Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bill Still reports on Donald Trump

Still Report #644 - Metamorphosis - Tycoon to President 

Still Report #654 - 10th Republican Debate 

Still Report #633 - Huge Crowd Trump in Sumter, SC 

Still Report #634 - Fake "Agenda Poll" Pushes Cruz 

Still Report #635 - Trump vs Pope 

Still Report #625 - Trump pulls 2 guys up from audience 

Still Report #632 - Trump SC News Conference 


  1. He's no ordinary con man. He's way above average — and the American political system is his easiest mark ever
    =tuest words ever said . At the Verizon centre , isnt that strange given that Verizon was the company who commissioned the war game on 7/7 in the UK . Antone controlled by the JEWS and they all are in that fake race are no good at all . He was against the war but he sure wanted that oil and not even a mention of the million lives lost who had nothing to do with anything tels the story . The Pope saying anything is a joke , there is a reason why all the main mafia in Italy are catholics because old Popey boy is not only pedo central but is the money launderer of the century for all the west and in my opinion is the main boss of all the cartels . They are so brazen they even made a show about it all called Blacklist which sounds mostly true .

  2. Anyone praying to virgins who have children in 2016 has totallu lost the plot . He is as fake a 2 dollar watch and tied in with the Clinton crime gang who in turn work for the Bush crime gang . Anyone licking the Mossad crime gangs boots which he does is simply not for USA . Talking about birth certificates Obama bought him off with a 40 million contract to shut him up anout his . He might talk the talk but he wont walk the walk , war will be on the agenda 4 sure , like he said we should have taken that oil , China ended up getting it .


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