Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ben Carson Picks Up Endorsement, Reveals Plan to Care for Veterans

Source: Breitbart

Photo by Getty Images

by Alex Swoyer

February 18, 2016

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson rolled out his plan to care for America’s veterans, while pocketing the endorsement of former Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI).

"As a veteran of two wars and conservative member of Congress, I know what it means to fight," said Bentivolio, who served in the Army for more than 20 years.
When I look at what we need in our next president, I look for someone who will fight against the political class that has mired our country in higher debts and less accountability. I know Dr. Carson will fight for our veterans, fight for integrity and fight for our country. I have learned in politics that words mean far less than actions. Dr. Carson is a man of action, with a history of service to God, to family and to our country. In my heart of hearts he is the right choice for what ails America.
"I'm humbled to count Congressman Bentivolio among my many supporters," Carson responded.

"His endorsement is yet another example of how citizen statesmen can come together to bring real change to the Washington establishment. He has fought to make this country the strongest, most prosperous nation on Earth. Today he has entered the fight again, joining me to rebuild a government that is 'of the people, by the people, and for the people.'"

The endorsements come as Carson released his plan to care for America's veterans, just three days before the South Carolina primary where more than 50,000 veterans live, according to Fox News.

"America has made a sacred promise to every man and woman who has chosen to put on the uniform,” Carson stated in a press release revealing his plan for veterans.
It has been my honor to serve veterans in the operating room, and it will be my solemn duty to care for them as Commander-in-Chief. That is why I have proposed this plan to reintroduce accountability and responsibility to the VA. As president, I will accept nothing less than the best care America has to offer our veterans, and that starts by reforming the dysfunctional bureaucracy they currently must navigate. Together, 'We the People' can and must do better to serve those who have served us so selflessly.
South Carolina voters will head to the polls on Saturday for the GOP primary. Carson is currently ranked sixth in the Palmetto state, according to the Real Clear Politics average.


  1. Sure needs fixed. Vets with big homes, couple of cars, boats and cash soak up benefits whilst kicking vets who are broke out on the street cause they speak up about the lies being told and how vets are often nothing more than whores for the big oil and banks sold the lie they are fighting for their family and nation. The oath is clear "enemies foreign and domestic" People better wake the heck up.

  2. BYE BYE Benny, you do not have what it takes 2 be pres..Especially after your israel trip at the WALL..puke puke..kissing up 2 the jews paying your freight...OH and your jew cap (yamakaka) HOW touching..

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