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The Problem of the Gas Chambers / Le problème des chambres à gaz (Robert Faurisson)

The Problem of the Gas Chambers 
(Robert Faurisson, 1986 video) 

"The Problem of the Gas Chambers" (1978 article)

Alain Soral: The Fabius–Gayssot Act Is a Disgrace and Must Be Abrogated - Robert Faurisson Is a Historical Authority on the "Gas Chambers" Myth - Powerful French Judeo-Zionist Lobby - The "Shoah" Is an Invented Religious Absolute of the Globalist Empire, With Submission, Heresy, Blasphemy, Inquisition - Faurisson Embodies Honesty, Courage, Gentleness - Imperial Agents Are Terrified of Faurisson - Talmudic Dissimulators Lie About Who Is Consumed by "Hate" - Judeocentric Progressive Mythification: Hysterical Flight From Historical Reality - Jewish Lobby's Violence - Systematic Historical Revisionism Is Needed to Deconstruct Dominant Elitist Myths - Domination by 9/11 Lie = Domination by Gas Chambers Lie: Manuel Valls Is a Demagogue

Alain Soral : Faurisson dit la vérité ! 

The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews: Part II

France : créer des chambres à gaz

« Il faut construire des chambres à gaz pour les Juifs »

Pour les Juifs belliqueux, il devient urgent de les jeter dans des chambres à gaz hilarant, afin qu'ils se mettent à rire pendant 5 heures. C'est tout de même compliqué : la construction de chambre à gaz est difficile à mettre au point, même chez Fernand Nathan les plans n'existent pas, car ils auraient été égarés (la femme de ménage ?).

France: manufacture gas chambers

"Gas chambers must be manufactured for the Jews"

For bellicose Jews, it becomes urgent to throw them in laughing gas chambers, so that they start laughing for 5 hours. All the same, it's complicated: the construction of a gas chamber is difficult to perfect – even at Fernand Nathan, the plans don't exist, because they were lost (the cleaning woman?).

Autor : Dieudonné
Tomado en : IamDieudo nouveau

Dieudonné : Gaza, Marine, LDJ, Dyno & les chambres à gaz 

Dieudonné/Faurisson: Avant-première du nouveau sketch « Shoananas » ! 

« Cho Ka Ka O » (Chaud cacao) – Annie Cordy 

Dieudonné Faurisson le sketch (1ère partie) 

French Comedian Faces Trial for "Anti-Semitism"

France & Its New Zionist Tyranny

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A reply to questions from Michael Hoffman

Dear Michael,

I admire the quality of your questions, and thank you for the understanding that you show me. I am going through one of the most difficult periods of my life and, consequently, am unable to respond as I would like. I haven't the time.

These killings in Paris – with 20 dead in all, amongst whom five Jews – rightly arouse widespread indignation, but the Jewish organisations have immediately exploited this indignation for their benefit. They forget that, in large part, it's been under the pressure of international and French Jewish organisations that France has hastily engaged in all sorts of military expeditions causing so many deaths in the Arab–Muslim world. They forget this country's responsibility in the creation of the bogus State of Israel – soon afterwards arming it with nuclear weapons – and in the appalling fate of the Palestinian people since at least 1948; the presence of Netanyahu in Paris and his doings there were, in themselves, an affront to an entire part of the Arab–Muslim world. Those Jewish organisations live in anger and war; that being the case, how can they be surprised if their adversaries live in anger and war as well?

Such killings may bring to mind a number of murders committed by Jews who subsequently became "heroes" of Jewish history. On February 25, 1994 Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli army physician armed with an assault rifle, shot dead 24 Muslim worshipers and wounded 125 at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron before being subdued and killed there himself. His nearby tomb is a pilgrimage site for many Jews.

The hysteria we are witnessing now in France, in this month of January 2015, has a precedent: that of May 1990 and the "Carpentras cemetery" affair. It was the exploitation of that event that made it possible to intimidate the French parliament into passing what is called "the Fabius–Gayssot Act" of July 13, 1990, punishing by a term of imprisonment of from one month to one year and a fine of up to 300,000 francs (now 45,000 euros), along with several other sanctions, those who dispute "the existence of crimes against humanity" (that is, essentially, crimes against Jews) as defined and punished in 1945-1946 by a body that the winners of the recent war had dared to name "International Military Tribunal" (three lies in three words) of Nuremberg. This law, totally contrary to the French constitution, came into effect by appearing in the Journal Officiel de la République Française of July 14, 1990, anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. It was thanks to a televised lie of the Socialist president of parliament, Jewish millionaire Laurent Fabius (his announcement to viewers that the corpse of a Jew in the Carpentras cemetery had been taken out of a grave and impaled through the rectum with a parasol pole), that the French had been outraged. The Catholic authorities rang the great bell of Notre-Dame in Paris. The President, Socialist François Mitterrand, led a march through the centre of the capital at the head of crowds of demonstrators. We have now, in 2015, seen the same scenario repeated in the same place, with Fabius in the front rank of "protesting" dignitaries, the Archbishop taking the initiative of ringing the cathedral's bells, the Socialist President François Hollande marching through the streets.

Moreover, those Jewish organisations affect an attitude of desiring to come to the aid of freedom of opinion and expression but, in reality, what they are demanding is increased repression against "Holocaust denial". Revisionism has made significant progress in recent years here in France, thanks especially to the Internet. Those groups therefore want censorship of the Internet, of Dieudonné (who has perhaps more than 80 legal proceedings pending against him), of the revisionists, and of a number of other unbowed men and women.

For want of time, I shall allow myself just three remarks to finish: 1) the name Charlie Hebdo has, apparently, nothing to do with Charles de Gaulle; it comes, I believe, from the Peanuts character Charlie Brown; 2) Gayssot is the surname of a former Communist MP and government minister, and the Fabius–Gayssot Act is sometimes called the "Faurisson Law" or "Lex Faurissoniana"; I have lost count of the times I've been ordered to pay fines or damages on the grounds of this law; other revisionists have been thrown into prison or, like Vincent Reynouard, a father of nine, will be returning to prison; for my part, I've settled for ten physical assaults – of which eight in France – and the actions of the French police, who have carried out numerous searches and seizures, or attempted seizures, at my house, and who have often REFUSED to protect me in the presence of danger; 3) I hope to be able, before long, to send you an English version of my nine-page article (with illustrations) of December 31, 2014 entitled:

In 70 years, no forensic study proving the existence and operation of the "Nazi gas chambers"!

I dedicated it to Professor Ben Zion Dinur (1884-1973), founder of Yad Vashem in 1953, forced to resign in 1959 for having preferred scientific History to Jewish Memory (

I thank you, dear Michael, and congratulate you on the work you have done over so many years, and in such difficult conditions, for the just cause of historical revisionism.

Robert Faurisson, January 13, 2015

More information:

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