Sunday, November 15, 2015

Psyop in Paris - "Bombing"/Shooting Spree - Media Manipulation - « Je Suis Crisis Actor » - Multi-Site SAMU (EMT) Exercise on Nov. 13 - NATO–Gladio–Zionist Strategy of Tension - Trauma-Based Mind Control for the Masses - Manufacturing a Pretext for More Domestic Repression & Foreign Wars - Western "Intelligence" Agencies & "Security" Services Steeped in (Rothschild) Fraud and State Criminality - Stratégie Triangulaire, Sous Faux Drapeau (False Flag)

Paris Attacks: Staged Bombing Shooting Hoax for Syrian Invasion Exposed (Redsilverj) 

Paris Terror Hoax False Flag Fake Explosions in Stadium 

Paris Terror - Loads of men in orange jackets doing NOTHING 

Paris France Bombing "Terrorist Attack" Hoax - Death Metal Concert Alleyway Staged Scene Exposed

Paris France Bombing "Terrorist Attack" Hoax - Bionic Woman & Lonely Cell Phone Man

Paris France "Terrorist Attack" Hoax - The Amazing Spider Man & Bionic Woman

Paris France Bombing Hoax Exposed - French EMT Says Live Drill Planned on 11/13 


Paris France "Terrorist Attack" Psyop Hoax - Cafe Suicide Bombing Scene "Forensic Experts" Exposed

Geraldo Rivera Plays Along With Paris Bombing Hoax! Daughter Was There! (Redsilverj)

Paris - Hoax Is Preferred to a False Flag - Morris
Jeannette Bougrab EXPOSED! Paris Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor FULLY REVEALED

Jeannette Bougrab Rothschild Connection FULLY EXPOSED! Crisis Actor Charlie Hebdo

Alain Soral - stratégie du chaos et opérations sous fausse bannière (false flag) 

Alain Soral vs Dynovisz : l'origine hébraïque du false flag


Infamous Bloody Bataclan Photo Is a Fake That Could Have Been Staged Anytime

Another French false flag?

Paris Terror Scam - Hoax, Not Blowback - "Dead" Vicsims - Audio Soundtrack Is an Obvious Studio Job - Prepositioned Camerapersons - Mind the Cue Lines! - Hollywood-Style Script for Max Effect - Tasteless Satirical Rag "Charlie Hebrew" Produced Anti-Islamic Cartoons - I Am NOT Charlie - « Charlie Hebdo, C'est de la Merde ! »

"Conspiracy Theories: Current Status" - Political Radicalism Observatory of the Fondation Jean-Jaurès (French Socialist Party Think Tank) - Denunciation of the "Jewish Conspiracy" - Competing With the "Official Version" of an Event - François Hollande's Pétainism and Inversion of Values - The State Is a Leviathan Which, by Nature, Abuses Those It Governs - The "Rothschild Myth" - Cromwell, Disraeli, Rhodes, Herzl… and Rothschild

Dieudonné, Soral, and the French Resistance - Struggle Between the French People and the Zionist Plutocracy - Media Censorship or Free Speech? - Inserting a Quenelle Into Zionism's Butt - Anti-Establishment Gesture - A Political Earthquake in France - Equality and Reconciliation


  1. In the original video posted on here last night Paris France Bombing "Terrorist Attack" Hoax - Death Metal Concert Alleyway Staged Scene Exposed He was directing them from the window .

  2. Drills all over Britain and the United States carried out a planned drill with leading global firms on Thursday to see how they would respond to a cyber incident in the financial sector.

    The test focused on how the world’s two biggest financial centers, New York and London, would cope with a cyber attack in terms of sharing information, communicating with the public and handling an incident.

    “We train and prepare for the threat of a financial cyber incident,” Britain’s finance minister George Osborne said in a statement. “And we will continue to work with our partners in the U.S. to enhance our cyber cooperation.”

    The test was announced earlier this year by British Prime Minister David Cameron and U.S. President Barack Obama in light of the interconnectedness of the global financial system.


  3. The original version sure sounds like he is coaching them

  4. How's that capitalism working for ya?

  5. The pretext has been given and now French expeditionary forces might be going into Syria to "recolonize?"

  6. France's only aircraft carrier will leave port this Wednesday. In route to the Mediterranean to conduct air operations over Syria? NATO pretext to attack Syria. This was all planned through NATO since an aircraft carrier can not be fitted out and logistics done to equip an aircraft carrier on such short notice.

    Russia has positioned their Growler S-400 missiles in Syria so France, be cautious about what targets your fighters go after in Syria.

    Fearless Putin stations MASSIVE 'Growler' missile launcher in Syria that can DOWN RAF jets

    1. JPH • 2 days ago • So the US and Turkey finally got their No-Fly zone… kind of.

      LOL! NATO has a death wish. That's okay – that rotten, molester-infested gang of war-criminal thugs needs to be put out of its misery anyway.

  7. Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. does have boots on the ground in Syria and this guy is wearing them:

  8. Full spectrum domination.

    In less than two hours the intelligence agencies have a full rundown on the Paris shootings up at Wikipedia in remarkable detail:

    Wikipedia Has Full Coverage of Paris Massacre Less Than Two Hours After the Event


    "By 23:06 Wikipedia had an article up that is extremely detailed, containing statements from a former French President and a complete outline of events at several locations, matters that the press I read had not by then reported."

  9. British intelligence working with French intelligence making them fully complicit in the Paris attack. IP address located for the Wikipedia (see above comment) writeup on Paris shootings located at:

    "Thanks to the reader who identified the IP address ( as belonging to a block of addresses assigned to VirginMedia Consumer Broadband UK."

  10. Red SILVER is always onto it . Lindsey Graham: ‘There’s a 9/11 coming’
    Graham fails to mention globalist involvement in 9/11 & rise of ISIS now he is a problem and should be taken seriously it might just be constipation he is talking about but we know better , he is creepy .

  11. The first thing I noticed was how empty the stadium was. Not many there considering it was a very popular event. The place is always packed at these places but not this one. I do not know what makes me sickest....the obvious b.s. trying to convince people it really happened or the idiots that believe this ridiculous script, with lousy traitors called crisis actors.

  12. even Geraldo sounds like the usual crisis actor. This stuff is always good for a laugh. The agenda is deadly even if these are not.

  13. Just saw this on FB. Interesting. First thing I thought when I saw all the "bodies" under blankets was: "there's no blood".

    Congratulations to all those who threw a French flag over their faces on the basis of unproven reports in the mass media, of attacks in Paris. A report of an incident does not count as proof or even credible evidence that it actually happened. And the fact that everyone believes it to be true doesn't actually make it true. These days, the very least you could expect is to see a stream of photos of the injured and the dead, as you can see coming from Palestine every day of the week. Then video footage. Where is it? The one clip I have seen shows nothing that could not be easily staged. How come the passport of the suicide bomber turns up so conveniently yet again? The photos I have seen show clean blankets over trolleys. The good news is that anyone who has fallen for this is in the good books of the CIA. They are carefully monitoring the suggestibility of the hordes on Facebook. And their little eyes are gleaming tonight as the world gets drunk on Paris hysteria. We are Paris? Palestine needs your support. Systematic killing going on there every day. Photos to show it. Video footage. Real grief on people's faces instead of this stupid manufactured hysteria.


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