Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Timeline to Consider as Affidavit Is Drafted - Colonel James Sabow's Death on MCAS El Toro

Continuation: World Renowned Pathologist's Findings Reversed - Orange County Coroner Over Naval Pathologist? - Communiqué Dated Nine Hours Prior to James Sabow's Death - Suicide Determined Without Knowledge of Crime Scene Evidence - IG Boil Plate Investigstation on El Toro - Marine Corps Officers In Criminal Conspiracy

Continuation: Colonel James Sabow's Death on MCAS El Toro - Who Is Daniel Sheehan? - The Christic Institute - "The People's Advocate" - Elite Embrace of Drugs, Money Laundering, and Pedophilia - "The Shadow Government" - "DO NOT Write/Contact Mrs. Sabow" - "We are attacking reputation of a dead Col." 

Continuation: Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Colonel James Sabow - Jockeying for Power Is a Ruthless Business - Oliver North Was a "Volatile and Dangerous Person" - GHWB's "Perfect Circle" - John Hull's Ranch in Costa Rica Ran Drugs and Weapons - Mobsters in Uniform - The Enterprise Takes Over - Dan Quayle Was GHWB's "Impeachment Insurance" - Flying In and Out With the Right Transponder Numbers

Continued: Monopoly on Weapons (Munitions), Drugs and Sex Trade - United States Government/Military Contracting Out Transshipment of Drugs - Two Americans Lose Their Lives: James Sabow and Gary Webb - The Secret Team: Enforces The "National Security State" - America Imports 50% of World-Wide Cocaine Production - Interfere With This Operation and Meet a Certain Death

CIA Gun Runner: Hillary's Benghazi Crimes Confirmed

I Ran Drugs for Uncle Sam--William "Tosh" Plumlee part 1 

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  1. You may beat many things in life but you will never beat Gov mafia by the mafia for the mafia. Rockeller and Rothschild own them all including the courts . If you have one half able to commit any crime and are immune from prosecution including Royality you will never have justice , they fought the war with England but England still runs USA and the Frenc h now have a war treaty with England for 40yrs . USA want what Hitler wanted and so soes China to rule the world by force .


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