Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad: "The US should change its attitude"

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  1. Dr cutie pie I like Him..The jew-zionists DC bastards dont know what LYING is..They lie about waking up in the morning..LIE-kill-cheat-MURDER..Do you really think they give a flying F about anything other than MONEY and stuffing their fat,ugly faces..NO they are 100% Pure evil, nasty, foul, pigs, jews smell, dirty..We are going to have 2 eliminate the enemy or else...HOW 2??? or else let HIM the Almighty TCB...Pray-Hope

  2. God Bless You DR..The US People are not all like the asses and scum in wash dc..The zionists are running the show and they are crazy and evil..they live 4 Money-POWER and Murder..Plainly put wash dc is run mainly by the Mossad and jews..Yes becuz the USA gives 5 billion $$ per year to the israel garbage and we have scum who have dual citizenship with israel and the USA, they are our enemy..How stupid..These are not true Americans, these are blood thiristy zionists with a Murderous Agenda and total control of the entire world..They need to be dealt with..

  3. What she says is true and it is a great book well worth reading . https://youtu.be/sZ4qqe84u50

  4. They should have known not to trust the Swiss or banksters , they are trying everything to run Maylasia . 'About $4bn' stolen from Malaysia fund

    About $4bn (£2.8bn) may have been stolen from 1MBD investment fund owned by the Malaysian state, a Swiss prosecutor says.


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