Wednesday, February 3, 2016

David Bowie Faked His Death

David Bowie Death Hoax – Alive and Well as "Jack Steven" 

David Bowie Death Hoax – Producer States "All Kind of Planned"

David Bowie Death Hoax – "Secretly Cremated" 

David Bowie "Jack Steven" Mystery Explored 

"Jack Steven" on David Bowie (Sky News) 

Further information:

John Lennon's Death Was Faked - Yoko Ono's Propaganda Tweets - Dishonest Statisticians Fudging Gun Numbers - Problem of Police Killings and Military Gun Deaths - Violence Is US Government Policy - Purposely Destabilizing and Criminalizing the Poor


  1. "He was hugely influential with me, 'cause, I, I... I, I was an,n[?] r[?]RCA when he was sort of to the tail end of that." Interesting Jack. Do tell us more.

  2. WHY?? I dont think Jack S and David B are 1 person or the same..WHY do this..He could leave the USA and go to a private island or disappear with no problem..I really dont get it..He was wealthy and IMAN is RICH also..

  3. I never cared for anything this person ever did and never paid him any attention. I DID watch the first video on youtube and found a very interesting comment by someone. They brought up the possibility that the anti Christ will use all of the faked "celebrity" deaths when he tries claiming his throne and "resurrecting" all of those we thought were dead. Really an interesting perspective?

  4. Jack steven SCAM, bowies face later installed in video.... its "Gollywood time again . get the band they are promoting called ORWELL No less . SKY is spook central in case you didn't know . remember we can be hero's for just one day .

  5. Replies
    1. You are an omelet.

    2. He's more of a dim sum really...

  6. Bowie was worth lots of money dead or alive...It is said that Sir Francis Bacon was the writer behind Shakespeare. Interestingly certain philosophers like Bacon often did fake their death and have a gravestone placed then live the rest of life in peace and quiet and secrecy as part of a progressive process. Whether the guy is Bowie or not does not to me prove his death nor if he is still alive. If I did not see him die or know it myself can I rely on news stories? More evidence, death records, people involved, who they are, eye witnesses, other could take a while and many hours to really find out with any certainty. Just goes to show how fakery creates illusion and doubt and clouds issues of all kinds.

  7. Check Bowie's banker. Developed"Bowie Bonds."

    The legitimacy of the Kabbalah comes into question. The Kabbalah is basically a lot of really sublime horse shit. By suggesting the Kabbalah was written by bankers was meant to begin destroying what Christianity once was as a bulwark against the brutality of purely rational economic commerce. Bowie dabbled in the Kabbalah or alluded to it in his "art". Bankers also destroyed art for the most part. I bet that's not all Bowie dabbled in either, not with his wealth.

    Don't forget, Bowie had a personal banker by the name of David Pullman. Remember the "Bowie bonds."

    "In 1997, Bowie, along with his business manager and a banker named David Pullman, created an asset-backed security whose value was backed up by the future royalties he earned from his music—they were dubbed "Bowie bonds." It worked like this: For a reported price of $55 million, Bowie sold away 10 years' worth of the royalties for music he'd produced between 1969 and 1990. Prudential, bought the entire issue, which paid an interest rate of 7.9 percent over that 10-year period."

    "Bowie bonds" through his personal banker? Although I listened to Bowie growing up I am thankful I never added to his offshore bank account where he probably is now living out the last years of his life in seclusion, with a nice babe in his bed and ample supplies of organic food and fine red French wines.

    David Bowie: Musical Innovator, Financial Innovator?

    And the peasants lined up to buy...

    The Man Who Sold the World

  8. who cares.......huge story going on in Oregon

  9. Here's a useful discussion page on the Bowie/Steven psyop, with relevant videos:


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