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Former Commissioner of the Garda Síochána Martin Callinan - The Fennelly Commission - Garda Síochána Converts to a Private Corporate Militia - Vancouver, Canada to Cork, Ireland - University College Cork and Bord Iascaigh Mhara Collusion - €6 Million Out of EU Horizon 2020 Project Into UCC Coffers (Vitamin D Group) - Harvesting Food or "Harvesting" an Entrepreneur's Idea - "Pissing Down a Man's Back and Calling it Sweat" - Breach of Confidentiality - Insiders Cutting Deals Among Themselves - B.C. Canada's CA$6 Billion Marijuana Industry and Vancouver's 4/20 Day

Martin Callinan was Ireland's Commissioner of the Garda Síochána

Something foul in its stench is blowing with the wind from the core of the Irish Criminal Justice System. This foul smelling wind has blown from the Taoiseach onto the Minister of Justice, past the president of the High Court, into the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and into the offices of the Fennelly Commission of Inquiry. These types of commissions are British-style coverups, and most everyone by now is fairly savvy to the commission game being played, knowing full well these commissions are never transparent. These commissions are also very selective and prejudiced on what is used as evidence in their investigations, as we will see. For the Fennelly Commission, there is a file of documents that is being ignored, a very important file that contains photos taken of the complainant sitting inside the offices of GSOC, the Irish equivalent to the Independent Police Ombudsman to Ireland. One of the photos shows the complainant on March 24, 2014 at 14:10pm ready to submit a file that could possibly result in no confidence in Fine Gael.

 Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Martin Callinan (not friendly to whistleblowers) is the former Commissioner of the Garda Síochána, which is Ireland's national police force. Martin Callinan retired in March 2014, although controversy remains about whether Callinan actually retired of his own accord or if he was forced to resign. Garda Síochána is more commonly referred to as the Gardaí, or "the guards"; in American lingo, the cops. The service is headed by the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána who is appointed by the Irish government. Its headquarters are in Dublin's Phoenix Park. Martin Callinan is a two-time graduate of the US's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, qualifying in law enforcement management. It is alleged that Taoiseach Enda Kenny personally contacted Martin Callinan and suggested that Callinan retire. Americans would say: "Take a hike, you're fired." In Ireland, there is a complete and continuing breakdown in the confidence the Irish people have in their government and Garda Síochána. One has wonder whether the roughly 39.6 million Americans who claim Irish heritage don't have the exact same sentiments about their government and police, including the FBI that the Irish have? A notable Irish American who felt that way was John O'Neill, and he ended up dead in the rubble of the WTC towers.

As it stands right now, the people of Ireland do not have a police force that is there to protect them. Garda Síochána has become more of a private commercial militia for private financial interests, very similar to what the FBI in the US has become. Sort of makes one wonder what kind of tips Callinan picked up while at the FBI? They probably have a course at the FBI titled: "How to Handle Whistleblowers." All protections to safeguard openness, transparency and protection of the Irish people within Garda Síochána (the "Guards") have been eviscerated. Part of the reason for the Fennelly Commission being set up by the government of Ireland, was to investigate Martin Callinan's alleged forced "resignation."

"Civil servant" Brian Percell was sent to Martin Callinan's home and the message seemed clear: "Was he given a whiskey and a revolver and told to make a choice"? Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said, "the power to remove a Garda commissioner could only be taken by Cabinet, and if the Taoiseach acted alone it would be unlawful." One of the reasons given for Callinan's resignation, was a claim that Callinan was too close" to Alan Shatter. Too close? Alan Shatter is a Jewish (Irish) Fine Gael politician. Shatter was once the Minister of Justice and Equity from March 2011 until May 2014. Justice for who? Equity is selective with these people. Try blowing the whistle in Ireland to see just how much "justice" and "equity" there really is.

The controversy hanging over Ireland's Garda Síochána has to do with the "Garda phone recordings controversy." Unauthorised recordings made since the 1980s of conversations between some 28 Garda stations around Ireland of targeted individuals. These allegations could have a very serious impact on the outcome of prosecutions since the 1980s. This is criminal behavior on the part of Ireland's Garda Síochána since the 1980s.  Garda Síochána since the 1980s, had been illegally tapping into private telephone conversations to obtain evidence. Law and justice in Ireland have become worse and has it stands now, there is no transparency or accountability. According to a recent discussion with a journalist in Ireland, the laws have become "unacceptable and only becoming worse." The telephone recordings controversy came about during the investigation into the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. (Edited: The French police are in Cork, Ireland interviewing people on the murder of Sophie du Plantier as of September 30, 2015.)

The Fennelly Report was released on September 1, 2015, with most people's eyes simply glazed over when they saw this investigative 300 page boiler plate report. On September 2, 2015, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin, announced plans to table motions of no confidence in Taoiseach Enda Kenny, following the publication of the interim report of the Fennelly Commission. And that has been the way it is the past ten years in Ireland investigating crime and corruption: One investigation after another with a continuing ineffectual litany of superfluous "official reports" offered solely to appease the public.

To "investigate" serious allegations of fraud and continuing police corruption, the Fennelly Commission was established April 2014, by the government of Ireland. The Fennelly Commission is headed by its sole member, Nial Fennelly, a retired justice of Ireland's Supreme Court. Nial Fennelly identified three separate areas within the Fennelly Commission's investigations:
1. Garda phone recordings controversy: unauthorised recordings made since the 1980s of conversations to and from some Garda stations (other than 999 emergency telephone number calls, recorded as a matter of course).

2. Death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier: evidence from phone recordings at Bandon Garda station of misconduct in the investigation.

3. Martin Callinan: circumstances of his retirement as Garda Commissioner in March 2014.
Earlier this year on March 23, 2015, Jack Healy-O'Connor provided a detailed and well documented packet of information given to the offices of An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, with the request that his packet of documents related to the case the Fennelly Commission was investigating (the Fennelly Commission report was released on September 1, 2015) concerning Martin Callinan, be forwarded to the Fennelly Commission. The assistant private secretary to the Taoiseach, acknowledged receipt of Jack's documents on March 23, 2015, and then the file was thought to have been forwarded to the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald as the point of contact. As Jack later informed GRECO (Group of States Against Corruption) in his contacting GRECO seeking help, which will be explained later, none of the documents were ever forwarded to the Fennelly Commission. In these two videos immediately below, Jack Healy-O'Connor explains his circumstances:

Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny, Prime Suspect 
Two Enormous 2015 Corruption Scandals

Martin Callinan Sacking exposed - former Chief of Police to Ireland

 Jack Healy's continuing updates can be followed at twitter: Fennelly Commission

Three months later, on June 3, 2015 at 15:50pm, Jack Healy-O'Connor went into the Fennelly Commission offices to physically hand his file of documents directly to the Fennelly Commission. After handing the file of documents to the secretary working in the offices of the Fennelly Commission, Jack asked for a written receipt from the secretary. She told Jack that rather than a written statement of receipt, she would send Jack an email confirming receipt of the documents. Forty-five minutes later, after Jack checked, there was no email sent confirming receipt of the file.

Since no email was sent confirming receipt of Jack's file, he went again to the offices of the Fennelly Commission the next day on June 4, 2015 at 10:00am, inquiring about his file of documents prepared for the Fennelly Commission that was left the previous day. Jack wanted his file of documents returned to him, or he wanted a written acknowledgment of their receipt. While at the Fennelly Commission office videotaping the confrontation, Jack Healy had the unexpected opportunity to briefly meet with Justice Nial Fennelly outside his offices – recorded in the video clip immediately below. Jack Healy is in the clip inquiring about the file he prepared for the Fennelly Commission. Information in the file included documents regarding a number of serious complaints about Martin Callinan and Garda Síochána.

Jack Healy comments in the video clip that "this is a commission set up to look into police corruption, and unbelievably enough, the office where the Fennelly Commission is headquartered doesn't even have a telephone number that can be accessed." The Fennelly Commission offices are located at a semi-secret location; there is no publicly accessible website, and there is no phone number available to contact the commission. The domain name for the Fennelly Commission website,, is registered with the Taoiseach Enda Kenny's office but is not accessible.

The following video recording was taken inside the Fennelly Commission of Inquiry offices on June 4, 2015, when Jack Healy went personally to inquire about his information he documented on Martin Callinan and police corruption. Nial Fennelly does not acknowledge any confirmation of Jack Healy's documents being received, and states he knows nothing about the documents Jack submitted. According to Jack Healy, this video allegedly proves that An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, were deliberately preventing Nial Fennelly from receiving Jack's file of documents.

Taoiseach Kenny & Frances Fitzgerald acting criminally & "Ultra Vires"

The entire country of Ireland is presently wanting to know the facts surrounding the reason why the Chief of Police of Ireland Martin Callinan was "sacked", and the specific reasons behind his alleged resignation, as well as the endemic corruption that is becoming worse. What the people of Ireland want to know is, did Taoiseach Enda Kenny have Martin Callinan sacked, and if he did, why and for what reasons? Did Taoiseach Enda Kenny quash any and all attempts to forward Jack's file of documents concerning his legitimate complaints of police corruption to the Fennelly Commission when Jack tried submitting them to the offices of Taoiseach on March 23, 2015? A serious question for the Fennelly Commission is, if An Taoiseach Enda Kenny had Martin Callinan sacked, was Callinan being forced out covered up by the Supreme Court Justice of Ireland Susan Denham, with the cooperation of the President of the High Court of Ireland Nicholas Kearns, and the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald?

The other serious concern the Irish people have is the actual legitimacy of the Fennelly Commission. Did the commission with its sole member, Nial Fennelly, present conclusive evidence of criminal behavior in the final report to indict individuals incriminated by the investigation? Of course not. That proposition isn't a very likely outcome of this commission. In the history of "commissions," there has never been a favourable outcome benefiting "justice" or "equity." The opinion the Irish have of Nial Fennelly is that not only is he an honest man, but so is his brother and family. In fact, Nial Fennelly may actually be such a gentleman that he could be "fooled quite easily by imposters of his own ilk." It may also be quite possible and plausible, that Justice Nial Fennelly was too rushed in his review of Jack Healy's well documented complaint of police corruption.  It was officially confirmed by him as being received at 10am on June 4th, 2015 (please see video immediately above of Jack Healy video taping his brief but polite encounter with Nial Fennelly at the Fennelly Commission office), and that Justice Fennelly in essence, did not read pages 33 thru 66 which all came within the terms referenced in the Fennelly Commission of Inquiry.

From the looks of what Jack Healy discovered after personally going to the commission's office to inquire on the status of his documents, this commission set up to "investigate police corruption," was not very concerned about receiving any evidence in the form of what Jack Healy had submitted. After following up, Jack Healy's file was briefly reviewed by Nial Fennelly, and then quickly dismissed the same day June 4, 2015, without any further review or consideration, saying Jack's documented complaints were "inadmissible to the terms of the Fennelly Commission."

Jack Healy alleges in his complaint to GSOC on March 24, 2014, that Martin Callinan and Eamon Gillmore (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs) were possibly in receipt of some type of financial incentive structured (politically expedient to provide Canadian passports to Irish looking for work in Canada) between the governments of Canada and Ireland, to cover-up the Vancouver police being in Ireland, Dublin and Cork, or agreements were made to allow Vancouver police into Ireland. These are very serious accusations, however, Jack feels this was a possibility. These possible "bribes" Jack asserts, were provided to the Irish police and possibly others in the government of Ireland, in order to allow the Vancouver, Canada police to enter Ireland on several occasions from September 2011 to July 2015, for the specific purpose or intent, to either physically abduct or make attempts on Jack's life. Jack makes this inference because he was offered a bribe on April 21, 2010 over the phone recorded at 19:08pm, when Jack exposed serious deficiencies regarding the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) while in Canada. Although no amount was offered to Jack, he was continuously asked in response to questions about young girls he witnessed who were drugged with potent doses of marijuana on April 20th 2010 in Vancouver, "What do you want? What do you want," as if to get Jack to be quiet or disappear (please read Jack's experiences below in the section on Vancouver).

The other allegations are that while Jack was in Canada, drugs were planted on him in order to set him up, and also getting him involved in fraudulent businesses that go back to April, 2010.  Jack Healy claims he was involved in the coverup, which occurred on April 21, 2010, involving a victim who was a Vancouver police officer alleged to be scapegoated at the time Peter Hodson. Hodson had been under investigation for marijuana sales for two months prior to April 20, 2010, but was arrested the very same day Jack Healy contacted the Vancouver police with his complaint about the events on 4/20 Day. As a result of Jack exposing children given potent doses of marijuana attending the 4/20 Day event in Vancouver on April 20, 2015, this exposure embarrassed and compromised the Vancouver police, where Jim Chu was the chief of police at the time (retired May 2015).

After exposing police complicity and incompetence in Vancouver in 2010, Jack has been continuously harassed and maliciously targeted by the Vancouver police from August 26, 2010 until he was forced to flee Canada on October 24, 2010. Please see the written explanations and documentation of Jack's claims here. Jack alleges that after fleeing Canada, he went back to Ireland, and then seven months later to Germany. Jack suspects the Vancouver police, or possibly the police in Ireland, contacted the German police, and an attempt was made to abduct him in Germany. As soon as Jack arrived in Germany, he went to an internet cafe where two men walked in shortly after him, one who looked particularly "aggressive and brutish," began scrutinizing Jack.

This was all provided to GRECO and the Fennelly Commission and neither GRECO or the Fennelly Commission acted on Jack's allegations of police corruption, possible bribery, collusion and criminal intent to maliciously threaten Jack's life.  This has all been ignored by the Fennelly Commission as a commission ostensibly set up to investigate police corruption; all the while police from Vancouver, Canada were in Ireland's jurisdiction and suspected of colluding with the Irish police concerning Jack's activities both in Vancouver, Canada and in Ireland. All records of Jack Healy contacting the Vancouver police about some serious events Jack witnessed while at the 4/20 Day event in Vancouver, Canada, held on April 20, 2010, written about in the section below on Vancouver have been quashed.

One of the more serious allegations, were that possibly minors, 16 years old and younger, who were in attendance at the April 20, 2010 4/20 day event (a one day event that has just gone completely over the top for cannabis smoking cultural revelers), could have possibly been victimized by pedophile rings operating in Vancouver. There is also an ongoing cover-up on the activities of the Vancouver police to destroy Jack's life and attempts to possibly have him killed. This also may be related to burying evidence of then Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu's covering up the reporting of incidents that occurred on April 20, 2010 related to the framing, firing and subsequent jailing of Peter Hodson, who by the way in 2011 was almost killed in a knife attack.

On September 2, 2015 Jack Healy emailed the Fennelly Commission of Inquiry with all the admissible documents they chose to ignore on June 4, 2015. Jack received acknowledgment of his email from the executive secretary working at the Fennelly Commission office on September 2nd. Then, a newspaper report appeared reporting that the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, had said on September 4, 2015, "there is evidence that the Chief of Police Martin Callinan had instructed a junior officer to dispose of (shredded) between eight and ten black bags of personal files including his sim card". The Minister of Justice had been apparently in possession of Jack's file he had originally submitted to Nial Fennelly's commission on March 23, 2015. The executive legal secretary at the Fennelly Commission office, did not herself pass on the file Jack had submitted on March 23, 2015 for Judge Nial Fennelly's commission. The Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald herself is guilty of either destroying Jack's file or suppressing his file between March 23, 2015 and June 4, 2015.

After Jack Healy had sent a followup email to the legal executive at the Fennelly Commission office on the same day the 2nd of September, a news article, "Justice minister says shredding of Martin Callinan's personal papers needs to be examined," appeared in the changing the story suggesting that the personal papers of Martin Callinan that were shredded "should be examined." Despite what is being reported about the sacking of Martin Callianan and police corruption, there is no mention at all of Jack Healy's complaint that was well documented and provided to the Fenelly Commission acknowledged by the legal executive at the Fennelly Commission office confirming receipt.

Bringing this up to date, on September 1, 2015, an article was released by RTE News, titled "Taoiseach receives Fennelly Commission report", reporting that Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Teachta Dála, received the report from the Fennelly Commission on the departure from office of former Commissioner of the Garda Síochána Martin Callinan. While Jack was being targeted and victimized by Prime Minister Enda Kenny and Martin Callinan, Jack was advised by a commercial lawyer named Paul Sreenan, barrister in the Dublin Law Library, who Jack thought to report his concerns to about the Vancouver Police being in Ireland to his local police station, to not aggregate the situation any further in Vancouver. So instead, Jack wanted to concentrate on creating a source of revenue to protect himself from these matters, should they persist.

And so Jack Healy-O'Connor set up a food company which is now the subject of an enormous EU fraud investigation involving the Prime Minister of Ireland, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine Simon Coveney, and the President of University College Cork Michael Murphy, seen below in an image celebrating their coup over Jack Healy's commercial business on January 31, 2014 at UCC.

Introducing the European Union Horizon 2020: Horizon 2020 is the biggest European Union Research and Innovation program ever with €80 billion of funding available over 7 years made available between 2014 to 2020. This EU incentive program comes out of tax payer funding. Not only is this tax money of €80 billion available, but the spinoff opportunities are expected to attract further private investment to the EU. EU Horizon 2020 according to their website, "promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts, by taking great ideas from the lab to the market." We would like to draw the reader's attention to the description: "from the lab to the market," because this is paramount to Jack Healy's case. As we will see, the European Union Horizon 2020 program is more like having a monopoly on new businesses and products by insiders having access to that €80 billion in tax payer funding.
EU Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. Seen as a means to drive economic growth and create jobs, Horizon 2020 has the political backing of Europe's leaders and the Members of the European Parliament. They agreed that research is an investment in our future and so put it at the heart of the EU's blueprint for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs.
On November 1, 2013, University Cork College (UCC) in Cork, Ireland, received €6 million of the available €80 billion out of the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program money. UCC did not declare their college had received this €6 million (a considerable amount of money) until an article was published almost one year later on October 27,  2014 on the website making reference to the €6 million provided to UCC.  The UCC administrator's kept this from being known to the public for eleven months. Wouldn't UCC administrators be proud of this funding and immediately use the €6 million funding out of the Horizon 2020 program as good PR for EU and UCC business initiatives? The provisions of the EU Horizon 2020 project are structured so that any financing provided must be spent within a 48 month period.

For eight months out of those eleven months, Jack Healy-O'Connor was sitting on the same floor, in the same building, enrolled in a UCC new food idea course, where those funds were accepted out of the EU Horizon 2020 program by UCC administrators. These UCC administrators, were also on the same floor at the University College Cork in the same department where Jack was developing his new product. As we will see, Jack Healy is involved in an enormous conflict of interest involving fraud and possible criminal collusion. The sentence quoted here is from the article, Cork lab looks to make salmon our new source of Vitamin D, references the €6 million provided to UCC. The reader should pay particular attention to the content of the article and the reference to €6 million funding for UCC:
The project's €7.95 million budget is funded by the European Union to the tune of around €6 million.
The president of University Cork College is Michael Murphy, who has been president of UCC since February 2007. Michael Murphy is connected to €6 million appropriated out of the EU Horizon 2020 program (taxpayer funded) by UCC, and then not disclosed for eleven months until it was politically advantageous. Further details will be outlined as we continue with the material being revealed here. First though, a background is required an an organization referred to as GRECO mentioned earlier.

The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) was established in 1999 by the Council of Europe to "monitor States' compliance with the organization's anti-corruption standards." GRECO's ostensible objective is to improve the capacity of its members to fight corruption. GRECO does this by monitoring States' compliance with Council of Europe anti-corruption standards through a "dynamic process of mutual evaluation and peer pressure".  GRECO states that it helps to "identify deficiencies in national anti-corruption policies, prompting the necessary legislative, institutional and practical reforms." GRECO also states that it provides a "platform for the sharing of best practice in the prevention and detection of corruption."

Jack Healy initiated contact with GRECO on July 3, 2015, with his comprehensive complaint submitted to the Fennelly Commission of Inquiry concerning police corruption. The records of contact through correspondence with GRECO on Jack Healy's circumstances related to the Fennelly Commission, have all been documented and are available for review. The following image of a letter is reproduced immediately below.  This is only the first of many documents Jack's file contains that have been documented and provided to GRECO, as well as being submitted to the Fennelly Commission. GRECO was initially contacted by Jack Healy, specifically relating to the resignation of Martin Callinan, the former Commissioner of the Garda Síochána. Subsequent to contacting GRECO and the Fennelly Commission, both have done absolutely nothing in regard to documents which proved police corruption, fraud, collusion and criminal intent. Particularly egregious, are several of what Jack thinks were attempts on his life, or the very least intimidation and physical threats against him.

On the 4th of June, 2015, Nial Fennelly deemed Jack's entire file of documents "inadmissible and not within the terms of the Fennelly commission." A decision made by the sole member of the Fennelly Commission.  Jack decided to take his findings that he documented and submit them to GRECO because of an article he read on GRECO's June 18, 2015 article concerning "conflicts of interest arising out of judicial inquiries and overlapping interests of politicians." GRECO then refused to comment on Jack's documented materials as well as Nial Fennelly ignoring all documents Jack submitted originally on March 23, 2015, and than again directly to the Fenelly Commission on June 3, 2015.

Coming back to Cork, Ireland in September 2012, Jack Healy opened a farmers market in Cork, Ireland, when he received an email from the Food Science Faculty at University Cork College, telling Jack they were looking for entrepreneurial people with ideas for new food products. UCC set up a new course on "artisan specialty food" making contact with people who might be interested in attending this course. The Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine under Simon Coveney, provided an incentive program worked out with University College Cork, in which 66% of the course tuition for this new program, would be provided to UCC for each person accepted into this nine month diploma course. Jack Healy jumped at this offer and after being accepted and paying €1,000, was enrolled in this UCC sponsored "artisan specialty food course." The incentive then came from the Administration of Agriculture, Food and Marine offices of Simon Coveney, that provided an additional €1,600 to UCC for the course. Jack enrolled in the artisan specialty food course at UCC and the course ran from October 2012 through to June 2013.

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Marine Simon Coveney and UCC President Michael Murphy, are both from Cork, Ireland and both are affiliated with the same political party. A document was released titled "Food Harvest 2020" (PDF file) in July 2010, by Simon Coveney's ministry along with five other entities in Ireland: Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM); University College Cork (UCC); Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority); Enterprise Ireland; Bord Bia (Irish Food Board). A document outlining Ireland's aspirational vision for the agricultural and food industry. On page 53 of this Food Harvest 2020 (This is more about "harvesting" a potentially very lucrative and good idea from an entrepreneur.) document, it clearly states that if anyone - like Jack Healy-O'Connor - approached business agencies in Ireland with a "seafood consumer orientated product," that they are to be given "special expert attention by BIM and Teagasc." 

 "The development of innovative, consumer oriented seafood products should be supported by BIM Seafood Development Centre and Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre." (page 53)

After six weeks into the "artisan specialty food" course at UCC, out of the blue came a call from Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) on December 4, 2012, saying that they had heard of Jack's amazing food product, and wanted Jack to come to BIM's offices to talk about Jack's new product idea. Jack attended an interview the next day on December 5, 2012. Jack became a "client" as they are referred to, of BIM from December 5, 2012 to October 14, 2013, where he says he never once gained access to any working equipment in BIM, but instead what Jack experienced was littered with third party attempts to steal Jacks product which was then to be covered up and facilitated by BIM and UCC.

On December 10, 2014 (The same day as the prolific Irish Water Dublin Marches, just a short car ride away.), Jack was at the head office of Enterprise Ireland (EI), with representatives from Bord Bia, Teagasc and one other person who Jack did not know but introduced himself as Pat Cooney, instead of his real name Gary Bond. At this forty-five minute meeting, Jack divulged his entire perspective on how great his food item could be for generating high employment figures in the Irish economy, if Jack could get an Airline to carry his product. Ryanair made their move on Jack's food product a few short weeks ago on August 17, 2015. At this December 10, 2014 Enterprise Ireland vetting of good ideas, none of these people in attendance even wanted to sample Jack's product. and yet all of the people at this "Food Works" course interview had participated in constructing the Food Harvest 2020 report, where on pg 53, there is specific reference given to their organisations to assist any food entrepreneur like Jack Healy-O'Connor, whose product is directly correlated to the Horizon EU Fund 2020, for access to potentially as much as €6 million.

On December 5th 2012, Jack Healy was sitting in his UCC artisan specialty course lectures when cold called by these agents from BIM to meet with them the following day, December 5, 2012. The SDC (Seafood Development Center) facility head said straight off the bat, "his new product would be worth millions." This was the story in December 2012, so how far down the chain of command inside Ireland's Enterprise Agencies must Jack's product have gone by the time he was attending "false flag" interviews inside Enterprise Ireland headquarters on December 10, 2014, where none of these "experts" associated with these organizations that prepared the Food Harvest 2020 document, ever mentioned the description to assist entrepreneurs on page 53 to Jack even once. But it seems that Ryanair Ireland's success airline story are willing to bet big on Jack's product, as they made their move to secure a piece of this product which is the subject of an enormous EU Public Tax Fraud

Jack was in the Mayfield Police Station on August 18, 2015. Ryanair emailed him the letter which is reproduced above, on August 17th at 09:43am and "post dated" their letter as 18th August. Jack feels this was was done by Ryanair to cover their tracks and make it appear that they offered him a commercial deal on August 18th, and therefore not in any way designed to stop him from attending Mayfield Police Station on August 18th. Jack feels strongly Ryanair sent him the offer early on August 17th so as to stop him from attending the police station the following day. Jack departed for France on August 19th 2015.

Jack says the August 17, 2015 offer from Ryanair, was an attempted bribe offered to him so as not to leave Ireland on August 19, 2015, as advised by Irish Criminal Justice lawyers who knew Jack was making the beginnings of a criminal complaint in Mayfield Garda Station on August 18, 2015, concerning Prime Minister Enda Kenny, Minister Simon Coveney and Michael Murphy. Jack Healy says from France where he has been staying for safety reasons, that Ryanair contacted him on August 17, 2015 with an absurd letter (reproduced above) of an offer to carry his food product on all of their flights into Europe even though Jack's product has zero product sales anywhere in the European Union.

Actually, what Jack says is that this was done by CEO Michael O'Leary as a favour for his school colleague Simon Coveney, who is also from the same area of Cork, Ireland as Michael Murphy of UCC. The influence of a cartel of Cork business men is rampant in this case concerning the circumstances of Jack Healy.

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Marine Simon Coveney (Chairman of High Level Implementation Committee), Minister for Enterprise Richard Bruton and Michael Murphy, President of UCC, were all working together to make University College Cork a "globally branded food university as the 4th largest food research University in the world and the 1st in Ireland." Is it any wonder Jack's ideas for his new food product were stolen from him? He was repeatedly misdirected by these people so that they could walk off with Jack's new food product idea he was promised he could "make millions off," suggested by Susan Steele at BIM in their first meeting on December 5, 2012?

These are the senior people from the above government start up agencies where there was a systemic failure by all of these people concerning Jack's work who are being paid at a minimum of €90,000 per year to €240,000 per year, to stimulate the Irish food sector for the benefit of Ireland:
1. Susan Steele - BIM Head of SDC (Seafood Development Center)
2. Paul Ward - BIM New Head of SDC
3. Aileen Deasy - BIM project liason
4. Donal Buckley - BIM Overall Head of SDC
5. Kieran Calnan - Senior BIM Executive with IGNITE
6. UCC Ignite Food Technology Transfer Depart
7. Eamon Curtain - Ignite program director
8. Gerry Boyle - Teagasc's top man
9. Pat Daly - Teagasc product development officer
10. Eileen Bentley - Bord Bia/Food works
11. Maeve Connaguy - Enterprise Ireland
12. Food Works Course for new food products
13. New Frontiers Enterprise Ireland course
Jack was provided with a €5,000 "voucher" which he was required to pay a VAT tax on, from Enterprise Ireland (Irish tax money), a government initiative for people with good ideas to explore concepts by applying the Enterprise Ireland's voucher program. The only way to obtain a voucher though, is for the applicant to have a limited liability company (LLC) in place. BIM would be the "expert knowledge provider" to assist Jack develop his concept further to becoming a marketable product.

There were actually two €5,000 Euro programs Jack was a participant on from October 2012 until July 2014. Each program or duration was either a voucher at BIM worth €5,000: or €5,000 cash injection provided through UCC's "graduate business accelerator program," IGNITE. In the UCC IGNITE program, for every work idea the student presented, he or she was provided €1,000 as a payment during the five installment payments in UCC IGNITE program.

On January 31, 2013 according to the Seafood Development Center(SDC) under the BIM voucher system, Jack established a company to continue with his product development. The voucher scheme would then be facilitated between Jack's limited liability company (LLC) and BIM. BIM had made agreements in which BIM would fulfill a certain percentage of the work required to bring Jack's product to completion. BIM sends invoices to EI for payment on the vouchers in this system. BIM started demanding payment from Enterprise Ireland (EI) on the €5,000 vouchers. So, during this time Jack is trying to get trials done on his product, BIM continued billing Jack for work BIM did not complete. There existed options as explained by EI to Jack that were attached to the these vouchers, and BIM would not adhere to them, instead, BIM would not cooperate with Jack on these voucher options and billed him €1,150. Jack was billed this amount, despite a smoker that malfunctioned, preventing Jack from continuing his work. Without the proper smoker it was impossible for Jack to prepare the product anywhere near what he demanded.

Circumstances started deteriorating and becoming even more suspicious with BIM and SDC (Seafood Development Center). These organizations apparently forged documents suggesting that these two organizations had been working with Jack on his food product and business ideas for a six month period prior to Jack establishing his company. Jack experienced this fraud in BIM/SDC (December 5, 2012 through October 14, 2013) at the same time as he was a student in UCC's artisan specialty food diploma. Overall, Jack said he had a good experience enrolled in the UCC artisan specialty food course program. The dates they came up with on the documents did not correspond at all using dates that preceded the time when Jack started up his own company to take advantage of the voucher system. This was a complete obfuscation of the facts concerning BIM's responsibilities. Jack has demonstrated through documentation that it is legally impossible to support their position. Jack claimed this was "fraud, sabotaging his efforts and criminal collusion."

On September 7, 2013, when Jack started the IGNITE program, much to Jack's dismay, BIM suddenly said at this time their office was overloaded with other projects and didn't have time to work with Jack. Why the sudden change? Jack was accepted by the IGNITE program and enrolled in this business accelerator program with primary sponsors being UCC, the Bank of Ireland along with Cork Local Enterprise (government start up business agency). Jack became excited when he found out the most senior executive at BIM, Kieran Calnan, through the IGNITE program manager, told him that Calnan was a panel board member of the IGNITE program. Jack was earlier promised he would have access to Calnan for consultation at anytime during the nine month UCC food course.

On October 14, 2013, Jack received an unexpected phone call from an employee of BIM. Jack says he was a "decent enough skin," and called Jack to give him a "heads up on a breach of confidentiality" he discovered going on involving an unknown person who was a food processor who was at a "disastrous meeting" that had taken place in earlier in August Jack attended. Jack then asked the IGNITE program manager to see Kiernan Calnan. Jack was denied a meeting with him. What we see happening here are insiders in the IGNITE program, UCC and BIM colluding to heist Jack's new food product and breaching confidentiality agreements. When Jack contacted SDC (Seafood Development Centre which comes under BIM) demanding to know why there were allegations of this breach of confidentiality, SDC dropped Jack like a stone. 

At the beginning of the year in January 2014, three months into the program at UCC, and the IGNITE "business accelerator program," Jack had a second meeting where he was informed that a new product development was urgently needed for Jack's product idea. Jack thinks what was going on here is that insiders were getting out of Jack all they could on his new product. With the Enterprise Ireland voucher system available, Jack did everything that was expected of him including starting up a company on January 31, 2013, in order to apply for the voucher system that was granted in March 2013. During an eleven month period, from December 2012 (two months after he was enrolled in the program) through November 2013, Jack's experiences were, "littered with dishonesty, breaches of confidentiality, lack of trust, negligent mismanagement and fraud." It was on November 1, 2013, when Jack learned of the €6 million appropriated out of EU Horizon 2020 program to finance the "exact same type of product, specie, packaging, category and food product description" Jack was working to develop.

According to Jack, it was at about this time while all this was going on between UCC, Enterprise Ireland and BIM, because of his experiences in Vancouver, Canada in 2010, which are discussed in the section below, and briefly mentioned above, that the Vancouver police from Canada were apparently in Cork, Ireland looking for Jack Healy. They "attempted abducting" Jack from where he was in a park in Cork. This was another reason for Jack enrolling in UCC's new food course after being accepted: to keep himself "safe and sane" after what he had to endure discussed in this expose including attempts and threats on his life. This all goes back to Jack Healy's experiences in Vancouver, Canada after he worked as a security guard at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Squamish, Vancouver, Canada and subsequent to this.

On August 27, 2010, while in Vancouver, Canada, Jack was being followed by the Vancouver police who were chasing him down the intersection on Burrard Street and Davie Street. This comes from earlier attempts by the Vancouver police trying to set Jack up by planting drugs on him. Jack described one of the police chasing him as being 6'3 tall and Asian and about 25-30-years-old.  Jack later described this Asian-looking man chasing him in Vancouver, as the same man he saw in Dublin, Ireland on September 5, 2011 (Standing outside AIB headquarters, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, a piece of real estate recently sold to Irish developer Johnny Ronan.) traveling to Ireland to either kill Jack or physically threaten him.

Jack Healy was being chased at the intersection of Burrard and Davie Street in Vancouver, Canada by the same Vancouver policeman who was reported seen in Dublin, Ireland by Jack Healy.

The classes at UCC in the Artisan Specialty food program began on October 1, 2012. As the classes go on, Jack started speaking with lecturers at UCC teaching the food course, on a product he had an idea for called "______ Jerky." The Artisan Specialty food course program continued while Jack continued to refine his ideas for his new food product. The people from Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) who called Jack Healy to come to see them at BIM described above, were Susan Steele, Aileen Deasy and Paul Ward (Susan Steele was transferred shortly after Jack's first contact with these people from BIM). The two primary people at BIM who Jack alleges "screwed him" ("Criminally colluded against him?" Did they breach disclosure agreements mentioned earlier after Jack received a call from a man inside BIM?) between January 13 and October 13, 2013, were Aileen Deasy and Paul Ward. Susan Steele, who Jack felt was really helpful, described how Jack was going to "become a millionaire off this new product he developed."

BIM Board Member Kieran Calnan, would be in the same building as Jack, on the same floor where the IGNITE program was being studied, on the last Friday of every month for nine months as part of his role as a "panel board member" to this UCC business program. All this time Jack was denied access to Calnan. As described elsewhere in this material, Kieran Calnan despite three requests, never once came to any functions or the end of year ceremony. BIM Board Member Kieran Calnan avoided Jack Healy at all costs. In fact, Calnan had a reputation for helping young entrepreneurs but when it came to helping Jack, Calnan was no where around and avoided contact. Despite Jack being the first person in the six year history of the IGNITE program to develop a "fish product." Who put the word out at UCC and the IGNITE program to avoid Jack and why?

At one point, Jack had an unexpected run-in with a panel member of the IGNITE program after it was finished. Jack told this panel member of his experiences with IGNITE and UCC, this IGNITE Panel Board member swears he never even heard of Jack, or the company Jack set up. As it turned out in meetings with the IGNITE program managers, they never once brought up Jack's name at any of the last Friday of the month IGNITE program panel board member meetings. There were 9 in total. Earlier, in December 2012 these same government representatives from BIM informed Jack "they had heard he had an amazing fish product," and wanted to speak with him so as to become one of their "clients."

Were mediocre ideas for new food products passed over with Jack Healy vetted through the new food product course as were other students, to possibly appropriate exceptional ideas on new food ideas for insiders at UCC, BIM as well as the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine and Taoiseach Enda Kenny, all being in the same political party in Ireland? As we shall soon see, this is a legitimate question to ask.

On Friday, January 31, 2014, three months into UCC's IGNITE program while Jack is working on the development of his product, An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny Teachta Dála, marked his first visit to University College Cork to deliver a major speech on "public sector reform and the importance of public service." In the image below, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Michael Murphy (UCC president) and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Marine Simon Coveney, were together at this event held at UCC. Here is An Taoiseach, Enda Kennedy showing up at UCC three months after €6 million is appropriated out of the EU Horizon 2020 tax payer funded program by UCC insiders, to fund the development of a product Jack Healy advanced to a state of excellence, for their own personal and commercial interests acting as "government representatives" at this event celebrating "public sector reform and the importance of public service." Astonishing what these people can get away with isn't it? This surely is making a total mockery of the Prime Ministers duties along with his colleagues to the people of Ireland by actually giving the lecture speech a name that was in direct contrast to their actual motif for being in UCC that day.

Pictured L-R: Minister Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine, Dr Michael Murphy, President of UCC, An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, TD (Teachta Dála)
  Cllr. Catherine Clancy, Lord Mayor of Cork, Dr Andrew Cottey, Head of the Dept. of Government, UCC and Dr Aodh Quinlivan, Dept. of Government, UCC (Photo by Tomas Tyner, UCC).

There was a new program initiated between BIM and UCC ( with many of Jack Healys lecturers overlapping with the same Food Science Faculty where Jack was from October 2012 until June 2013. Isn't it plausible that the same lecturers would have discussed Jacks product amongst themselves and given their principal plan or specific Job remit on "visiting or Finding" individual students who came up with good ideas for new food products, OR was Jack's idea for a new food product so exceptional it became the specific subject inside UCC & BIM to heist from Jack? Bord Iascaigh Mhara and the University College Cork work together on many different programs including "sustainable development," and the partnership between BIM and UCC launched this new innovative course which was Ireland's "first diploma in seafood innovation" that commenced in October 2012, the same date as when Jack began the Artisan Speciality food course in Food Science, UCC.

New contract signed with BIM - Back row L to R: Kieran Calnan, Chairman, BIM; Adrian Towey, Sales Manager, Sioen & Mullion Ireland; Sean O'Donoghue, BIM Board Member and Padraig O Ceidigh, BIM Board Member Front row L to R: Gaetan Frys, General Manager, Sioen & Mullion Ireland; Simon Coveney, TD, Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food and Michael Keatinge, Fisheries Development & Training Director, BIM

While in this IGNITE program at UCC, Jack became friends with a man who had his company enrolled in the same IGNITE program. It was well into the course when this friend of Jack's noticed at one point that contact was made with him through the social networking site twitter by a "follower," someone from the Vancouver, Canada-based Fisheries Law Centre (FLC). People in the same IGNITE course program at UCC, knew about what was going on in Jack Healy's life since becoming friends while studying in the program. Jack Healy in conversations with these friends, told them of one incident of the harassment he received by the police on March 26, 2014. On this day according to Jack, a death threat was made against him while he was on Sundays Well Road Cork. This threat was made the following evening after the sacking of Martin Callinan, on 26th of March, 2014. There was also harassment made against Jack while on a street in Cork on the following morning of the 27th of March.

In this March 27th 2014 incident, Jack Healy left his friend’s house at 9:15am and two ambulances, a fire truck and a van were blocking Jack's van preventing Jack from leaving. When Jack walked out to get into his van for an IGNITE business meeting, all these people ("staff") responsible for these vehicles being there, were according to Jack, "staring and looking at him strangely". It turned out that Jack couldn't leave in his van to get to the IGNITE business presentation meeting, so he had to walk and ended up being late for the IGNITE pitch. Later that night, while drinking at a pub with some of his friends in the UCC course, Jack started talking about what he had been involved with over the years. Jack's friend (mentioned above who he met in the food program), sent a message around to the group saying: "Jack, what have you got me into?" Apparently, Jack's friend was sort of making a joke. It appeared to the IGNITE group and Jack that someone in the Vancouver, Canada-based Fisheries Law Centre, might have been searching for "Jack [Healy] O'Connor" and noticed Jack's friend enrolled in the same program.

If readers think this is an exaggeration or Jack is telling stories about threats made against him to draw attention to himself, think again. On May 11, 2013 Jack went into a pub with two of his friends and his brother. When they walked into the pub, a band was playing called Alan & Accident. After going into the pub, Jack went to the back of the pub to the smoking area when a member of the Special Detective Unit (SDU) walked into the pub. How did Jack know the guy who walked into the pub after Jack and his friends along with his brother was SDU? Jack recognized him instantly from another run in on September 4, 2015 with him in which at that time, the SDU guy was dressed in a silver coloured suit, a silver tie, white shirt and an ear piece that was clearly visible. (This is the uniform used by the police who prtect the prime minister in Ireland.)

After entering the pub after Jack did, the SDU guy sat down in the same smoking area where Jack was sitting. The SDU guy sat directly in front of Jack so that he was directly in front of Jack's immediate view. The SDU guy then turned and looked directly at Jack, but not before Jack was already intently staring at him. As Jack was staring at him, the SDU guy turns away and then looks at Jack again but then quickly avoids eye contact, this went on for maybe a minute, a minute and a half at most according to Jack. The SDU guy knew he was already made by Jack. At that moment, Jack suddenly and intuitively felt this was a legitimate threat and that the SDU guy was probably not alone. This guy was definitely the same SDU guy Jack ran into on September 4, 2011 after exchanging glances with him.

Jack then got up from his seat in the smoking area of the pub, and went to the front of the pub where his friends and brother were sitting in a group listening to the band play. Jack sat down with them as calm and as patiently as he could considering what he perceived as being a threat. Jack avoided telling his two friends and his brother of the SDU guy's presence in the pub for fear of unintentionally alarming them. Jack knew that if this SDU guy was there then he was probably there at the pub with other police officers. Sitting with his friends and his brother, a few minutes later after looking around the pub, Jack noticed another man staring at him from the back of the pub. When Jack looked back at him, he looked away with Jack and this guy sitting in the back of the pub, exchanging glances about three or four times.

Jack then felt there was substantial reason to think this was a serious threat, so he told his two friends and his brother and they agreed the best thing to do, was to start photographing the individuals he suspected of being police and SDU. Jack felt now this was a very real threat and these guys were now deliberately targeting him in the pub. At this point, Jack asked his two friends and his brother to support him for what was coming next. He told them he thought the police were in the pub targeting him. Everyone agreed, so they got up and approached the guy in the back of the pub who was exchanging glances with Jack with everyone ready with their cell phone cameras.

When Jack approached the man, he asked him, "Are you a local?" After the guy said he was a local, Jack told him, "I'm a local and I don't recognize you." Jack then asked him what his name was. He responded with "Pat O'Donovan," who Jack later confirmed to be a man by the name of Johnny Burke (street thug; alleged to be on the police force but fired 20 years ago for drug connections). Jack then told Burke, "I don't don't believe you and I think you are a cop, not an ordinary cop, but the cream of the crop." The guy smirked at Jack and said, "Go on."

Jack standing immediately in front of the alleged SDU guy, then tells him, "You are standing on my toes," and continued with, "You do not know any man until you stand on his toes." Jack then stomped on the SDU guy's foot one time before Jack put his right arm around the guys shoulders tightly and said, "Smile for the camera." After five or six threatening encounters over the past four years, including in Dublin, in Germany and in Cork, Jack says he couldn't tolerate these threats any longer including credible death threats which is why he acted the way he did in this encounter in the pub.

 "You do not know any man until you stand on his toes, now smile for the camera."

The man immediately began to try and cover his face from being photographed. At that moment, the smoking section door opened and out walked two men. The first smaller man deliberately "shouldered" Jack and said, "Good man, you got your photograph this time but we'll get you next time." Jack then followed Burke outside the pub where they had a "row of sorts," when Burke then "admitted an assassination attempt on Jack," and that this was being "conducted out of Phoenix Park, Dublin." Jack asserts this attempt on his life originated out of the Vancouver, Canada police department. How does Jack know this was an attempt on his life? Because two months earlier, this pub was torched and was known to be a pub associated with drug sales, prostitution and all and kinds of nefarious criminal activity. It would have been perfect cover to make a hit on Jack in which his death could have been attributed to almost to any reason. Jack asserts the police knew he would be at this pub that night to watch Alan & Accident play. After Jack followed Burke outside the pub and down the street, witnesses said they saw two men they did not recognize try and enter the pub.

SDU blown cover on "Pat O'Donovan"when Jack interrupts their threats and intimidation against him sponsored out of the Phoenix Park offices in Dublin.

Jack Healy believes that the President of University College Cork Michael Murphy, was in contact with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, concerning the new food product course initiated at UCC, about Jack's exceptional new food product. According to Jack's relationship with UCC during the food course he was enrolled in, he suspects the president of UCC, Michael Murphy, was asked to "keep an eye on Jack," and furthermore, that "lecturers in the food course, were asked by the UCC president" about Jack Healy.  Jack kept being told he "had a very unique exceptional product," which might have been said Jack thinks, to encourage him to continue to develop his new product further.

Referring back to the information on the EU Horizon 2020 program, it is alleged the President of University College Cork Michael Murphy, made an application to the EU Horizon 2020 program for €6 million out of UCC which the amount was confirmed in a news article was published on  October 27,  2014 on the website making reference to the €6 million.

Jack was enrolled in the UCC food course program to complete the program with a diploma three days a week attending every three weeks, so his schedule was such that he could visit the government offices concerned with the fishing industry in Ireland. At this point during attendance at UCC, Jack became extremely suspicious about what is going on concerning his new food product idea connected to people at UCC, as well as the people from BIM related to the fishing industry. He spent December 5, 2012 until October 2013, with these BIM officials, basically, "quasi-government people with no real work," who Jack quickly learned started "releasing information about Jack's new food product and business idea to fish processors." It appears from the article that one of those fish processor's is the brother of the President of UCC Michael Murphy. Surely this EU Horizon 2020 public tax money should not have been expended in this program at UCC with such a close relationship to the president of UCC, unless of course they wanted to conduct business behind Jack's back?

As time went on while Jack was in this program under UCC's IGNITE program scheduled to use UCC facilities, as told already, the BIM representative never met with Jack, never turned up at any functions, and refused to return Jacks calls over a nine month period. What was this BIM "representative's" purpose for being there at UCC affiliated with this IGNITE "business accelerator program," if Jack couldn't consult with him as previously promised? This same BIM representative connected to the fishing industry and the director of the IGNITE program, who is paid €90,000 annually, knew for some reason in October 2013, not to go near Jack Healy.

Jack now recognized this avoidance as possibly being BIM's own hidden motive for avoiding Jack. Here Jack is enrolled in an "accelerator program" to develop his new food product, with an expert out of BIM overseeing the program, and Jack is completely ignored by him? Wouldn't that raise suspicions in anyone's mind? Then, on November 1, 2013, from what Jack became aware of, €6 million from the EU Horizon 2020 program arrived at the same department at UCC, on the same floor and in the same building where Jack's program director was employed.

The people working in the Food Technology Transfer Department (the commercial food arm section of UCC) inside UCC with a group inside this department known as "Vitamin D Group," received the €6 million in their account. Vitamin D was one of the concerns under the EU Horizon 2020 program in which it was concluded Vitamin D would be essential in the diet of Europeans. Jack's product includes significant amounts of Vitamin D. Was Jack's program director in this program at UCC working in collusion with BIM? Were they that confident in the product Jack had developed to the point where they felt the €6 million out of the EU Horizon 2020 program could be secured based on Jack's new product? What other reason would insiders at UCC and BIM possibly have for securing the €6 million out of the EU Horizon 2020 program? There was no other new food idea being developed at UCC as unique and with such potential as the product Jack developed.

Jack has evidence that the program director for the IGNITE program, never discussed anything with him, or about the company Jack started. Was his purpose for being there to keep track of Jack's new product development? To see where Jack was taking his new company and his new food idea? Was he there to determine whether or not Jack was receiving outside funding for his business? Jack thinks what happened was that UCC applied for the €6 million from the EU Horizon 2020 program, then using Jack's new food product idea, while Jack was enrolled in the diploma program, developed their own business plans.  Jack also suspects they were farming all his ideas and business direction on his food concept idea letting Jack, unknown to him at the time, to do all the hard developmental work for Jack's business idea. This would include marketing ideas, distribution, customer demographics, packaging and most importantly for what Jack later found out about: Germany being the number one country for his product.

During that meeting with BIM officials on December 5, 2012, Jack Healy was told by BIM people, that he would "run a company for 2-3 years and then sell it for between €5 and €8 million." There confidence in Jack's new product was that strong. At this point, the EU Horizon 2020 program was open and not applied for by UCC. During the entire eleven months of the program, Jack was not given any access to UCC facilities as promised to develop his new product, instead, Jack's ideas were being cleverly heisted. Insiders were pillaging all of Jack's ideas and insights into his business and product plans.

On October 29, 2013, Jack was allowed access to a kitchen in UCC facilities and was quoted €904 for one day of use along with 50 salmon product samples to work with. Then, two days later on November 1, 2013, €6 million shows up in UCC accounts. The people with access to the €6 million out of the EU Horizon 2020 public tax-funded program, are the same people running the IGNITE "business accelerator program." UCC insiders including UCC President Michael Murphy, acquire €6 million from the EU Horizon 2020 program, yet UCC required that Jack to pay the €904 costs for using UCC facilities for one day to develop his product. How aggregious does it have to get before this is called criminal collusion?

Throughout the entire previous eight months this was concealed from Jack, while his ideas and business were being pillaged from him. The ONLY "acceleration" Jack received, was an acceleration out of UCC. He had to go far away from UCC to northern Island to locate facilities and food samples to develop his product on his own after being sabotaged at every turn on "clinical trials" with BIM.

Of the appropriated money by UCC received on November 1, 2013, €935,000 of the €6 million from the EU Horizon 2020 program, was allegedly forwarded to a company that was set up in Germany on February 21, 2014. This was two days after EU Commmission President José Manuel Barroso arrived in Cork, Ireland and went to the same building in Cork at University College Cork where Jack Healy was working on his product on February 19, 2014. While on his visit to UCC, Barosso received an "honorary doctorate," while Jack received the UCC door knob in his butt walking out the door after his new product idea and business were stolen out from under him.

Manuel Barosso accepting an honorary degree from UCC.

When asked about legal rights UCC has over Jack's intellectual property including his new product and business idea, Jack stated that "UCC has no legal connection" because UCC never allowed Jack to use the facilities to develop his product. Although Jack was promised under the IGNITE program he would be given access to the UCC facilities (kitchen facilities), the costs he was quoted made it prohibitively expensive for Jack to continue. Jack was forced to go elsewhere to locate facilities to develop his business and product at his own cost without UCC cooperation, while his ideas were appropriated from Jack by UCC insiders and operatives, then pursued with the €6 million out of the EU Horizon 2020 program.

It appears that insiders at UCC have a "racket" going on where ideas and new business concepts are being ripped off from unsuspecting "clients" as they are referred to. "Clients" enrolled in UCC's IGNITE "graduate business accelerator program" have ther ideas ripped off, and then are passed along this insider network for development within companies they establish through their connections. Or was Jack a "special case?" With Jack's product though, because it was so exceptional and the potential lucrative, a company was structured in Aachen, Germany structured as a "financial tax credit company." Why Germany? Jack studied potential markets available and out of all the EU countries, Germany had the highest level of protein consumption meeting one of Jack's important criteria for marketing his new product. Jack anticipated Germany becoming the biggest market in the EU for his unique protein-rich product. The address in Germany of this company set up to take advantage of Jack's product idea and manufacturing is located at:
Danziger Straße 70, 10435 Berlin.
Der Sitz ist nach Berlin (Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg
HRB 159694 B) verlegt.

Settels Ventures Ug (Haftungsbeschränkt
The company is in Aachen (Germany) registered at:
HRB 18844
Settels Ventures UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Aachen, Kruppstraße 34, 52072
On February 19, 2014, as mentioned above, the EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso visited Cork to officially open the same building where Jack Healy was working inside developing his food product. Two days later in Aachen, Germany, the company described above is established with €935,000 in capital, and also with a QR code (Quick Response). This is precisely Jack Healy's idea of his business plan for packaging of his product. This company in Germany does nothing until July 10, 2014. Two days later, Jack Healy leaves UCC. Then eight months later on March 8th 2015, what is described as a "financial tax credit company," purchased Jack Healy's product domain name in Germany referred to as ******

The company set up in Aachen, Germany is going to be too difficult to prove its reason for being established unless Jack Healy can go there himself to get more information on the nature and establishment of this company. But the question here is, why is a "financial tax credit company" set up in Aachen, Germany, investing only in Jack Healy's product website domain name? It's food product, not a financial instrument. Whoever is behind this company in Germany were they preparing to move on Jack's product and business idea? Jack raises serious allegations, like what is this company in Aachen, Germany doing with nearly €1 million? What is the connection between the principals of this company set up in Aachen, Germany and administrators at University College Cork? And is this company trading or doing anything other than buying Jack Healy's exact product website domain name for conducting business in Germany?

How is that for a unique perspective on theft? A slickly-named program called "IGNITE" set up as an insider business and new product incubator operation to possibly heist ideas by insiders off "clients" in the program for their own new food business development under cover of a "university-sponsored program?" The thought that Jack's work, his time, his energy, money and all his ideas on his remarkably unique food product, all being appropriated out from under him during his enrollment at UCC, with financing being obtained to the tune of €6 million out the EU Horizon 2020 program by UCC insiders incluind UCC's President Michael Murphy, is appalling.

So, Jack is in this program at UCC, and there he was sitting all the while from September 7, 2013 with the EU public tax money sent to UCC on November 1, 2013 and Jack is handing up all his work until July 8, 2014, with the people connected to UCC and this program allegedly there as "mentors and business professionals," stealing Jack's food product idea and business with €6 million out of the EU Horizon 2020 program, to develop Jack's product. Jack knew these people were corrupt as hell which is why he didn't share with them any further ideas on development of his food product. On June 25, 2014, at UCC in front of 500 people where the President of UCC Michael Murphy presented Jack his diploma on finishing this food course, all Michael Murphy can say to Jack was: "I can't wait to see clinical trials on this one." "Can't wait"? Why would that be, Michael? Would that be why BIM backtracked on their obligations agreed on with Jack, and then intentionally made cost prohibitive for Jack to continue his own "clinical trials?"

Jack Healy finished the business program on July 8, 2014, and within two weeks, he noticed a Irish Times newspaper article describing how UCC were developing "(redacted) Crisps." After seeing the Irish Times article July 2014 article, Jack immediately sent to UCC, a legally worded letter to remind UCC administrators of their confidentiality agreement with Jack Healy (hyper linked below). UCC was attempting to ignore the confidential agreement signed between UCC and Jack Healy which is documented and available for review.

Instead of Jack being recognised for his work at UCC, Michael Murphy said to Jack on stage mentiond above: "I can't wait to see the clinical trials on this one!" Jack apparently did not initially understand the nature of this remark until this news article appeared, illuminating Jack to the utter abuse he endured while in the IGNITE program.

Jack had just completed their "graduate business accelerator program," where he was prevented from using the university's kitchen facilities. This was done by giving Jack a cost prohibitive quote for use of the facilities on October 29, 2013, just two days before the Food Technology Transfer Department (the Vitamin D Group) obtained the €6 million out of a EU Horizon 2020 funding program. This money was given to UCC on the basis they would spend this money on small to medium-sized enterprises that would co-operate in return for allowing UCC'S students to be part of a co-agreement venture.

Jack Healy-O'Connor presented at the IGNITE closing ceremony awards, a completely new food product item. The product was considered a "global market-maker food product item" for Jack's idea on a paleo diet product. He received no awards at all from the judging panel, even though Jack was showing a totally new concept to a panel made up of the 4th largest food research university in the world, the number 1 benefactor of food research funding in Ireland at UCC. These award-winning producers of previous products, all stated that Jack Healy's product was "possibly the best product they had ever seen," even better than their previous Gold Star Winners at the prestigious UK Fine Guild of Food Awards.

The conflict of interest that arises here is, why did UCC not announce in November 2013 that they had just been awarded a significant sum of money from the EU? Surely this was a great publicity story for the College. Why did UCC not release this good news anytime in the early part of 2014? Why would UCC wait until October 2014 to release this newspaper article about funding money held in an account on the same floor in the same building where Jack was sitting in duress over the   financial conditions attached to the program?

This must be the most blatant conflict of interest of all exposed by UCC's own arrogance as to have a newspaper article produced on themselves of their self-serving interests on "clinical trials" of this new product at Jack's expense. This is what the excitement was about with UCC's President Michael Murphy making the comment he did to Jack at the diploma awards ceremony. Murphy apparently couldn't contain himself or his intentions when he handed Jack his certificate in Aula Maxima in UCC on June 25th 2014.

The long wait was over for Michael, his family (especially his brother), friends, Enterprise Agency facilitators and EU Commission Funders!

What now seems to be a very real possibility, is that An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD, does not want the people of Ireland to know that Jack Healy has been in contact with the Bank of Ireland to report the €6 million appropriated out of the EU Horizon 2020 program which is public tax fund money, by insiders connected to Enterprise Agency, UCC and BIM, directed to facilitate the establishment of a company to produce Jack Healy's new food product in Europe. Jack Healy asserts that the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Simon Coveney, is centrally involved after exchanging with Simon Coveney, more than a dozen letters of correspondence (see below for links to letters) between himself and Minster Simon Coveney. Jack had met Simon Coveney face-to-face at an event in July 2014, referred to as the Manison House talk. When Jack returned from this meeting, he immediately folowed up by writing a letter to Simon Coveney. 

Ireland Minister of Agriculture, Food and Marine Simon Coveney (Teachta Dála)

In the following video done by Jack Healy,  a summary using placards for further clarity provides a concise overview of the criminal behavior, corruption, threats to his life, financial fraud, how Jack Healy's business was stolen from him through powerful people connected to University College Cork (UCC) and BIM when he was in an advanced IGNITE business program at UCC. He further explains how €6 million in public tax funds were appropriated under highly questionable circumstances out of the EU Horizon 2020 program and used to set up a company in Aachen, Germany, to establish and facilitate a business all based on Jack Healy's ideas and work while attending UCC classes under confidentiality agreements.

Commission Cover-UP

Published on September 1, 2015 (All commentary has been edited for further clarity)

Allegation: Peter Hodson, April 21st 2010, father of four children, loyal husband to his wife, leader in his community, was framed, fired, jailed, survived attempted murder, carried out by his own force leader to protect a child sex ring in, Vancouver , Canada. Peter Hodson's illegal and wrong doing was carried out by Chief of Police to Vancouver, Jim Chu, supported by Mayor Gregor Robertson, now Justice Minister Suzanne Anton, editor to The Vancouver Sun Newspaper Patricia Graham and staff. Activity did not cease when presented with evidence by Jack Healy-O'Connor at the legal offices of Terrence La Liberte (lawyer), (Phil Rankin) and John Cheevers (Irish Consul) in Canada.

Jack Healy-O'Connor was subsequently forced to flee Vancouver, Canada on October 24, 2010 after seven weeks in which two false businesses were set up and four attempts to plant drugs on Jack Healy on two buses and trains while in Vancouver.

Abduction attempt: June 5th 2011, Berlin , Germany. Jack Healy fled Vancouver, Canada and left for Germany. The allegation is that Vancouver Police were in Germany to possibly abduct Jack Healy.

Correspondence: Correspondence to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ireland after September 4th and 5th of 2011 concerning Vancouver Police alleged being in Dublin Ireland with assistance of Irish Special Branch to plant illegal paraphernalia  in Jack Healy's rented accommodation located at 62 Pembrooke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin. Jack Healy was trying to write a book at this address about his experiences in Canada (Patrick Kavanaghs last house, opposite Raglan Road). Documents are avaialble at this link to prove the assertions being made herein:

Second Abduction attempt: Occurred on September 2012 in Fitzgeralds Park, Cork, Ireland. Jack Healy sought help of two lawyers in Dublin, Louis Harkin and Paul Sreenan after this attempted abduction. The advice was given to contact MFA (again), and to report the incident to the police station closest to where Jack Healy's was (Mayfield; January 14, 2013) and start to make some money to protect himself (Good as Gold Foods LTD was established on January 31, 2013). The allegation here is that Vancouver police were possibly in Cork, Ireland involved in threatening Jack Healy or setting him up for arrest to cover up and suppress information Jack Healy obtained while working and living in Vancouver, Canada in 2010 on pedophile networks. (see material written up below on Vancouver and 4/20 Day). Allegations are that the Vancouver, Canada police were in Ireland identified by Jack Healy maybe seven times in the last four and a half years and one time in Germany on June 5, 2011. if this is in fact true, it means they have access to extraordinary resources. Jack Healy believes the resources are coming out private donations. A club of sorts perhaps to protect a pedophile ring operating out of Vancouver, Canada that Vancouver Chief of Police Jim Chu might be suppressing. Vancouver Chief of Police Jim Chu according to Jack Healy, called the police in Cork to report that Jack Healy had been "threatening his life." These are incredibly serious allegations.

Please see correspondence on corruption: that has occurred in Jack's life in Ireland at Garda Ombudsman, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (E Gilmore), Department of Justice (A Shatter & F Fitzgerald), Department of Enterprise (R Bruton), Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (Simon Coveney), University College Cork (Michael Murphy and UCC staff involved in food course diploma program), Fennelly Commission of Inquiry, EU Commission (€6 million Euro Horizon 2020 Fraud) and Taoiseach Edna Kenny's office.

Third murder attempt on Jack Healy: Plea to Northern Ireland Assembly. No response registered post:suppressed by DOB:

Plea to Public Accounts Committee Ireland: Suppressed by EK & DOB.

Acknowledgement of my Fennelly Commission complaint by return of FOI request was never passed onto the Fennelly Commission, file suppressed by EK & FF. See videos after documentation.

1: March 23rd 2015 (can be viewed above)
2: June 4th 2015 (can be viewed above)
3: Explanation to my missing file (can be viewed above)

Last letter to Simon Coveney: Completely frustrated at the level of Simon Coveney's corruption and obfuscation.  Simon Coveney and Jack Healy exchanged nearly a dozen letters. Jack Healy exposed Coveney red handed, the chairman of the HLIC:

Jack Healy pleaded with Simon Coveney to stop the matter, literally pleading with him. The "merchant pup of Cork". It can be ascertained how BIM attracts students in as "clients", then vets them for ideas which then can be appropriated by insiders and operatives on new products and business ideas:

Eleven months kept inside a Bord Iscai Mhara (BIM) Seafood Development Centre with access to no working equipment, breach of confidentiality, fraud on the Irish tax payers, retrofitted bills for work they never did and placed dates of work that predate Jack Healy's company formation:

Letter to CEO of Bord Iscai Mhara (BIM) after Jack Healy received an absurd report from Simon Coveney about the eleven months Jack Healy was deprived of any access at all to facilities at Clonakility,West Cork, Ireland to facilitate the advancement of his business under a UCC business program.

Report from CEO to Bord Iscai Mhara (BIM):

This publication is called "Food Harvest 2020" and was published at tax payers expense in 2010 by Minister Simon Coveney's office along with four government related organizations concerned about food. Please look at Page 53 and see who is specifically told to deal with such products and new businesses reproduced here from page 53 (described above in more detail):
The development of innovative, consumer oriented seafood products should be supported by BIM Seafood Development Centre and Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre.
There is nothing but obvious criminal collusion involved here:

C: R Bruton) Teagasc / Enterprise ireland / Bord Bia (Suspected corruption and collusion against Jack Healy)

Ci: R Bruton:

Cii) RETROFITTED LETTERS FROM MINISTER RICHARD BRUTON suggesting fraud and falsification of dates:

Further reading:

Simon Coveney: Marine industry is vital to Ireland’s development

As of October 11, 2015 in case anything happens to Jack Healy-O'connor, he has demostrated his intent and staus here in public with the following affidavit to make it perfectly known he comes in peace and seeks to harm no one and is not a threat to anyone.

  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

 One Day Smoke Fest

Jack Healy-O'Connor's circumstances started in 2010 when he was in Vancouver, Canada, and have continued with him until today back to Cork, Ireland. While on a Canadian visa, Jack Healy was in Squamish, Vancouver, Canada working as a security guard at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games held between February 12th and the 28th of 2010.

While working as a security guard, Jack who holds a BA degree in Economics and Politics with Honors from University College Dublin, knew that the Vancouver local government had taken out bonds to finance the infrastructure construction projects in order to host the 2010 Winter Olympics (XXI Winter Olympics) primarily held in the resort town of Whistler, Canada that totaled an estimated CA$57 billion. (The recent FIFA 2014 Soccer World Cup held in Brazil, cost Brazil US$17 billion including US$7.2 billion in US tax revenue credits.) The cost well exceeded the projected budget for the Olympics which also included an enormous budget for security costs of CA$1.3 billion. As a security guard working in Squamish, Jack was debriefed by security personnel to be "extra vigilant for potential night time attacks by the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Islamist extremists."

Contrary to financial expectations and economic forecasts, hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games is why the Vancouver provincial government debt grew by CA$24 billion during the following five years. That was just debt accrued for Vancouver and does not take into account the overall debt of British Columbia which was at CA$57 billion and growing by $209 every second in 2013. In 2011, the provincial auditor-general declined to conduct a post-games audit. Subsequently, the citizens of Vancouver and surrounding residents have been left paying the debt on the bonds issued to finance the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

After the 2010 Winter Olympics ended, to earn money, Jack worked as a window cleaner at GM Place (now Rogers Arena), the Vancouver Canucks hockey stadium. Later, Jack was given a specific job by his cleaning company employers: to power-hose clean the ice rink where the skating events were held for the 2010 Olympic Games. On April 20, 2010, Jack Healy-O'Connor attended what is known as the "4/20 Day" with his Canadian friends; an event started 21 years ago by activist Marc Emery and his Cannabis Culture Group. The annual event sees enthusiasts and activists gather to openly trade, barter, sell and smoke cannabis for one day, and to call for a loosening of marijuana prohibition laws. This event has gone over the top, attracting all kinds of unsavory characters to this one-day marijuana smokers' culture revelry. The event is more like an event for the local peasants to have one day of "freedom" allowed by the government.

After 21 years, the laws on marijuana use still haven't been "loosened" all that much; and if they have, the use of marijuana is highly regulated, or that is what the Vancouver Police Department would like for people to think. Vancouver was, however, the first city in Canada to regulate the marijuana growing market. The registration fee to open a store to sell marijuana in the city of Vancouver is $30,000, compared to a regular business fee of $250. We're talking about economics here, and who controls the flow of money. When a fee of CA$30,000 is paid to open a marijuana dispensary (a business), the Vancouver City Government (council) receives tax revenue. With an estimated 85 marijuana dispensaries now operating in Vancouver, that is an estimated CA$2,550,000 – and increasing – just on the marijuana business license fee. Let the peasants have their day of fun and "rebellion"; meanwhile, all the marijuana sold through these "approved" dispensaries will generate enormous tax revenue for British Columbia.

Grand 420 2010

April 20, 2010 was six weeks after enormous security was required to be in place for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The 4/20 Day marijuana culture event was held at the same city center location where Olympic festivities were held in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, located on Howe Street and Hornby Street in Robson Square. The "cannabis culture celebration" held on April 20, 2010 attracted between 20,000 and 28,000 people, including thousands of minors under the age of 16 years old, into this one-block area and surrounding streets. The Vancouver Chief of Police, Jim Chu, who was in charge of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games police security, was also responsible for security at this 4/20 Day cannabis event.

It was also the same Vancouver city authorities, who were six weeks earlier, in charge of the Olympic games, responsible for security on April 20th for the 4/20 Day event. Considering the CA$1.3 billion spent on the 2010 Winter Olympic Games for security, there can be no proper or reasonable explanation as to why any of these government representatives including the police, didn't have the experience, professionalism or management capability, to ensure proper security at this 4/20 Day cannabis event. Security was essential to make the event safe for participants, especially for the safety and welfare of minors who were in attendance in the thousands and had easy access to high potency marijuana products.

The complete legalization of marijuana in Canada is extremely remote and its sales strictly controlled. Though the drug is "illegal" in Canada (with exceptions for medical uses), its recreational use is often tolerated and is more commonplace in the province of BC as compared to most of the rest of the country. British Columbia because of weather conditions, makes it an ideal location for growing cannabis. It doesn't take much to realize there are government entities in British Columbia and Vancouver who want nothing more than to control the cannabis industry, which is worth an estimated CA$6 billion annually. British Columbia produces 40% of all Canadian grown cannabis, making cannabis among the most valuable cash crops in the province. Cannabis use throughout Vancouver is tolerated by the police. That being the case, should there be any doubt the police don't want in on their share of the sales for a little cash on the side? There is another incentive to grow cannabis in British Columbia. It is estimated that up to 95 percent (depending on different reports) of the cannabis grown in British Columbia is exported to the United States.

Considering the import/export market on drugs, it really comes down to economics and those who control those economic and financial networks. Over the years there have been complaints against the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) that they haven't been enforcing federal drug laws. There have also been numerous allegations over the years the Vancouver Police have been involved in drug sales, prostitution, and the RCMP (Royal Candian Mounted Police) covering up pedophile rings.

In the Vancouver and surrounding area, there are now more marijuana dispensaries (called "businesses" with the current number at 85 and increasing), than there are Starbucks Coffee shops. So what it looks like is a turf war of sorts of vying government and private groups who ultimately want to control profits on a CA$6 billion industry. One of those groups vying for control of not only marijuana sales, but crack and other drugs, are the Hells Angels. The Hell Angels wouldn't think twice about applying violence to monopolize their increasing control over the sale of marijuana in Vancouver. Mark Emory's 4/20 organization is going to have a hard time with the Hells Angels in his efforts to achieve marijuana reform laws.

CannaBiz - Canadian Cannabis [1/3] (CBC) 

The Vancouver City Council through the Vancouver police are regulating that trade and it seems as if everyone is vying for their share. A commentator on the 4/20 Day marijuana smoking event in 2010, stated it pretty clearly when it comes to profits related to marijuana sales:
"...have always quietly applauded the 'legalize marijuana' crusade until! through a work-related meeting I spoke at length with a man involved with the RCMP drug/gang detachment and he blew me away. FACT: of all the weed grown in BC only 15% is smoked by BC'ers, the other 85% is exported for coke, heroin and arms. I lived in the West End in the '80s and SO MANY people I worked with and partied with got seriously messed up doing way too much coke...if weed is legalized we open the gates to export and more importantly, import. That just is too much of a sacrifice. Keep it the way it is."
The Vancouver Medicinal Seed Bank with a large centrally placed white Marquee Tent at this 4/20 Day event, were "presenting the credible appearance of being medical professionals wearing white-looking doctors coats and selling these high potency marijuana products." Under "normal circumstances," the high potency mariuana is sold only under strict regulated conditions to adults who hold "medical permit identity cards." The children at the 4/20 Day marijuana smoke fest, were all carrying school bags. Jack Healy-O'Connor said he had spoken to several of the children. The children he spoke to explained to Jack "they were all missing from school for the day." These children were all middle to upper class according to Jack's description.

Jack spoke with two boys who were 15-years-old and one turned out to be the son of a famous Hollywood director, and the other the son of a former ice hockey star. None of the children Jack Healy said he saw at the event, "were poor or were prostitutes or downkept looking, which sadly is common in the East Hastings area of the city." A white tent with a large marquee with "Vancouver Medicinal Seed Bank" stenciled on it, was where the government staff were located who were wearing what looked like "white doctors coats" and "these trained medical professionals were selling high potency marijuana products to minors."

Young girls between 10 and 14-years-old are particularly susceptible to epilepsy if they induce marijuana around the time of their menstruation. Why did the staff working at this marijuana smoke fest sell these products to these minors? Who was their superior that instructed these medically trained professionals to not take into consideration normally regulated circumstances before they sold potent marijuana products to these young girls? Jack, although not a medical professional, did grow up in a medical family. His father is a medical doctor, his mother is a medical negligence lawyer, and Jack also has five uncles and aunts who are practicing medical doctors with a further three cousins who are medical surgeons. They are all in Ireland.

Jack Healy instantly recognised that these children were experiencing epileptic seizures after they collapsed and fell to the ground. One of these small girls collapsed as Jack was speaking to a festival organizer (Jacob Hunter) at the main stage area of the event. Then the entire festival needed to be stopped for another child who had collapsed. A segment of the actual 4/20 Day event held on April 20, 2010 can be viewed in the Youtube clip immediately below. (Note: Jack Healy-O'Connor can be briefly seen speaking to the first aid medic at the 7:05 point. Jack Healy is wearing a brown jacket with brown hair and is located at the very bottom left corner of the screen.)

420 Vancouver medical emergency, April 2010 

In the following clip, Jack Healy brings his circumstances up-to-date on how his current circumstances in Ireland are related to when he was in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. These circumstances have followed Jack back to Cork, Ireland.


Jack Healy reported he saw only one police officer at this event throughout the day, but that could have been due to the fact organizers of this event worked hard to keep the event as "safe" as possible. It is alleged that somebody in an extremely high position of authority in Vancouver had directed the Vancouver Police to not attend this 4/20 Day marijuana smoke fest. The police, since they were not present, would have not been available to notice minors stayed out of school that day and were at this smoke fest using marijuana and majijuana derived products without required supervision.

The police then were in effect ignoring all the laws in Canada pertaining to minors (all wearing their school bags) who were involved in serious life-threatening circumstances. The regulated marijuana dispensary staff who were there were apparently not very interested in selling these products to small children previous to this event, however on that day, they couldn't sell marijuana products fast enough including to minors without supervision.

Jack Healy filed a complaint to The Vancouver Sun Newspaper the following day on April 20th 2010; it was their health editor who specifically told Jack to also contact the Vancouver Police Department on April 20th. This turned out to be a huge public embarrassment for the Vancouver Police Department and its Chief of Police Jim Chu. The email from The Vancouver Sun after Jack contacted the newspaper suggesting the Vancouver police be contacted is reproduced here:
RE: Jack Healy- O'Connor

Fayerman, Pamela 
(Vancouver Sun) Reply|
To: jack healy
Wed 4/21/2010 9:08 PM 

I think you should also write to the mayor and the premier and your MP and MLA.   

Vancouver Sun Medical/Health Issues Reporter 
#1 - 200 Granville Street 
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3N3
Phone 604-605-2173 
Read my Blog, Medicine Matters, by going here:
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Jack Healy asserts that this email from Pamela Fayerman, Health Editor of The Vancouver Sun, was hacked into, and the suggestion to contact the Vancouver police made by Pamela Fayerman, was deleted from this email response to Jack Healy's inquiry. Any reference to the Vancouver Police was deleted from this email reproduced above suggesting there was no contact with the VPD concerning Jack Healy's observations about the 4/20 Day event. Jack Healy also contacted the Vancouver Lord Mayor's office about his concerns which these emails are available, and the mayor decided that he would not accept Jack Healy's visit in order for Jack to inform the Lord Mayor about his concerns of what had happened on 4/20 Day. Jack Healy never heard from the Lord Mayor or his executive assistant.

On April 20th a 12 year old could walk up to these professional looking people and buy marijuana products that the following day would require British Columbia medically approved identification. What Jack Healy discovered, was the scale of what was happening was extremely disturbing to him witnessing these young children having such easy access to what was labeled and being sold as "medicinal marijuana" without authorization.  According to Jack, "it wasn't a few dozen kids or even a hundred."  Jack reported "there were thousands! The red cross tent was teeming with kids crying, freaking out, vomiting and collapsing," which wasn't being reported in the news. During this 4/20 Day marijuana smoke fest in April 2015, a reported 64 (there could have been more but only 64 were reported) marijuana revelers were hospitalized. The ages were not given but only that the patients were complaining of "nausea, vomiting, palpitations and a decreased level of consciousness."

There were an alleged 5,000-6,000 minors under the age of 16-years-old (minor legal age) at this 2010 4/20 cannabis event, and they were being given unsupervised access to marijuana. If the number of children between 5,000 and 6,000 sounds high, consider the Olympics had concluded six weeks earlier and at any one time, there are an estimated 1,000 girls on the streets of Vancouver, many starting out at around 14 years old working in prostitution. The city of Vancouver is an "industrial grade" human trafficking (sexual slavery) center being a port city. There are many exploited and vulnerable children in this city. However despite this, Jack Healy reported that none of the minors he saw becoming sick with other children in convulsions from the marijuana, were not lower class children with many of them having school bags with them who did not go to school that day.

Jack Healy reported that from 10am until 1pm on April 20th, only adults outside the location of the Vancouver Art Gallery at the cannabis event were selling marijuana products to these children. There should have been no excuse for the mismanagement or lack of proper funds to staff the festival to prevent this kind of irresponsible behavior. The selling of marijuana to these children was very deliberate and according to Jack Healy: "This was premeditated, preplanned and what appeared to be very calculated." The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) and other Canadian organisations including the Canadian military, were involved with security for the Olympics six weeks earlier, controlling hundreds of thousands of people. These same authorities including the Vancouver police did nothing to prevent roughly 5,000-6,000 minors from buying marijuana often in the form of marijuana baked into food (brownies; cookies; weed butters; weed oils; weed biscuits; weed ice-cream). This method of delivery is far more potent than smoking marijuana. In many cases, the people selling the drugs were government regulated people who had licenses to sell marijuana products only to adults with identification with medical reasons like back pain, AIDS, etc....

It was at this point that Jack started to think about the possibility of child sex rings existing in Vancouver considering the treatment of these children he just witnessed getting access to marijuana as freely as they did. Jack said he saw multiple instances of these minors in convulsions reacting to the marijuana. What is disturbing about what happened on April 20, 2010 to Jack? He said he never saw "any of these children go missing or being raped or anything like that." What he did see however, "were hundreds of vulnerable children who were obviously sick, vomiting, stoned, and who were vulnerable to being picked off by potential sexual predators who sitting nearby, taking there time to chose a child knowing they would be unhampered by any potential threat from the presence of police."

 "Want to buy a 'medicinal marijuana' cookie little girl?"

Originally coming to Vancouver from Ireland to work as a security guard at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and as a result of what Jack witnessed at this cannibis smoking event in Vancouver on April 20, 2010 he filed an official complaint by email at around 11:35am to Suzanne Anton, Councillor, City of Vancouver. Suzanne Anton then forwarded a request to the Chief of Vancouver Police, Jim Chu at 11:47am on the morning of April 21st, asking for Jim Chu's help in looking into Jack Healy's complaint. According to Jack Healy, the "am" time the emails were changed to "pm."  Jim Chu was personally contacted at his email address by Suzanne Anton about the complaint sent by email from Jack Healy concerning the VPD. That same night at 19:08pm on the 20th, the VPD called Jack's house to "thank him for his letter of complaint on behalf of the chief of police of Vancouver," and to let Jack know that a "police officer was fired in response to Jack's complaint."
From: jack healy [mailto:(redacted)]
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 4:37 PM (this was apparently changed from "AM" to "PM")
To: Anton, Suzanne; (redacted); (Vancouver Police)
Subject: Letter of Grave Concern regarding minors collapsing yesterday at 4/20 day

Dear Councilor,

I am writing to you as you are a female and no doubt a mother.

Please see my letter below which is in the hands of The Vancouver Sun, the mayor and his public representatives

Dear Madam,

I attended a festival yesterday opposite the Vancouver Art Gallery known as 4/20 Day. I'm disturbed by what i witnessed. Firstly early in the day I was standing beside a girl who was not more than 16yrs of age when she collapsed and began to convulse on the ground. Having some medical knowledge I assumed she was an epileptic and I began to render first Aid to her. After some minutes she came around and I asked her if she had a history of Epilepsy? She was baffled at this and told me that she didn't even know she'd had a seizure. On questioning her she told me, "she had yesterday for the first time smoked marijuana". I advised her she should never smoke marijuana again as I am aware that it can open neural pathways in the brain. I felt this is probably what had happened to her and I advised her to tell her parents about exactly what I saw and she experienced.

Approximately an hour lately I was obliged to render help to another under 16-year old Female, whom I witnessed having an identical convulsion. She told me when she came round that she had just smoked marijuana for the first time. I stayed with her until an ambulance was called and she was taken from the scene to St. Paul's hospital.

Less than an hour later I came across another girl under 16 who was having aid rendered to her by a woman because she also was convulsing having ingested marijuana.The common denominator between these young girls was that they had all smoked or ingested marijuana just prior to convulsing.

I am shocked and appalled that any civilized society should allow a festival of this sort where clearly the health and welfare of minors was of little or no concern to the organizers or any public figure or law enforcement authority's. I think it was grossly irresponsible of the Vancouver authority's to allow a situation like yesterday to develop. Obviously these authority's make no distinction between allowing adults of full age to imbibe a mind altering chemical and minors doing so.

A Civilization has a duty of care towards it's young. How can Vancouver call itself a civilized society and ignore these moral codes which are espoused in civilized society's around the world. These events took place in the very heart of this city and is generally accepted as being normal that minors attend unaccompanied by adults and can buy whatever substance is for sale.

There ought to be regulation pertaining to this festival to ensure that minors are protected even if consenting Adult's are there because the authority's choose to turn a blind eye.

There may a healthy debate about allowing Adults to do as they please on 4/20 Day, irrespective of the welfare of those Adults but surely there can be no such argument with regards to minors or children. This is a gross dereliction of duty towards the young in Vancouver and a matter regarding which all concerned should be ashamed.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Healy-O'Connor

Although it isn't likely that an officer would be relieved of duty that quickly (a matter of just hours), it is likely officers were questioned about what was going on with minors being able to purchase potent marijuana so freely and without adult supervision. Either that or Jack was told this to appease him. This also could possibly have been a move on the part of the VPD as a public relations ploy, to protect their public image since an internal investigation had been going on related to the arrested police officer long before his arrest for selling marijuana. The police officer that was allegedly fired turned out to be Peter Hodson.

Hodson was arrested on the same day Jack Healy contacted the City of Vancouver Councillor Suzanne Anton with his complaint. Rather than keeping the arrest quiet and an internal affair within the Vancouver Police Department and OPCC (Office of the Police Complaint Commission), the media was contacted and Hodson's arrest was all over the Vancouver 5:00pm news the night of April 21st, only two hours after Hodson's arrest. The news of the arrest was than prepared and reported to the media for release to the newspapers on the 22nd of April, and over the weekend sensationalizing the story of Peter Hodson's arrest. Vancouver Chief of Police Jim Chu, emphasizing that Peter Hodson was a "rogue officer who acted alone." It is highly unlikely Hodson was acting alone as Jim Chu reported to the media considering that in February 2015, 18 Vancouver police officers were under investigation.

It wasn't until January 10, 2011, nine months after the incident Jack Healy witnessed at the 4/20 Day event in Vancouver, that he received this boiler plate response. This late of a response was probably intended to frustrate Jack Healy hoping he would simply disappear. As it turns out, a "Chris Hogg" who endorsed the letter as an "Investigative Analyst" for the "Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner," Jack asserts did not exist. The given telephone number was alleged to be faked, the given email did not work, and there was no police investigation based on the facts Jack Healy presented in his email complaint submitted to the Vancouver Police Department through Vancouver's City Councillor Suzanne Anton. On January 13, 2011 Jack Healy attempted responding to the email reproduced here sent by a non-existence person.  The email was returned to Jack Healy as "Delivery to the following recipients failed." The email was either non-existent, or Jack Healy's email was blocked.

Police officer Peter Hodson was arrested at 15:00pm on April 21, 2010, the same day Jack Healy filed his complaint with the Vancouver Police Department through the Vancouver City Concillor Suzanne Anton. Peter Hodson pleaded not guilty to charges of selling marijuana. At the time of his arrest, Peter Hodson was just three months short of five years of police service which he apparently would be eligible for some kind of a pension under Canada's retirement system. It should be noted that Peter Hodson helped set up a library in Africa and he taught basketball to children with Down Syndrome.  It seems as though Peter Hodson was thrown under the bus by the Vancouver Police Department as the "fall guy," and at 3:00pm April 21st, and only two hours later the entire city of Vancouver knew about Peter Hodson's arrest.


Whatever Jack discussed on the phone with the Vancouver Police Department, it didn't turn out too well; because the police according to Jack, twice offered him a bribe for him to remain silent. They kept asking Jack, "What do you want? What do you want?", as if indicating they would settle with Jack if he would be disappear or be quite about what he witnessed going on with children being incapacitated with high potency marijuna products. Jack became distraught and livid with anger, and in response according to Jack he told the police to "f#ck off"over the phone for their lack of response.

Jack then obviously distressed, made a telephone call to a friend in Ireland where he is originally from, informing his friend what had happened to him in Vancouver. He then made a call to a lawyer and his mother. At that point, his telephone line was cut off. On April 22nd, the day after Jack had contact with the Vancouver police, he went to the Irish Consul located opposite the British Columbia Stadium and met a John Cheevers. Jack filed a complaint at the Irish Consul Office with John Cheevers about what he had just witnessed at the 4/20 cannabis event, and his reporting it to the Vancouver police through Vancouver City Councillor Suzanna Anton. As it turned out three years later, John Cheevers who was still at the Irish Consulate Office in Vancouver, Canada, who Jack Healy said he contacted on April 22, 2010 on July 7, 2013 during an inquiry made of John Cheevers from Ireland, Cheevers said, "he had never met with Jack Healy."

While watching this interview with Jim Chu who is now retired from the Vancouver Police Department, one comes to the conclusion everything is just "peaches and cream" in Vancouver, and Canadians are living in some kind a blissful crime free existence smoking marijuana. The reality is, Vancouver is a high traffic port city with an underworld all of its own unique to Vancouver for the drug trade, prostitution and human trafficking. Vancouver city officials, RCMP and the VPD have had serious allegations made against them covering up pedophile networks operating in Vancouver associated with the Vancouver Yacht Club and the Ninth Circle cult, a cult involved in ritual rape and child sacrifice.

And then who can forget the horrific circumstances surrounding the Pickton Pig Farm in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, where Robert William "Willie" Pickton was convicted as a serial killer in 2007, of the second-degree murders of six women on his pig farm? The RCMP had Robert Pickton in custody at one point and released him. Pickton was also charged in the deaths of an additional twenty women, many of them from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. What are the Vancouver police and RCMP knowledegable of on the Pickton Pig Farm, or of their possible involvement? RCMP officers certainly attended Piggy Palace, a converted building at Pickton's pig farm. During the trial's first day of jury evidence, January 22, 2007, the Crown stated "Pickton confessed to 49 murders to an undercover police officer posing as a cellmate."

Jack described men standing in the crowds at the 4/20 Day event in 2010, "staring and waiting to pounce on children", suspecting there were sexual predators at this event. The following video clip is Jim Chu giving his "everything is peaches and cream" interview, about how all is well in Vancouver, when just this past February 2015, before Jim Chu's retirement later in May, 18 Vancouver police officers were under investigation for "misconduct." It isn't necessarily just about the "Vancouver Police Department" being corrupt, it is over site of the Vancouver police being done by OPCC (Office of the Police Complaint Commission) under Stan Lowe, that is just as corrupt. Jim Chu acted as a sort of PR front guy for the VPD and OPCC before retiring.

Interview with Jim Chu

The accusations of children being preyed on is extremely upsetting including a case where lawyers in Vancouver allegedly were able to get video footage of young aboriginal children being brought into a club in Vancouver, after hours, some of which were "never seen to leave again." This club was known for its "pedophile" type entertainment, and because these lawyers wanted to help these young aboriginal children, the lawyers began documenting what was going on from the outside late at night. Apparently, things didn't turn out so great for them. They discovered many of the clientele for this club were "very high members of society including lawyers, judges, and top supervisory members for the RCMP."

On March 25, 2015, Jack sent an email to seven people in Canada who all were alleged to be complicit in having Peter Hodson sent to prison. They are also it is alledged by Jack, "responsible for making his life almost unbearable for the past five years." Jack sent an email and the way it was worded was a bit clever suggesting that Jack Healy was "coming for Police Chief Jim Chu," who was one of the seven people in Canada contacted by Jack. What Jack did was to word the email in such a way as to suggest that he was "coming for Jim Chu's retirement party." The Vancouver police interpreted this as a "threat." Jim Chu then contacted the police in Cork, Ireland and reported Jack. Jack alleges these people covered up and denied his contacting them with his complaint concerning children he witnessed being sold potent doses of marijuana, and the inaction of the Vancouver police to act on his complaint that was confirmed as being received by both Susan Anton and Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu.

Further allegations include the Vancouver police sending officers to Ireland to "locate Jack to abduct him, to physically threaten him, or to possibly make attempts on his life." For the past five years, these people have contributed to making Jack's life miserable. In an email dated March 25, 2015 to Dan Jacobs, Councillor Executive Assistant to the former Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, Jack stated: "It is now time for me to return to Canada and hunt down the people who have done this to my life." He then stated: "Specifically, I am coming back for....," and then listed the seven people:
Jim Chu
Patricia Graham
Gregory Robertson
Susan Anton
Terrance la Liberte
Phil Rankin
John Cheevers
As anyone can well imagine given today's artificially induced perpetual and lucrative "threat from terrorism", Rob Ford took this as a threat to the safety of these seven individuals and contacted the police. But then when a complete understanding of Jack's circumstances become known, Jack was seeking justice and equity for how he has been treated by these people, for their subsequent contempt of Jack, and how they have colluded against him when Jack originally complained to the Vancouver police about what was going on with the events on 4/20 Day on April 20, 2010. This has been going on for five years with Jack becoming fed up with their dupliticous behavior and denials of ever hearing about.

Dan Jacobs in Toronto did not bother to comprehend fully Jack's circumstances, because if he had, he would have know that "hunt down" is not a threat on someone's life, although it is conceivable this could be construed as a threat. Jack intended to "hunt them down" to seek justice and equity. This is for Dan Jacob's edification. There is no indication of Jack threatening anyone.
Hunt: early 12c., "act of chasing game," from hunt (v.). Old English had huntung, huntoþ. Meaning "body of persons associated for the purpose of hunting with a pack of hounds" is first recorded 1570s. Meaning "act of searching for someone or something" is from c. 1600.
Jack checked Canadian law to ascertain what specifically a "threat" is before he sent the email, and according to Canadian law, the contents of Jack's email to these people did not constitute a threat.

After an investigation into Jack's complaints and subsequent contact with the Vancouver police, an OPCC (Office of the Police Complaint Commission) investigation was conducted, but the OPCC denied Jack ever filed a complaint on April 20, 2010, and furthermore, denied the Vancouver police made a telephone call to Jack on the same night he filed his complaint. Jack subesequently called the telephone number he had and the number was validly registered and working. Jack provided documented evidence OPCC's denials were fabricated.  OPCC stated they had no record of Jack's contact with the Vancouver police, and that the Vancouver police telephone call to Jack on the night of April 20, 2010 didn't take place is false. OPCC's investigation did not show that Jack contacted Susan Anton, and that she in turn contacted Jim Chu, were not reflected in the investigation. But from the images of the email reproduced above, this is an aberration of the truth. Jack accused Jim Chu and the Vancouver police for having no regard for the law in their denying they ever knew of Jack Healy.

Since its inception, British Columbia's Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) has been run by "disreputable characters" — Don Morrison, Dirk Ryneveld and now Stan T. Lowe — who have all "made big money covering up for B.C. cops." Unbeknownst to Jack, these were some of the people behind Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu and the Vancouver police.

"B.C. police complaint commissioner Stan T. Lowe strikes a dramatic pose. But he's Canada's most 'outspoken defender of gratuitous taser use and lethal force.' Furthermore, he personally helped Vancouver police cover up a VPD assault on a disabled woman. Lowe is B.C.'s most obviously corrupt public official. His dishonest but lucrative career depends on the secrecy and lack of accountability granted to him under B.C.'s Police Act."

"Deputy police complaint commissioner Rollie Woods set up a lucrative retirement sinecure [A position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.] while conducting cover-ups on behalf of the Vancouver Police Department's oddly named Professional Standards unit. Stan Lowe hired and promoted this liar to ensure a dishonest cop culture prevails at the OPCC."

A journalist writing and investigating VPD corruption reported that, "Woods is a liar who makes up the Criminal Code as he goes along." He got to where he was because "he is corrupt and was brought in by Lowe." In addition, "Woods and his staff routinely smeared complainants, [like Jack Healy] knowingly accepted false statements made against complainants and covered up evidence of police misconduct." Woods is a former colleague of Vancouver police chief Jim Chu. There are investigations going on here of "cops-on-cops" in police corruption cases including graft, sexual assaults, drugs sales, excessive violence, murder coverups, prostitution and pedohile ring coverup cases. These guys are into policing for the pay, the perks and the pensions amounting to millions. Some of this may be speculative, but only becuase people ignore all this corruption or simply cannot believe it is happening on the scale it is in Vancouver. This is what Jack walked into when he filed a complaint to the Vancouver police on Aprial 20, 2010 mistakenly expecting them to act on his complaint.

Jim Chu retired from the Vancouver Police Department in May 2015, retiring two and a half years before his contract was up. He probably had the most to lose from all these embarrassing circumstances Jack exposed of the Vancouver Police Department, concerning what happend on 4/20 Day in 2010. Chu's employer perhaps felt that Jack Healy was going to make enough waves in Vancouver, that Jim Chu's early retirement might have possibly been jeopardized. Jack thinks this might be why Jim Chu's retirement was earlier than expected. After reading Jack's email using Jack's most current email address, Jim Chu takes it as a personal threat against him out of all seven people the email was sent to. Then Jim Chu denies ever receiving the email from Jack Healy, who used as his email address at the time in 2010 when Jack filed his complaint.

In response, Jim Chu sent an email to the police in Ireland because of what he interpreted as a threat from Jack Helay, when he denied knowing Jack Healy based in the OPCC investigation into Jack's complaint. Jim Chu received an email from, Jack's current email address, which is from Jack Healy, who was in Ireland at the time 7,000 miles away from Vancouver, from someone Chu alleges he never heard of according to the 2010 Vancouver BC police report?

Jack concluded with his opinion of the City of Vancouver:
"All I can say with my hand on my heart, is that I arrived in Vancouver on December 31, 2009, and by January 3, 2010, I was seriously contemplating leaving Vancouver; I felt a profound culture of evil present there.

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  1. I've being having similar but different problems with the London coppers for years. They want everything to go away and rarely do they take action, the health service, local ploiticians and pretty much anyone with power, they are all complicit and always trying to impede you when you rock the boat!! Ireland is worse because everyone is related, whether they want to be or not. I exposed a prostitution/heroin ring in Soho 21 years ago and they didn't want to know, nobody did. They wanted me to go away. I broke the ring in the end but never found out what happened.I put myself in a lot of danger and nobody gave ash hit . For some reason they never want you to know what they are doing, even when it is as a direct result of your own investigations, I think it is partly because you have shown them up for being inept and stupid/laxy!! Jeremy is my local MP and I think I may have to bring another policing issue his way soon.

  2. Governments want us to believe all is sweet and sound, with just the odd 'bad apple'. In fact the more you know of the system, the more convinced you become, that the exact opposite is the case. That al that is presented in the media is a gaudy wrapping to disguise the rotten fruit inside. Watch out anyone that attempts to remove the wrapping. Without it, what would the basket of fruit look like?

  3. What a complex and interesting investigative article. I believe they can intercept ideas, big ideas like this, in the conceptual phase. Like when you are on your phone, online,any notes you make. I think if the analytic programs identify you as very smart or creative, they can, literally, electronically siphon the work right out of your pretty little head. Oh, yes folks; they're here. They really are. Now. Say you write quite a lot. These forum boards, like disqus; or any blogging site, they can analyze your writings and thoughts, if they wish; and pinpoint everything about you; and they could, transfer your intellectual property right over to AI.

    For development. Outer Limits. Twilight Zone. Post Orwellian. I watched multiple footage from the EU/WWZ refugees and all I can say is Europe is going to be walloped, and not with snow. They are about to learn and experience the true meaning of Stockholm Syndrome.

    And not in a good way....


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