key U.S. Aviation Contract 
Source: MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. Posted Thursday, May 3, 2001 Richmond, B.C. - MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSE: MDA) announced today the company has been awarded a contract by the United States Air Force to develop a system to be used by specialists at Air Force bases to design Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs). IAPs are published instructions to pilots specifying a series of aircraft maneuvers that must be executed for the aircraft to transition safely from an en route airway to a runway final approach when flying by instruments. MDA's system ingests digital terrain and elevation data, air navigation data (such as the locations of navigation aids, runways, buildings and towers) to build and display a virtual model of the physical environment surrounding an airport. It then develops the complex surfaces that define a safe approach corridor for any of the dozens of IAP variants, and determines whether any of the defined surfaces are penetrated by terrain or man-made obstacles. It flags these incursions to the operator, who can quickly modify the approach procedure through a drag-and-drop user interface. This initial award, valued at $2.9 million (CDN), consists of a fixed price element to develop, integrate, and test the system. The next phase will include installation, government testing, and operator training. The contract includes an option for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to adapt the system for their needs. The U.S. Air Force also has options to field the successful system at up to 108 air bases around the world, and to award T&M support contracts for up to 8 years. MDA plans to team up with Air Navigation Data (AND) of Ottawa to offer a custom solution, based on AND's "Final Approach" product. MDA President and CEO Daniel Friedmann said: "This is a significant project for MDA that has the potential to improve the safety of air transportation for many other air forces and civil aviation authorities world wide."

"Comments by Kenneth "KD" Macdonald - 1962-1965

The Letter of Agreement with the Americans stated that the Canadian Military would provide IFR (including radar) service as long as the USAF operated at Goose Bay. As a result, when the Canadian Government decided to close RCAF Station Goose Bay, we were held to abide with the letter of Agreement - and a small number of RCAF personnel remained on the Station. When I left (summer 65) we were still in control of the aerodrome and the USAF were full tilt on the other side. The SAC tanker force of 26 KC97's had been replaced with 8 KC135's (I'm not completely sure of the numbers, but think I'm right). The 59th Fighter were still there with approx 30 F102's. The 54th Air Rescue was still there, and we still had the Dakota and a couple of Otters. The MOT ran the Centre (the north sector of Moncton) out in RATCON, and otherwise had no say in the operation. 

Comments by Mike Mealey - 1971-1980 and 1991-1994 When I arrived here the first time (April 9/1977) there were about 250 personnel here including the troops from Melville Radar. We use to have a "Gathering of the 13"; 13% of the complement were Officers with about 7 from the Hill and 30 from the Station (we were a CFS then). Out of that, there were 17 ATC types. We literally owned the mess and had most of the secondary duties. I think I was on the ground as a new Lt. for about 4 days and had already amassed the Section Deputy-Entertainment, BDF Commander, Airshow deputy-coordinator and Bar Officer.

The MOT enroute controllers left in the early 80s and went back to Moncton Centre.

Having been posted here 3 times and done 5 TDs for Arctic Express, I went through 9 BATCOs from KD MacDonald to Pete Dion. I worked in the old Tower on the Canadian side and helped to check out the MOT controllers who eventually moved into the new Tower across the street from what might have been the SAC Command Post (S110) next to the Firehall.

In the time from my first posting here in 1977, ATC went from about 32 all-ranks to almost 60 in 1997 when I came back here for my 3rd (last) posting. With ASD in 1998, Serco Facilities Management Inc won the contract to provide most of the services that the military used to provide for the CAF and the Allies. The mass exodus of '98 left only 3 ex-military (Capts. Arnold Kelly and Mike Mealey and Cpl Mark Simpson) from a complement of 58 ATC. Capt Garry Naylor and Sgt Claude Ross were the last military Controllers to log off in the Terminal while Capt Greg Miller was the last to log off in Tower at 2359 Local (0259Z) on 31 July 1998. Serco took over ATC Tower and Terminal duties at 0000 Local 1 Aug 98. The initial cadre was 8 qualified Terminal controllers providing 16/6 service and 9 Tower controllers for 24/7 service. I retired from the CF with 25 years in and immediately went to work for Serco. And the rest, as they say, is history."

"David Russell Williams: The Kinky Killer Colonel 
BY Kristal Hawkins A Military Career By the time David Russell Williams began his military career in 1987, he'd dropped the name Sovka and returned to his original name. His first military assignment made him a flying instructor with the CT-134 Musketeers at Portage la Prairie, just west of Winnipeg on the Manitoba prairie. Maj. Greg McQuaid remembered Williams as an intense young man who was full of promise. McQuaid would help to promote Williams from lieutenant to captain in 1992, and Williams was transferred to Canadian Forces Base Shearwater, in Nova Scotia. ..

In 2003 Williams obtained a master's degree in defense studies from the Royal Military College. His 55-page thesis argued in favor of a preemptive war in Iraq. His military career continued to blossom: He'd been promoted to major in 1999, and became a lieutenant-colonel in 2004, when he was selected to lead the No. 437 Transport Squadron at Canadian Forces Base Trenton. He flew Canadian officials and foreign dignities on the Canadian Armed Forces' Bombardier Challenger fleet. In 2005 and 2006, Williams served six months in Dubai at Camp Mirage, a secretive base that provides logistics support for Canadian activities in Afghanistan."

"Working on a long-term [C4I2SR and drone] engagement for the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), Serco needed a third-party solution for administration and security for their classified and non-classified SharePoint environments. With a command of 40,000 users and a SharePoint installation that included one farm with five frontend servers, Serco required a tool to help them support everything from the Help Desk to SharePoint developers and site collection administrators"

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation


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