Monday, January 25, 2016

Putin denounces Soviet founder Lenin

By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV (AP) | January 25, 2016

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday criticized Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin, accusing him of placing a "time bomb" under the state, and sharply denouncing brutal repressions by the Bolshevik government.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses a regional meeting of pro-Kremlin United Peoples' Front in Stavropol, on Monday, Jan. 25, 2016. Putin has said that the Russian air campaign in Syria will last for as long as it's necessary to support the Syrian army's offensive. During a meeting with students on a visit to Stavropol in southern Russia, he said Moscow's goal is to help Damascus defeat "terrorists." (Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

The harsh criticism of Lenin, who is still revered by communists and many others in Russia, is unusual for Putin, who in the past carefully weighed his comments about the nation's history to avoid alienating some voters.

At the same time, he signaled that the government has no intention of taking Lenin's body out of his Red Square tomb, warning against "any steps that would divide the society." Putin's assessment of Lenin's role in Russian history during Monday's meeting with pro-Kremlin activists in the southern city of Stavropol was markedly more negative than in the past.

Putin denounced Lenin and his government for brutally executing Russia's last czar along with all his family and servants, killing thousands of priests and placing a "time bomb" under the Russian state by drawing administrative borders along ethnic lines.

As an example of Lenin's destructive legacy, Putin pointed at Donbass, the industrial region in eastern Ukraine where a pro-Russia separatist rebellion flared up weeks after Russia's March 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. More than 9,000 people have been killed in the conflict since April 2014, and clashes have continued despite a February 2015 peace deal.

He said that Lenin and his government whimsically drew borders between parts of the U.S.S.R., placing Donbass under the Ukrainian jurisdiction in order to "increase the percentage of proletariat" in a move Putin called "delirious."

Putin's criticism of Lenin could be part of his attempts to justify Moscow's policy in the Ukrainian crisis, but it also may reflect the Kremlin's concern about possible separatist sentiments in some Russian provinces.

Putin was particularly critical of Lenin's concept of a federative state with its entities having the right to secede, saying it heavily contributed to the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union. "It was a time bomb under our state," he said, adding that Lenin's [position] was wrong in a dispute with Josef Stalin who advocated a unitary state model.

In the past, Putin has denounced Stalin for massive purges that killed millions, but noted his role in defeating the Nazis in WW II. In Monday's comments, Putin also blasted the Bolsheviks for making Russia lose World War I in their quest for power, making Russia suffer defeat by Germany and cede large chunks of territory just months before it lost World War I. "We lost to the losing party, a unique case in history," Putin said.

Putin said he sincerely believed in Communist ideology when he served in the KGB, adding that while promises of a fair and just society in the Communist ideology "resembled the Bible quite a lot," the reality was different. "Our country didn't look like the City of the Sun," envisaged by socialist utopians, he said.


  1. Funded by the Rothschilds in a deal made with the king to rob his own cousing who was at the time the richest family in the world . After the deed was done Rothschild hired 800 USA army to wipe out all traces of his involvment , but a letter was found in the london archives between him and the King outlining the plan because of his debt situation . Not long ago a treasure was found from the loot .The famous Mosaic Imperial Easter Egg is made from tiny cut emeralds, rubies and diamonds with portraits of the five children of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra.

    The Egg was a gift from the Tsar to his wife in 1914 and was confiscated during the Russian Revolution before being purchased by King George V in 1933, probably for Queen Mary’s birthday.

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  2. They were all connected to the revolution .

  3. Lenin and the Bolsheviks

    Nikolai Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, 1870-1924) was a Russian revolutionary and student of Marx who was out for revenge after his older brother, Alexander, was hung in 1887 along with four comrades for conspiring to assassinate Czar Alexander II, the grandfather of Nicholas II.

    During his teenage years, he admired Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876), a follower of Weishaupt's principles and a Satanist, who was the driving force behind the initial effort to organize Communism. In 1887, Lenin entered Kazan University, and in 1889 he became a Mason and soon began advocating the philosophies of Marx. He said: "We must combat religion. This is the ABC's of all materialism and consequently of Marxism." In 1891, he passed his law exam. In the early 1900's, he said that Socialism could only be achieved by mobilizing workers and peasants through revolution, since trade unions were not able to bring about any change.

    In 1903, in London, he initiated a split in the Russian Social-Democratic Workers Party, which was completed in 1912, and became known as the All Russian Communist Party in 1918. His left-wing faction became known as the Bolsheviks, or "bolshinstvo," which meant "majority" (the Menshevicks, or "menshinstvo," meant "minority"). The movement was slow to catch on, and by 1907, he only had 17 members, but he would soon have over 40,000. He received financial support from the Fabians, including a $15,000 contribution from Joseph Fels, an American soap manufacturer and a Fabian.

    George Bernard Shaw, one of the Fabian's founders, called Lenin the "greatest Fabian of them all" and in a speech he made in Moscow in 1931 said: n 1905, while Russia was engaged in the Russo-Japanese War, the Communists tried to get the farmers to revolt against the Czar, but they refused. [Many of the leaders, including Lenin and Trotsky were exiled --ed].

    After this aborted attempt, the Czar deposited $400,000,000 in the Chase Bank, National City Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, the Hanover Trust Bank, and Manufacturers Trust Bank, and $80,000,000 in the Rothschild Bank in Paris, because he knew who was behind the growing revolutionary movement, and hoped to end it.

    The Rothschilds, through Milner, planned the Russian Revolution, and along with Schiff (who gave $20 million), Sir George Buchanan, the Warburgs, the Rockefellers, the partners of J.P. Morgan (who gave at least $1 million), Olaf Aschberg (of the Nye Bank of Stockholm, Sweden), the Rhine Westphalian Syndicate, a financier named Jovotovsky (whose daughter later married Leon Trotsky), William Boyce Thompson (a director of Chase National Bank who contributed $1 million), and Albert H. Wiggin (President of Chase National Bank), helped finance it.

    The Rockefellers had given their financial support after the Czar refused to give them access to the Russian oil fields, which were already being pumped by the Royal Dutch Co. (owned by the Rothschilds and the Nobel brothers) and giving Standard Oil plenty of competition on the international market. Even though John D. Rockefeller possessed $15,000,000 in bonds from the Royal Dutch Co. and Shell, rather than purchase stock to get his foot in the door and indirectly profit, he helped to finance the Revolution so that he would be able to get Standard Oil firmly established in the country of Russia. As the Congress of Vienna (1814) had shown, the Illuminati had never been able to control the affairs of Russia, so they had to get rid of the Czar so he couldn't interfere with their plans. SAME GROUPS SAME OLD STORY

  4. \of Schiff's New York mansion.

    Leon Trotsky was given $20 million in Jacob Schiff gold to help finance the revolution, which was deposited in a Warburg bank, then transferred to the Nya Banken (Nye Bank) in Stockholm, Sweden. According to the Knickerbocker Column in the New York Journal American on February 3, 1949: Leon Trotsky left New York aboard the S. S. Kristianiafjord (S. S. Christiania), which had been chartered by Schiff and Warburg, on March 27, 1917 [along] with communist revolutionaries. At Halifax, Nova Scotia on April 3rd, the first port they docked at, the Canadians under orders from the British Admiralty seized Trotsky and his men, taking them to the prison at Amherst, and impounding his gold.

    Official records, later declassified by the Canadian government, indicate that they knew Trotsky and his small army were "...Socialists leaving for the purposes of starting revolution against [the] present Russian government..." The Canadians were concerned that if Lenin took over Russia, he would sign a Peace Treaty and stop the fighting between Russia and Germany, so that the Germany Army could be diverted to possibly mount an offensive against the United States and Canada.

    The British government (through intelligence officer Sir William Wiseman, who later became a partner with Kuhn, Loeb and Co.), and the American government (through Col. House) urged them to let Trotsky go. Wilson said that if they didn't comply, the U.S. wouldn't enter the War. Trotsky was released, given an American passport, a British transport visa, and a Russian entry permit. It is obvious that Wilson knew what was going on, because accompanying Trotsky, was Charles Crane of the Westinghouse Company, who was the Chairman of the Democratic Finance Committee. The U.S. entered the war on April 6th, [1917]. Trotsky arrived in Petrograd on May 17.
    Nikolai Lenin Returns From London

    Meanwhile, Lenin had been able to infiltrate the Democratic Socialist Republic established by Kerensky. In October, 1917 when the Revolution started, Lenin, who was in Switzerland (also exiled because of the 1905 uprising [and after having spent several years plotting with the Fabians in London --ed]), negotiated with the German High Command with the help of Max Warburg (head of the Rothschild-affiliated Warburg bank in Frankfurt) to allow him, his wife, and 32 other Bolsheviks to travel across Germany to Sweden, where he was to pick up the money being held for him in the Swedish bank, then go on to Petrograd. He promised to make peace with Germany if he was able to overthrow the new Russian government.

    He was put in a sealed railway car with over $5 million in gold from the German government and upon reaching Petrograd, was joined by Stalin and Trotsky. He told the people that he could no longer work within the government to effect change, that they had to strike immediately in force to end the war, and end the hunger conditions of the peasants. His war cry was: "All power to the Soviets!".

    He led the revolution, and after seizing the reins of power from Kerensky on November 7, 1917, replaced the democratic republic with a communist Soviet state. He kept his word and made peace with Germany in February, 1918, and was able to get out of World War I. While most members of the Provisional Government were killed, Kerensky was allowed to live, possibly because of the general amnesty he had extended to the communists exiled in 1905. Kerensky later admitted to receiving private support from American industry which led some historians to believe that the Kerensky government was a temporary front for the Bolsheviks.

    Elections were held on November 25, 1917 with close to 42 million votes being cast and the Bolshevik Communists only received 24% of the vote. On July 18, 1918 the People's Congress convened having a majority of anti-Bolsheviks which indicated that Communism wasn't the mass movement that Lenin was claiming. The next day he used an armed force to disband the body.

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  6. It is good to see him gradually coming out with the Truth - but I will not be happy until he opens the archives relating to the holohoax which he said to have had closed three or four years ago. It is also outrageous that he had allowed a new law making it a criminal offence to "deny the holocaust."

  7. You have to love the gall of these crooks :Russia BBC Panorama: Kremlin demands 'Putin corruption' proof

  8. BBC ......Bugg*ring Britain's Consciousness.....Panorama Programme ......'Putin Corruption'

    I tried to force myself to watch it, knowing in advance it would be....EMBARRASSINGLY LAME.

    I cringed to watch even the first five minutes. Falling asleep helped me through the rest of it.

    Maybe, getting rid of this a$hkeNAZI infestation may not be as difficult as some of us are anticipating.

  9. Lets all pray Mr Putin is not a jEW or a Jew Puppet..What doya think?? Maybe he is playing nice and in the end he is going to stick it to the phony, lying zionists, he-Putin knows who killed the czar and his innocent family..he knows what they are all about..I hope Putin is 4 Real..

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