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Anti-Putin opposition leader Kasyanov caught in Strasbourg with his pants down and blames Kadyrov (Updated)

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I am convinced now that Kadyrov is a political and PR genius.

To trap the liberals in their own webs, he has posted on his Instagram account a video taken by a hidden camera of Kasyanov, an apparatchik from so called "PARNAS" party, in Strasbourg meeting with the official representatives from NATO countries to receive money to conduct anti-government operations in Russia.

As you can see it's just an art, an expressive art. But, liberals have no taste in art.

Kasyanov, a former Communist party apparatchik and a Yeltsin appointed Prime Minister in 2000-2004, earned a nickname "Misha 2 percent" because this was the bribe he demanded from every business transition in the country.

"Kasyanov was dismissed, along with the entire cabinet, by President Vladimir Putin on 24th February 2004 after more than three years in office." [Wikipedia]

As you can see from this video Kasyanov is being supported by the Atlantic Council (a shadow government of the US)

Kadyrov titled the post: "Who doesn't understand, will understand." referring to anti-government, anti-state activities of the "opposition" in Russia. "Кто не понял, тот поймет!"

Kasyanov immediately posted on his FB account a bizarre statement that Kadyrov's video was a threat to the "entire population," and that Kadyrov is going after "differently -minded people."

Liberals complain that Kadyrov is mean to them, what's new? They have been viciously attacking Chechnya, since Chechen people started fighting against Takfiri terrorists.

My guess is if you call the West to destroy Russia and kill all the Russians, like Mikhail Kasyanov has done, you're a "differently-minded" person, in comparison to 140 million Russians who don't want war, and don't want liberals.

Kasyanov then complained to Interfax Ukrainian news agency, claiming that Kadyrov's post was a "direct threat to a statesman," which is a lie. It's Kadyrov who is a statesman and a member of Russia's government. Kasyanov is a disgraced has-been who has been calling for more sanctions on the Russian people, and who, as apparent from the situation, is on NATO's payroll.

Since the video was taken by a hidden camera, the anti-government opposition started squealing like slaughtered pigs that it was taken through a sniper's rifle viewer. How do they know how it looks like?

It's a brilliant move on Kadyrov's part, I can't stress this enough. By using the secret services surveillance video, he made everyone pay attention to the fact that the so-called "opposition" receives money and instructions from the countries who are in war on Russia and its people. Instead of hiding this fact, the liberal media had a kneejerk reaction and picked this info up and spread it like wildfire. The Western media picked it up, also.

It's a crime in Russia to receive money from foreign states and organizations to conduct anti-government activities. If NATO's agents in Russia who call themselves "Liberals" were smarter, they would keep quiet about this surveillance video. This video alone is enough to dismantle Parnass Party as an illegal foreign funded anti-government organization. I truly hope that this what the law enforcement will do.

As Kadyrov wrote before about the so-called non-systemic opposition, they don't work with Russian government to improve the situation in the country, they work with foreign governments to destroy the country and to kill its people.

Being Kadyrov, he responded the following day:
I always say what I think. It seems to me that under the "opposition" we understand people who are patriots of their country, and who, having support among a certain segment of population, are trying to communicate their vision of how to solve the country's problems.
However, when I see these 15-20 people, without a homeland and without a flag, calling themselves the "opposition," I feel contempt and I have some questions.

Despite incessant barking "kasyanovich" and his cronies, and those who sympathize with them, are scared to death by my video on Instagram, (which was immediately removed). I still want to understand a simple truth: who are they?! Can we consider to be a legitimate opposition those people who shamelessly and openly help our enemies, who use sanctions and provocations to drive our country into a blockade, like the Nazis when they besieged Leningrad?! They want to exhaust us, and then to dictate us their political will?!

Can we consider to be a legitimate opposition those who embrace Nazis in Kiev, and support the bloodshed in Donbass?! Or, those who emphasize their hatred towards all Russian people, vows to give away our Crimea after coming to power? Or those who call my people "the most difficult" and insist on "the separation of Chechnya" from Russia!?

Can we consider to be the rightful citizens of Russia all those who, enjoying the country's benefits and protection, simultaneously support the publication of the names of our pilots, fighting in Syria?! The list of their crimes intended to cause collapse and enslavement of Russia, can be continued much longer.

So who are these pitiful beggars standing with outstretched hand at the embassies of the US and its allies? Is this an opposition? Have we been losing thousands of faithful comrades in a battle with the international terrorists, for the sake of this opposition?! Who are those, having a hysterical fit after watching my short video?

How could these cowards to be a true opposition?! I am sure that they are not.

Personally, I see those, of whom I speak with disgust, — as traitors, traitors of Russia and traitors of its people.

In conclusion. If these cardboard "heroes" are so terribly frightened by my humor and laughter at them, then the road to the courts is open for them. I am a law-abiding citizen, I take responsibility for my every word and I stand by my opinions. That's all I want to say at this time."
The Kadyrov's post has been removed by Instagram after a few hours.

However, even for a few hours of its existence, Kadyrov's message achieved tremendous impact.

As a byproduct, we witness how the Western liberal charliehebdos gag any freedom of speech and freedom of expression other than their own.

Another byproduct, a day after Washington's attack on President Putin, Kadyrov with just one Instagram post managed to attract all the Liberal hate-Russia fire onto his persona.

Kadyrov is my hero.

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1. This article has been posted on Russia-Insider:

 Anti-Putin Opposition Leader Kasyanov Caught with His Pants Down in Strasbourg (Video)

2. After about 15 hours the video of a neo-liberal Kasyanov has been removed and the account that has posted this video was terminated.

3. We can truly appreciate now how connected anti-Russian neo-liberals are in US. Here is the screen shot of the video:


Alexandr Dugin / "To American friends: common struggle"

"American Liberalism Must be Destroyed" – Alexander Dugin at 
Texas A&M University, April 29, 2015

Red Ice Radio - Alexandr Dugin - Hour 1 - The Fourth Political Theory & 
Blind Western Liberalism


  1. LIBERALISM is a mental disease

  2. They are such hypocrites , thats what you get when boys prtens they are women like the SSSSBOYS they appear to be puttingin charge of hetrosexuals everywhere in the west just to annoy them . They are twisted mfkers and mentaly disturbed for certain . No one in their right mind would join the EU mess . Freedom radio is CIA that is well known . Everything he describes from Russiia is what the west is actually doing all the time , justice ? He is out of his mind and no doubt a traitor or double spook . Putin would know having been in the KGB .HAVE A LOOK WHAT FREE RADE HAS DONE TO EVERYONE IN IT , TRADE DEBT IS CONSUMING THEM BECAUSE NOW THEY HAVE NO WAY TO PAY IT EXCEPT TO TAX THE PEOPLE MORE , THE SNEAKY LYING DOGS . Its a sad day when the west hears reality from Russia who doesnt want anyone to interfere with them yet via the UN wants to interfere everywhere . My guess is we are watching a Gollywood special and they are all playing their part . Enemies dont war game together and they certainly do not sell arms to each other if they are smart .

  3. It looks like trick or treat to me ,after all every western leader sub leader is a trained Marxist from pro Marxist Universities . They tell ytyou your fighting for freedom when forcing yu to war but spend every second trying to take any freedoms you might have away via sneaky laws created from their own doings while prestending it was someone else . The goal being to control every single thing you might think or do . The problem is too many leaders and too many chiefs that nevr even show themselves and who run those puppets elected . And that is run by the Vatican even Royalty has to ask permission from them , they are the grim Reaper" peadophiles of old, much like the mid- evil yrs.

  4. It matters not who leads it is the religions that are running things Schism of 1054, also called East–West Schism, event that precipitated the final separation between the Eastern Christian churches (led by the patriarch of Constantinople, Michael Cerularius) and the Western Church (led by Pope Leo IX). The mutual excommunications by the Pope and the Patriarch that year became a watershed in church history. The excommunications were not lifted until 1965, when Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras, following their historic meeting in Jerusalem in 1964, presided over simultaneous ceremonies that revoked the excommunication decrees.

    The relation of the Byzantine Church to the Roman may be described as one of growing estrangement from the 5th to the 11th century. In the early church three bishops stood forth prominently, principally from the political eminence of the cities in which they ruled—the bishops of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch. The transfer of the seat of empire from Rome to Constantinople and the later eclipse of Alexandria and Antioch as battlegrounds of Islam and Christianity promoted the importance of Constantinople. Concurrently, the theological calmness of the West, in contrast to the often violent theological disputes that troubled the Eastern patriarchates, strengthened the position of the Roman popes, who made increasing claims to preeminence. But this preeminence, or rather the Roman idea of what was involved in it, was never acknowledged in the East. To press it upon the Eastern patriarchs was to prepare the way for separation; to insist upon it in times of irritation was to cause a schism.

    The theological genius of the East was different from that of the West. The Eastern theology had its roots in Greek philosophy, whereas a great deal of Western theology was based on Roman law. This gave rise to misunderstandings and at last led to two widely separate ways of regarding and defining one important doctrine—the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father or from the Father and the Son—with the Roman churches, without consulting the East, incorporating the Son into their creed. The Eastern churches also resented the Roman enforcement of clerical celibacy, the limitation of the right of confirmation to the bishop, and the use of unleavened bread in the Eucharist.

    Political jealousies and interests intensified the disputes; and at last, after many premonitory symptoms, the final break came in 1054, when Pope Leo IX struck at Michael Cerularius and his followers with an excommunication and when the Patriarch retaliated with a similar excommunication. There had been mutual excommunications before, but they had not resulted in permanent schisms. At the time there seemed possibilities of reconciliation, but the rift grew wider; in particular, the Greeks were bitterly antagonized by such events as the Latin capture of Constantinople in 1204. Western pleas for reunion (on Western terms), such as those at the Council of Lyon (1274) or the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1439), were rejected by the Byzantines. The schism has never been healed.

  5. The crooks at least in US have about 60 percent of stock in multi-national companies. Used the peoples money since about 1930 incr5eased from 4 percnet to 60 or more percent. Everyone is invested in companies and many investors are corporate persons. They use the collective 130 thousand "persons" counties cities, states, every municipal corporation pools or combines then puts in the markets, even over-nite if the days take is positive and it usually is. Bankers at the root of it. People do not want to know about it and it is very simple as comprehensive annual financial reports for investors exist for all 130 thousand government entities who in turn loan or hold stock in the multi-nationals and run the markets. More money than ever and still telling the people they must cough up more money and fight and die in wars put up with stupid half man half woman transgenders homos and pig fuckers who run things and rub your nose in their shitty mess.


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