Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels bombings: This was Hillary's gig

March 22, 2016

Brussels bombings

Proven fake: "Isis claimed responsibility" – which is just a translation that a secret society had this arranged, and possibly tricked a few idiots into doing their work. ISIS is an American asset, but to say that here is just preaching to the choir. This was Hillary's gig, no ifs or buts, and when she is appointed to the Presidency there will be no end to this in sight.

IMPORTANT PROOF THE MOSSAD OR AN ASSIGNED GROUP DID THIS: NO SUBSEQUENT EXPLOSIONS. They claimed to find additional suicide vests, bombs, the whole 9 yards. When such things are found, they are not touched, and are instead disposed of on the spot very quickly by placing a different explosive close to them and setting it off. This produces additional blasts that the media will hear, and the fact there were none proves they never found suicide vests or additional explosives at all, yet they reported they did.

This means that the only bombs present were the ones initially used, which were set off to destroy the evidence path at the same time they accomplished the false flag. The fact there were no additional blasts, which would have happened in the first hours after the attack, proves they lied about additional explosives, which virtually proves that they lied about everything.

Yep. Still looking into this. The story line is that they got caught by airport security, so they blew them up where they were caught with them.

Another one went off in a subway. Keep in mind here that one method is to have an innocent package carrier make a delivery, not knowing it is a bomb, which is then set off by remote and labeled a suicide bombing. Once that happens, the story line can be whatever is wanted. I suspect that is what was done this time.

The language barrier is going to impede finding out what really went on, because it makes it more difficult to discover mistakes in the story line. I think I found one, but am waiting for them to blow it that last little bit before nailing them.

PressTV reporting 23 dead. RT reporting 13 dead. New Zealand media reporting over 40 dead. And guess what? This happened on 3/22. Why can't anything of this nature happen on a date that does not somehow tie in with the secret societies?

Ha ha ha, here is a great post someone put up:

Time to get real…

Those folks who will not be benefiting from this well-managed fear event:

1. The victims and their families in Brussels today
2. The little Belgium taxpayers
3. Whoever the MSM corporate conglomerates decide to blame for this mass murder

Those folks who will be benefiting from this highly profitable corporate project:

1. The privately-owned international corporate MSM and their advertising monopolies
2. The privately-owned international security/intelligence operations
3. The privately-owned international unelected corporate political spokesfolks from EU Inc.
4. George Soros, and his global 'public' service operations: Open Society and Open Borders foundations

I could go on about the real cowardly terrorists behind this… but it's time for you to connect the dots.

Here is a major screw-up in the story line:

OK, here is one hole I found: PressTV reported that three suicide vests had been found in the Brussels airport. A calling card, you know, like all those passports that miraculously show up everywhere. QUESTION: What idiot would leave suicide vests lying around to be discovered? I was going to wait for their final screw-up with this before I nailed them; they paused in the Western media with the suicide vest lie, but the third world has this in abundance. And there is a problem with the suicide vest story that cannot be resolved:

Whenever a suspected explosive device is found, they blow it up on the spot because it is considered too dangerous to touch, and they accept the damage. But with these "suicide vests", which have now been found for over four hours, nothing of the sort happened: no more blasts were reported – blasts which would have had to happen if they really did find these vests. No such story would have permeated the third world media, INCLUDING PRESS-TV, if someone in Brussels had not said it, which means this is a false flag with fakery being puffed, just like all those passports and ID cards they miraculously find when needed to prop up a story line.

OK, THEY ARE IRREVOCABLY BUSTED: Here is the cookie! All media outlets are reporting that "other explosive devices have been found", which would include the "suicide vests", yet nothing has been done to deal with them. TIME IS UP: ALL OF THESE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLOWN UP ON THE SPOT BY NOW, and the fact no more blasts were reported as police blew the additional explosive devices up where they sat, without touching them, for safety reasons, AS HAPPENS EVERYWHERE ANY BOMB IS FOUND VERY QUICKLY EVERY TIME, proves they never existed and were used to seed this story line, which is probably entirely false. I'll go with mine: unwitting package carriers were unknowingly carrying bombs rather than pizza and sushi, and when they got to the right place, the bombs were called via the cell network and set off.

No subsequent "safety" blasts reported within 4 hours of the additional explosive devices being found proves this is yet another hoaxed-up false-flag story line.


What's with all the "terror" nonsense? Suicide bombers are total propaganda B.S.


  1. The girl on the bench looked like she was waiting for applause and sure looked worried that it didnt look real . Very bad blood splatter . Trust CNN AKA CIA TO BE IN THE HOTEL OPPPOSITE but no one else had video of it .

  2. We should all support those who are telling truth in mainsream media too , there are not many .

    CCTV purporting to show the deadly Brussels Airport explosions appears to be fake.

    The footage resembles a video of the moment a bomb attack took place at Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011.

    But the clip, which shows people walking before they duck and flee following an explosion, has been widely shared on social media since the Brussels blasts took place on Tuesday morning.
    Follow live updates here

    Witnesses said two explosions were heard inside the departure hall of Brussels Airport shortly after 8am.
    In pictures: Terror attacks at Brussels airport

    30 show all

    VRT news agency apologised on Twitter for the CCTV footage being fake.

    Shortly after the airport explosion in Brussels, a blast was also heard at Maalbeek Metro station.

    Local media is reporting that at least 13 people have been killed and 35 have been severely injured.

    All flights at the airport have been cancelled and arriving planes have been diverted.

    Belgium's terror alert level has been raised to maximum.

    The blasts come four days after Salah Abdeslam, one of the suspects of November Paris terror attacks, was arrested in Brussels.

    In 2011, at least 35 people were killed and more than 100 were injured after a bomb attack at the Moscow airport. The suicide bomber was identified as a 20-year-old from the North Caucasus.

  3. That is what i call busted . http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/videozone/programmas/journaal/2.43496?video=1.2607940 And we knew within minutes its so easy to tell now.

    VRT news agency apologised on Twitter for the CCTV footage being fake.

  4. We can mark the Intercept site down as a propaganda site . https://theintercept.com/2016/01/19/navy-seal-turns-over-picture-of-bin-ladens-body-faces-investigation-of-business-ties/

  5. Note the remarks of Turkey's Erdogan last week during the shake-down of Brussels' refugee bribe. He mentions attacks like those supposedly committed by the PKK in Ankhara... maybe happening in Brussels. Prescience or threat? Likely just read the script and placed a bet.

  6. 3-23-16.... Capstone Exercises planned for 2016. False Flag event precursor Drills.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1vYPK-jw2c


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