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Hillary Clinton Was Prime Mover Behind March 2011 Attack on Libya; She Acted as Stenographer for French President Sarkozy, Causing Obama to Overrule Most of His Own National Security Team and Choose War; She Joined Susan Rice and Loopy Samantha Power

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton: corrupt, weak, and tired; toxic to the Democratic Party's election chances

One of the major issues involved in this year's Democratic Presidential Primary involves the suitability of Mrs. Clinton to become president, given her history of reckless and irresponsible warmongering. The most likely key to Mrs. Clinton's track record in this department is that she feels compelled to go to war not so much for political, economic, or military reasons, but rather because of a profound psychological insecurity. As a woman who must often operate in a room full of men – diplomats, soldiers, and other high government officials – she feels sure that she will be marked as a weakling and a typical woman unless she assumes the most bellicose and intransigent posture among them all. Only in this way can she compensate for her fears of being ridiculed.

As of this writing, Mrs. Clinton has decided to acknowledge that her vote for the insane adventure of Iraq in 2002-2003 was a mistake. But she has never been willing to discuss what it is about her own mental processes and faulty judgment which caused her to make this mistake.

Indeed, while admitting that Iraq was a mistake, she is also adamant that her decision to promote war against Libya starting in March 2011 was and remains a stroke of genius, and the right thing to do.

A major Washington Post article from last week sheds some timely light on these issues, while also trying to hide important truths in the process. This article draws upon new interviews, and also on Mrs. Clinton's ghostwritten memoir, Hard Choices, a kind of Mein Kampf she has issued.

Here we learn that Mrs. Clinton fell under the hypnotic trance of the unscrupulous French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who convinced her that a massacre of anti-Qaddafi forces in the eastern Libyan town of Benghazi was imminent. Sarkozy, whose stepfather was Frank Wisner of the State Department and CIA, had very little idea of what was really happening in Benghazi. Such knowledge as he had came from the hysterical reports of the infamous philodoxer Bernard-Henri Levy, a kind of strategic provocateur. At certain points in the process, Levy was on the ground in Benghazi, shrieking into the telephone that the Qaddafi forces were at the gates, and that a huge massacre was imminent. It has now become widely known that the cities of Benghazi, Derna, and Tobruk have represented the highest density per capita of suicide bombers anywhere in the world. It was these sociopaths that Mrs. Clinton went to war to protect.

All accounts collated by The Washington Post agree that the single most important factor in pushing the US into the lunatic Libyan adventure was Secretary Clinton's strong commitment to making the attack:
'Clinton's decision to shed her initial reluctance and strongly back a military operation in Libya was one of the most significant – and risky – of her career. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, national security adviser Thomas E. Donilon and others were against military action, contending that the United States had no clear national interests at stake and that operations could last far longer and cost more lives than anyone anticipated. But Clinton joined U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and White House advisor Susan E. Rice in pressing Obama to back a U.S.- and NATO-led military campaign, arguing that the United States could not let Gaddafi butcher his citizens.'
There never was any proof of an imminent massacre; the philodoxer BHL was talking through his hat. Then there was the little matter of a treaty between Great Britain and France, signed in the late autumn of 2010, which committed both countries to launch a war against a certain oil-producing state in North Africa, and to do this under the codename of Operation Harmattan. Did Sarkozy reveal to the feckless Clinton the existence of this imperialist pact for aggression? Or had she already been so far infected with her usual war psychosis that she ignored the sinister undertones in Sarkozy's infectious enthusiasm?

Be all that as it may, anyone who tries to defend the Libyan adventure today, with the value of hindsight, would be better off in a padded cell than on the campaign trail, contending for the White House. Libya has descended into the dark ages as a direct result of Mrs. Clinton's policies:
'… Libya today has deteriorated into a virtual failed state run by hundreds of private militias. Eighteen months after the initial airstrikes, U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in attacks by militants on a U.S. diplomatic post and a nearby CIA site in Benghazi. The North African nation has become a primary outpost for the Islamic State, which has exploited the chaos to take territory, train soldiers and prove its strength outside Syria and Iraq. While the administration's use of force was widely praised at the time, Libya has become a liability for Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and one of the central lines of attack on her by the leading Republican candidates – and some Democrats. Clinton has repeatedly defended the Libya military intervention as U.S. "smart power at its best."'
Secretary Clinton has thus learned nothing. Alongside a few interesting sidelights, the Washington Post article is clearly an attempt to cover up for the disastrously flawed process of decision-making which Hillary supposedly used to make up her mind for war. We have already indicated that her invariable maxim is to seek the posture of the biggest warmonger in sight, lest she be disparaged as a weak woman. What we learn from The Washington Post is that Hillary tends to disguise and camouflage her monomania in favor of war in the eyes of her subalterns and colleagues by feigning a serious process of consultation and information gathering before she arrives at her eternally forgone conclusion that only war is the answer. One official quoted in the article praised this façade of thoroughness:
'"She's more disciplined than her husband," the official said. "Hillary Clinton came into the Situation Room for every meeting thoroughly prepared. There wasn't anything she hadn't read. She was punctual. She's a disciplined decision-maker."'
What this foolish official calls disciplined decision-making is rather the rigidity of an extremely neurotic one-trick pony who has the same answer for every real-world situation.

An interesting aspect of this article for the purposes of diagnosing Secretary Clinton's strategic obsession is the fact that almost all of Obama's male top advisers in his national security team were arguing against the attack on Libya:
'In his book Duty, [Defense Secretary] Gates wrote that as of Feb. 26, other officials on his side included Donilon, Chief of Staff William M. Daley, Joint Chiefs Chairman Michael Mullen, deputy national security adviser Denis McDonough and homeland security adviser John Brennan. The primary advocates for military action were Rice and Power. The secretary of state had to pick a side. Her allies call that careful, deliberate, thoughtful decision-making.'
With all these militaristic machos counseling peace, it would have cost Hillary nothing at all to join them on the path of prudence. She could have imagined herself joining the Tough Guys' Club in their treehouse, and deriving only benefits – including obviating the risk of a catastrophic failure and subsequent blowback if her Libyan adventure had been tried and ended in failure, as we see it has.

This was not good enough for Secretary Clinton. She could not use the abundant cover offered her by all those strategic machos for no intervention. For Clinton, the outcome was satisfactory only if war were the result, because only war could satisfy her deeply held psychological obsessions. With Samantha Power and Susan Rice, Secretary Clinton has become the lead wailer in a modern version of the Furies of Greek mythology.

In the decision to bomb Libya in March 2011, the role of the Furies or Erinyes of ancient Greek mythology (seen here harassing Orestes) was played by Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice. 

Secretary Clinton was then introduced to Mahmoud Jibril, the leader of the Benghazi Rebel Council, the satellite of the Moslem Brotherhood which the NATO powers had decided to establish as the government of their Libyan petro-puppet state. This habile rug merchant sealed the deal: 'After meeting Jibril, her mind was made up. Clinton called the White House late Monday night. The Security Council passed its resolution Thursday. And on Saturday, the bombing began.'

The full story of Secretary Clinton's $5 billion project for meddling in Ukraine has yet to be told. But the lesson for American voters this year is clear: Hillary Clinton suffers from war psychosis. Hillary Clinton is an obsessive, compulsive, and incorrigible warmonger. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for World War III, quite possibly with nuclear and even thermonuclear weapons. Hillary Clinton must never be allowed anywhere near the White House.


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  1. That is al; 100% correct , it is a qar crime to murder a leader and invade without being attacked m thats how corrupt the UN IS . United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party IN A WAT GAVE THE RIGHT IDEA BUT THE GREEN FRAUD RUINS THEM AS BEING LEGIT . Are they melting under the freezing cold in USA yet ? The Green fraud is austerity in mega form .

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