Saturday, February 28, 2015

UK Column Live

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Please note: Due to the BCG/UKC conference there is no UK Column News on Friday, 27th Feb or Monday 2nd March.

UK Column News will be back at 1pm on Tuesday, 3rd March.

Doomwatch – variant 56 – General Election Conference Special


  1. thanks...I appreciated this vid...impressed by the Brits awareness...and their action

  2. Unless you have representation on the committee that nominates who runs for office, voting or not voting is irrelevant. Whoever is nominated is supported by those having the money to buy the persuasive media to steer the majority of voters needed to elect the nominee. All this talk about 'what we should do' accomplishes nothing if it doesn't result in getting representation on the nominating committee. In the US there will only be two parties - the Ins and the Outs, whatever else they are called. One needs 50% + 1 vote vote to get In and that only applies to those who vote. If only 10% of those liable to vote do, it simplifies the work of the money mongers buying the media and offering the patronage/bribes needed to get the votes. If you can't nominate who represents what you want, you are reduced to slavery. Read the Book of Judges for understanding.


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