Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) vs. Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump

Ali G - Newt Gingrich

Da Ali G Show - Ali G interviews Donald Trump 

Newt Gingrich says Donald Trump not part of secret societies! 


  1. I like how Trump will not waste time on silly psyops. Like is these video programs things we like to watch for entertainment or like programs played on the screen at school or military classes. One way you may not like it and think it is boring school requirements then go home or do it on your own and think it is not the same. programming getting in to your head and believe me psyops censors do know how to get those voices in your head and making movies wasting your time, clogging you path to truth and stumbling along hoping you can slave away some more and give up 90 percent of what you work for to the programmers. That is business of modern times and before, to get in your mind, get you to give up something. If out of mind and out of sight you are nothing in the mind or minds in the case of psychotic slave runners.

  2. If Trump ever exposes the false flags for war scam , he will be elected forever,Newt Gingrichis not too bad either .But the Gov is responsible for ruining the jobs in the 1st place with all their crazy green frauds crap . His being mates with Clinton gang is a real concern . He is saying the right things , He should be using the radical protest video's against the protestors and the Democrats showing how crazy they are which is exactly why the country is in a mess . with the caption do you want to led by this racket ?? Perot would have been the perfect match for him , he would have been a great leader .

    1. The big U.S. corporations sold out for cheap overseas labor. Why? GREED. Capitalism in a nutshell. Also, interest payments to Jewish banks gutted the U.S. economy. Target the Federal Reserve.

  3. You cannot create jobs being run with a gtreen fraud and the Brits , they are the true sidewinders . The Rockefeller gang needs to be stopped . The UN needs to be crushed to pieces abd weather underground brought to justice , they make USA a laughing stock of hypocrites and must have been another Gov false flag ,


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