Sunday, February 28, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Carson Says Hillary Clinton's Dow Chemical Scandal Is 'Washington Run Amok'


28 Feb 2016

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is blasting Hillary Clinton after Breitbart News reported that she backed off from an effort to save pregnant women and children from a dangerous chemical once the Dow Chemical company joined the Clinton Global Initiative.

Breitbart News reported Saturday that Clinton, under pressure amid an environmental crisis in parts of New York State, spearheaded a letter to the EPA and also introduced a bill in 2007 called The TCE Reduction Act, which aimed to set new environmental standards for use of the industrial solvent Trichloroethylene (TCE).

But the bill never went anywhere. Two months after the bill was introduced, Dow Chemical, the nation's largest TCE producer, joined the Clinton Global Initiative and ended up giving money to the Initiative and also a private advisory firm linked to Bill Clinton.

"Dr. Carson sees this as yet another example of Washington run amok," his campaign's communications director A. Larry Ross told Breitbart News.

"He is the one candidate whom voters see as unbought and unbossed and whose only special interest group is 'We The People.' Not once in this campaign has Dr. Carson compromised his values or principles for political expediency. That is exactly how he will serve in the Oval Office."

Dow Chemical pledged a $30 million loan guarantee for a clean-water program in India at the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting. Dow chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris announced the loan while appearing at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City between September 26-27, 2007, less than two months after Clinton introduced the TCE Reduction Act.

Liveris hung around in Clinton-World and became a trusted friend to Hillary and Bill. Dow contributed between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Global Initiative in 2014.

Dow was a sponsor of the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in 2010 and 2011. Liveris was a featured attendee at the 2012 meeting.

Liveris gave Bill Clinton use of a Dow company airplane in 2009 when the former president went to North Korea to successfully negotiate with Kim Jong Il for the release of two American journalists being held in the country.

Liveris allegedly bought $300 worth of flowers for Hillary Clinton personally and charged it to Dow Chemical, according to a recent whistleblower lawsuit.


  1. You have all got to see this ‘Shut up and listen’: Bill Clinton tells off Marine during rally

    By Mary Kay Linge

    February 27, 2016 | 11:16pm

    Video courtesy of YouTube/Monique Marie

    Bill Clinton told a heckler who identified himself as a Marine to “shut up and listen” during a small-town South Carolina rally for his wife’s presidential bid, video footage shows.

    Clinton was 40 minutes into a one-hour stump speech in Bluffton before a crowd of about 500 when a man claiming to be a retired Marine sergeant began speaking about the Veterans Administration.

    Clinton responded politely until the man moved on to the topic of the 2012 terrorist attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, where U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans died. “We had four lives in Benghazi that were killed, and your wife tried to cover it up,” he shouted as the crowd booed.

    “Can I answer? Are you going to let me answer?” Clinton asked repeatedly as the man continued his diatribe.

    The former president, exasperated, then barked, “Shut up and listen to my answer, and I’ll answer it.

    “I’m not your Commander-in-Chief anymore, but if I were, I would tell you be more polite,” Clinton said as the man grew increasingly agitated.

    Photo: AP
    As the heckler was hustled out of the room by county deputies, Clinton said, “His mind has been poisoned by lies and he won’t listen.”

    Once the man was gone, though, a woman who apparently had accompanied the heckler and been videotaping him, began her own outburst, shouting, “Hillary lied over four coffins, she lied to those families, so all those families are liars?”

    “Will you listen to me?” Clinton demanded as the crowd grew irate and the deputies escorted the woman from the room. How brainwasjhed are the followers of course she lied , he is a disgrace . They dont like it when they get confonted .

  2. This is petty stuff Bill , to bring down a giant you need giant subjects , like the blood taint scandal , like injecting kids with syphlis , things she cannot deny and even bigger work for clinton is a risky business given how many of them are now dead . Trump is showing you one thing , they love a loud mouth telling it straight . I used to be in that business of strategic marketing . You have left your run far too late i am sorry to tell you . The Freemasons have bolted . Reading Sun Tzu would help you in strategy , it is taught by all corporate structures as is Alinski by the left corporates so at least you will know what your up against . Impact is what its all about , and it is true there is no such thing as bad publicity if you make it so . Clinton has proved that method . Everything is a war , a war on ideas , freedom , speech , and method . You arein a war but fighting like silent knight , you could learn much from it . You should also master the game of catch 22 it would be most helpful to you . You can only win an argument by partialy agreeing but correcting the narritive whilst doing so .

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