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JFK to 911 - Black Hand - Captain McConnell Says "Clear the Skies" - Illegal Modifications to Airliners - 1404 Innocent Victims - RICO Trebling Rendering $6.93B

Mike and Brian and U K Column:

When I speak at Telford, UK on 1 March, 2015 what I would wish to do is address questions from the audience regarding the contents of this 3 hour documentary concerning the JFK assassination:

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

Not knowing how much time will be allotted for me to be I believe I can be of greatest service to Truth, God, USA, UK and humankind if I don't speak about myself or Abel Danger until I have answered all questions from your UK Column and British Constitution Group audience.

I got positive news yesterday about the potential for my group to buy, own and operate Caplin Ranch in Athens, Texas. It is a 193 acre property which at one time was owned by Clint Murchison. If you don't know who Clint Murchison was, just listen from beginning to 4:04 mark and ask yourself...who, other than God Himself, could possibly arrange for one person to expose his own sister as a key member of the cabal that planned 9/11 and then end up living on the ranch once owned by one of the key members [ Black Hand 20 ] of the same cabal. Yes, I am saying JFK and 9/11 were done by the same entity. I will answer any and all questions in my appearance in Telford UK.

Prior to my traveling I hope to have purchased Caplin Ranch for a Veteran's Trust of which I will be sole Trustee. I will also advise Judge Rosemary M. Collyer that I will be filing AGGRAVATED PERJURY IN FRAUD UPON THE COURT against ALPA. She will have 30 days to accept the Pro Se Case with her full understanding that the $2.31B claim will be heard in another Court in another District. 30 days, her call. Of course because I am sending her the notice before I travel to Telford it would really make her hope that I don't "slip on a banana peel" enroute to and from the speaking event

Field McConnell Plaintiff, Civil Case 1-08-1600 (RMC) (**)

(**) My 30 day letter to Judge Rosemary M. Collyer will rationalize the $2.31B award as I advised ALPA on 10 December, 2006 of the illegal modifications to airliners. After that notice, 10 airliners with 1404 innocent victims were 'hit' in a manner consistent with my advice to ALPA, printed below the dash line. 1404 x $165K = $2.31B If it goes to the other District Court it will have RICO trebling rendering $6.93B.


2006 Letter to Kenneth J. Hylander—Vice President—Safety, Engineering & Chief Safety Officer, NW Airlines
From: Field McConnell
To: Hylander, Ken J
Cc: Moore, Pete A; Campbell, Tim P
Sent: Sun Dec 10 21:59:10 2006
Subject: FW: Captain McConnell Says "Clear the Skies"

Field McConnell
9223 50th Ave S Glyndon
MN 56547

Director of Safety Northwest Airlines
Eagan MN 55111

Cc: Air Line Pilots Association
1625 Massachusetts Ave
NW Washington DC 20036

David Hawkins
Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University Founder and Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE

10 December, 2006 Gentlemen:

Re: Captain McConnell Says "Clear the Skies"

It has come to my attention over the last 96 hours that a QRS-11* GyroChip gyroscope with military applications exists. I understand that at least 96 passenger aircraft have been illegally modified with QRS-11 missile-guidance technology and at least 27 GyroChip-equipped flight boxes have been exported without licenses by Boeing without the knowledge or informed consent of airline companies, unions, or pilots.

Under the authority demanded of me on page 9.1.1. of the Flight Operations Manual, specifically bullet statement 4 "The Captain WILL make the FINAL decision as to whether the aircraft may be safely operated." I deem it impossible to comply with the requirement of 9.1.1. until any captain can know, without a doubt, that QRS-11 is not embedded on his particular jet.

In my experience, Northwest Airlines has always put safety first regardless of the costs. I suggest our company can address this issue and be the first airline in the world to be declared QRS-11 cleansed. The potential risk of not determining the existence, or lack thereof, of a threat may facilitate a second 9-11 style incident.

The body of evidence supporting my concern is established and vast. I assure you my interests are in keeping with the interests of NWA. I believe we can use this as a competitive advantage, however safety must come first. I am going to suggest that ALPA and IFALPA considering "standing down the fleets" until this possibility is resolved.

On 9-11 an order was given to "clear the skies".

I ask ALPA to consider issuing that order again within 72 hours if independent discovery cannot identify the threat.

With grave concern and an eagerness to help,

Field McConnell 28 year airline employee 22 year military pilot 23,000+ hours of safety

PS: I wish to allow NWA to have this information prior to ALPA being advised no later than 1000 on 12-11-06. I am at 218 329 2993 or 218 498 2568.

Notes to "Captain McConnell Says 'Clear the Skies' "

"The State Department charges against Boeing relate to the export of jets that contain a gyroscopic microchip called QRS-11, used as a backup system in determining a plane's orientation in the air. Though a Boeing document refers to the chip as "relatively unsophisticated" technology, the gyrochip also has been used to help stabilize and steer guided missiles. In the draft charging letter, the State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls alleges that between 2000 and 2003 Boeing broke export control laws in shipping to China and other countries what was then classified as militarily significant technology. Further, it claims the company did so deliberately and repeatedly even after it had been warned to stop. "False statements" Boeing "was aware that a [State] Department export license was required but chose to export without authorization by using false statements on documents," the charging letter alleges. Boeing managers declared on shipping certificates that no export license was required, even after the State Department had told the company otherwise, according to the letter. Boeing eventually acknowledged to the State Department it had exported 96 aircraft and 27 spare gyrochip-equipped flight boxes without export licenses. The QRS-11 chip, made by a unit of BEI Technologies in Concord, Calif., is just over 1-½ inches in diameter and weighs about 2 ounces. It sells for between $1,000 and $2,000. Described as "a gyro on a chip," it is used to help control the flight of missiles and aircraft."

A labor lawyer orders "Clear the Skies" ......"Sept. 11 is [Ben] Sliney's first day on the job as national operations manager [of the FAA], the chess master of the air traffic system. The New Yorker, a lawyer who once sued the FAA on behalf of air traffic controllers [the mobbed-up Laborers ('LIUNA') union?], now walks the floor of the center — a room that resembles NASA's Mission Control .. For the last 30 minutes, since the second Trade Center tower was hit, Sliney has considered bringing every flight down. Now, the manager in charge of the nation's air traffic system is certain. He has no time to consult with FAA officials in Washington. The skies are filled with guided missiles, he thinks. Filled with them .. The hijackers did have more planes .. "Order everyone to land! Regardless of destination!" Sliney shouts .. "OK, let's get them on the ground!" Sliney booms. Within seconds, specialists pass the order on to facilities across the country. For the first time in history, the government has ordered every commercial and private plane from the sky .. 9:45 a.m.: 3,949 planes ..In Washington, FAA Administrator Jane Garvey and her deputy, Monte Belger, have been moving back and forth between a secret operations center [where?] and their offices. Throughout the morning, staffers have kept Garvey and Belger apprised of Sliney's decisions. Now, they tell them of the order to clear the skies. With little discussion, the FAA leaders approve."


  1. This post has been edited, can you elaborate on what is happening here, David, Field?
    Something is up.


  2. A truly great video and spot on as far as i can see , the only thing left out was the supposed payments to his wife that stopped a few yrs ago . A huge amount every week .

  3. At 3:08:18 is he saying that the idea of one God was made up basically as a 24/7 all-seeing eye in order to dupe and control the masses when the job was becoming too big for them? He does not say "organized religion" was created for this purpose, which I would agree with. He says the idea of one "God" was created for this purpose. Until that point, I was absolutely mesmerized with this video. Everything was ringing unbelievably brilliant, insightful, and completely true and accurate to me. I thought I had finally found the perfect explanation for what is and has been transpiring in the world. I wonder what Field would have to say about his assertion in regard to God?

    cmonkey, I would be interested for you to elaborate on where you feel this post has been edited, as I did not notice.

    Anonymous post at 2:55 AM, are you saying that this video maker's wife was supposedly receiving payments from someone?

    P.S. I am new at this comment posting thing. I am quite reserved and unassertive, and have never done anything like this before. But I was so taken aback that I was compelled to write. I have decided that I need to start taking a stand for God where I feel it is necessary. Field has inspired me to do this with his unbelievable fortitude and bravery.

  4. Anonymous January 19, 2015 at 9:02 AM

    I made a mistake, forget it.



  5. Hi cmonkey. This is Anonymous Jan 19th at 9:02 AM, You appear to be the only person in the world who has read my very first comment I have ever written. Would you mind giving me some brief feedback on what you thought about it overall? You don't have to tell me anything about your personal beliefs, but he did actually say that God is also a rich man's trick, didn't he? The issue was slipped in rather quickly and was only about 30 seconds long so I am worried that Field may have missed it. And who's wife do you think Anonymous at 2:55 is referring to?


  6. Hi lrucky,

    Please don't let Francis Conolly's comments on "religion" detract from the other information in his film. His comments seem so out of place and the rest of the film is excellent.

    Francis did not distinguish between establishment controlled "religion" and belief in God. He appears to see them as one and the same and implies that anyone who believes in God is under the influence of a rich man's trick. I'm critical of "religion" too; it discourages critical thinking and monopolises discourse but I'm not going to let it hide the truth like Francis has.

    For those who have not seen the film this is the section of that lrucky refers to:

    "Religion is a rich man's trick. It was invented because wealthy rulers realised the population was getting too big for soldiers to watch over constantly so they replaced the idea of having many gods with one single god. A simple idea simple men could understand. [a god] who could see what everyone was doing all the time. The idea of one god became the surveillance video of the ancient world. In the middle ages the same sort of people grew rich by charging people for the forgiving of sins. And when a new age dawned with the coming of the industrial revolution they invented new tricks to control the population explosion like censorship ....."

    Ed W

    P.S. This is my first posting on this forum too

    1. Hi Ed W,

      As I mentioned, this was my first venture out into the world of commenting on this or any forum, so thank you for helping me be a little less anxious by writing this well thought out and well crafted response.

      I agree with you that this portion of the film seems so out of place, and your other comments are quite correct. The author not only does not distinguish the difference between religion and the belief in one God, but seems to state that they are the same. It follows then that he is saying anyone who believes in God does so as a result of a rich man's trick. If he had simply said that organized religion is a rich man's trick I would have been in agreement.

      Here is where you and I may differ: since this man is obviously very intelligent, I have to believe that this way of wording it was not inadvertent on his part, and that the intention was to demean people who believe in God and make them feel they have been duped. I feel it was meant to perpetuate what I believe to be the root of all the problems in the world today....the removal of God from the equation.

      I am trying to take your advice and not allow this to completely detract from the rest of the film, which I though was amazing up to that point. Still struggling with that though as of this moment.......



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