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All it Takes for Europe to Erupt In War Is For 10 Percent to Go Fanatical - Europe Will Be Facing: Sexual Slavery; Forced Labour; Drug Trade; Domestic Servitude - Who Is Responsible For This? - "Hasta la Vista EUROPE!" - J.D. Edwin's "Islamic Expansive Energy Into Weaker Cultures" - If Woman's Sexual Preferences Are Liberated and Go Unchecked They Destroy Civilization - "Civilized Society" - Coming to Grips With Islam

130,000 Migrants Have 'Vanished' in Germany

February 26, 2016 By Stuart Hooper 8 Comments

21st Century Wire says…

Here is a human crisis with no end in sight.

Watch a video of this report here:

130,000 Migrants Have Vanished in Germany

Officials have admitted that over 130,000 migrants have vanished in Germany, which is around 13% of the 1.1 million migrants registered in the country during 2015.

The government issued a written reply to the German Left Party saying:

"About 13 percent did not turn up at the reception centres to which they had been directed."

The news comes as Germany is seeking to tighten restrictions on migration into the country.

Aside from obvious fears of jihadists infiltrating countries amongst refugees, the vast majority of these people are incredibly vulnerable – a much darker reality that does not make the headlines in the mainstream or allegedly 'alternative' media.

130,000 unaccounted for people presents a huge opportunity for human traffickers and other criminal enterprises, who can exploit such lost individuals in sexual slavery, forced labour, the drug trade, and domestic servitude.

Many have accused the West of being responsible for the current refugee crisis, because it was the West's instigation of terrorism and instability in the Middle East that caused these millions of people to have to leave in the first place.

Should the responsibility to help these people lie with those responsible for wrecking their nations?


Source: Red Ice Creations

Walter T. Richmond - "Refugee Crisis" Propaganda: What You're Not Being Told

Col. Walter T. Richmond is the penname of the author of the new book, "Hasta la Vista EUROPE!" A member of a military veteran family, Col. Richmond was born and grew up in the US. After graduating basic and officer training at the top of his class, and serving in a variety of emergency, law enforcement, and disaster response capacities, Richmond was commissioned a colonel in the 1990s. He then left uniformed services and worked in various television, radio, communications, and media-related fields.

Hasta la Vista EUROPE! - New 2016 book on Refugee Crisis

Walter first explains his inspiration for writing the book, which was sparked as the insanity of the refugee invasion of Europe was unfolding and he observed a great disparity between what was being portrayed in the mainstream media and the independent videos surfacing on the internet. Walter's background of specializing in strategic messaging provides a unique perspective on what he calls the "old-fashioned-controlled-media" and his book outlines the tricks that have been used to propagandize the "refugee crisis."

We discuss Chancellor Angela Merkel's horrible failure at managing the invasion in Germany, and the resulting unprecedented pressure on its health care system, infrastructure, and public services. Richmond outlines some disturbing figures concerning the European housing market and its millions of homeless natives, and the lawlessness that has ensued as special interests groups bend over backwards to provide shelter to migrants.

We look at techniques the media is using to craft fairytales about the people of the refugee flood, a disturbing percentage of which are fighting age men and child soldiers with zero education who never intend to assimilate or return to their countries of origin. At the end, Walter emphasizes how EU countries that have been placed on the fast track to multiculturalization are enacting insane policies designed to dismiss and even protect migrant criminals, rapists and murderers while ensuring these savages aren't unduly offended by ancient European traditions and practices.

Walter T. Richmond - "Refugee Crisis" Propaganda: What You're Not Being Told

 Adam - Eurotunnel Insider Speaks Out on Waves of Migrants

Adam has worked for many years as a firefighter at the Eurotunnel fire station and with Kent Fire and Rescue service. He joins us to give an insider account of the myriad of incidents with illegal immigrants he has dealt with and witnessed at the Eurotunnel site, where the Fire and Rescue service has been pulled into the role of searching the trains and tunnels for foreign trespassers. Beginning in the summer of 2015, a massive explosion of immigrants crossing from Calais to Dover has inundated French Police and Eurotunnel security, with an estimated 57,000 illegals removed from the French terminal in 2015 alone. We talk about the French ferry worker strike that brought mainstream attention to the migrant crisis, when the press broke with the story of the massive organized invasion of 1500 migrants storming the channel tunnel via the Calais terminal.

Adam gives details of the different strategies employed by the desperate travelers who stow away on freight lorries or trains, or even walk, as a means to get through to the UK's generous asylum seeker benefits. He speaks about the dangerous diseases that are making their way through and costing the UK health service billions of pounds per year, along with the UK financed, £12,000,000 fence being constructed around the Calais terminal perimeter that has actually made it easier for invaders to cross.

Adam says that anywhere from 100-150 migrants armed with knives and iron bars are funneling through to the UK each day, and the dire consequences can be seen in the skyrocketing crime rates and the numbers of unaccompanied "children" that require rehoming, among other frightening figures related to the economy. Later, we look at the major obstacle of political correctness that is keeping European governments from properly addressing this mass invasion, and we discuss whether or not the outdated Schengen Zone agreement will be modified in an attempt to quell the fresh surge of migrants forecast to hit Europe come spring.

Adam - Eurotunnel Insider Speaks Out on Waves of Migrants


Islamic men demonstrating their "expansive energy"

The dark side of Islam (go instead with peaceful Sufi Islam of the Islamic scholar Imran N Hosein) is appearing on Japan’s doorstep with two Turks arrested for sexually assaulting a Japanese woman in her 30s. She was apparently pulled into a toilet by two Turks at Akabane Station in Tokyo last December, 2016 and raped. The suppressed libido of Islamic men is one of the most profoundly disturbing phenomena prowling European societies and now including Japan. 

It is well known by criminal pathologists, that every pervert that sexually offends society, first developed a very low view of women. The suppressed libido of Islamic men is one of the least talked about yet predominant reasons why Islamic men are so shockingly violent towards women. By keeping Islamic women in a chaste moral code in Islamic societies, this drives Islamic men with resulting dysfunctional and suppressed libidos with an "expansive energy" into weaker cultures.

This is manifested in what we are witnessing today: Islam expanding into the west with the simultaneous culture-destroying effects of feminism. And if Japan does not come down hard on this potential for Islamic expansion into Japan, then Japan's culture will be attacked by what is best described as "expansive energy" by J.D. Edwin. According to J.D. Edwin and his study of 5,000 years of different cultures, there is a "positive correlation between cultural achievement of a people and a nation being directly related to the sexual restraint they observed." Islam is knocking on Japan's back door.


Source: Tokyo Reporter

Tokyo cops arrest 2 Turks seeking refugee status in gang rape of woman

By Staff Report on February 22, 2016 147 Comments

Onder Pinarbasi and a 16-year-old boy allegedly sexually assaulted a woman inside a public toilet near JR Akabane Station 

Onder Pinarbasi

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two Turkish nationals currently applying for refugee status for allegedly raping a woman in Kita Ward, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Feb. 22).

At approximately 12:30 a.m. on December 27 of last year, Onder Pinarbasi, 22, and a 16-year-old boy allegedly took the woman, aged in her 30s, to a public toilet near JR Akabane Station and sexually assaulted her. The suspects also stole 9,000 yen in cash from the victim.

Pinarbasi, who has been charged with rape and robbery, claims the boy committed both crimes. The boy admits to only the robbery charge. "I did not force myself upon her," he is quoted by police in denying the rape accusation, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun (Feb. 22).

The incident occurred after the suspects called out the woman, who was visibly drunk at the time, as she was walking home.

The suspects arrived in Japan last year. They applied for refugee status in August and October, telling the Immigration Bureau of Japan that they did not want to return to Turkey due to "problems that exist between relatives."

While their applications were being examined, the suspects received a visa status granting "special permission to stay in Japan."

The suspects became people of interest for the police after an examination of surveillance camera footage taken in the area.


  1. Something very suspect is going on there and here =Mysterious death of Pope Francis aide alarms Vatican

  2. 50.000 were brought into Australia manyof them are at an airforce base , where else could you hide that many people . I think your looking at the fake terror armies being formed much like Gladio . Mighty hard to hide 100,000 people dead or alive and the only place would bbe in off limit areas to the public .

  3. You mean Judeo-Islam. Everything about this agenda reeks of Jewish subversion. Hi Soros.

  4. This is what Europe gets for not purging Jews like Barbara Lerner Spectre from positions of control within their societies. And count on so many Christians to believe the Jew media propaganda that Muslims are their enemies, when the whole "clash of civilizations" is a cheap Jewish provocation to steal yet more power and control. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! And the "Muslim libido out of control" is further Jewish/Freudian propaganda – yeah, just give them Playboy and goat porn and they'll be "normal" like Western males. So much nonsense, and people not questioning the poisonous media memes.

  5. War, you say? Bomb Israel: problem solved.


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