Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jewish Extremists Seek "Racial Purity" for "Israel", Multiculturalism for Everyone Else - Hate-Filled Ghouls Barbara Lerner Spectre (Deport Her, Sweden!), Anetta Kahane, George Soros - Europeans Don't Want Your "Open Society", György Boy - Bernard Kouchner, Franco-Zionist Extremist Windbag - Hypocritical Hebraic Rhetoric - Hungary's Viktor Orbán Sensibly Opposes the Sick Rothschild–Soros Agenda, Chooses Healthy National Self-Determination Instead - Ignoble Ultra-Zionist Scheme Failing Everywhere - NATO: Stop Meddling in the Middle East = Refugee Problem Solved

Jewish multicultural plan to destroy Europe

Jewish activist Anetta Kahane (ex-Stasi) wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration

Billionaire George Soros wants to bring down Europe's borders

Jews must breed with Jews only to keep the "cho$en ra¢e" pure or face prison

Why does Israel hate multiculturalism? #openbordersforisrael 

Zionism & Multiculturalism Henry Makow on Red Ice Radio July 06, 2011 

Zionism & Multiculturalism Gilad Atzmon on Red Ice Radio July 09, 2011

Further material:

Jews Created the Migrant 'Crisis'

¡Yeb! Bush, the Ultimate Cuckservative - Our Hostile "Elites" - The Organized Jewish Community Should Be Subjected to Rational Criticism - William F. Cuckley, the Godfather of Cuckservatism - Neocon Foreign Policy Purges - U.S. Cuckservatives Suck Israeli Dick - The Champion Hypocrites are Jewish Neocons - Jews Have Cuckolded a Huge Proportion of Whites - Self-Styled "Conservative" Sellouts Are Supremely Repulsive - White Pathology of Suicidal Guilt - No One Respects a Weakling - The New Intellectual and Moral Confidence Among White Advocates

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