Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom interviewed by Deanna Spingola (Feb. 27, 2016)

Deanna's returning guest this afternoon was Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom (bio), who talked about natural climate change, a Maurice Strong video, Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, the New World Odor, and Appendix 24: Talmudic "Noahide Laws" Deception. (listen/download: mp3)

Maurice Strong (1929-2015), Protégé of Rockefellers & Rothschilds, NWO Guru of Baca Ranch, Colorado - Paris 2015 U.N. "Climate Change" Conference: Began Just After Moe Strong Died - Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis Has Been Proven Wrong - Interfaith Ecumenical Blending and Merging, to Destroy Traditional Religions - United Nations' Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21 on Steroids): Blueprint for Global Enslavement Under Jewish Corporate Masters - Satanic Plan for "World Governance" - 2015 U.N. "Global Warming" Treaty in Paris - Onslaught by Oligarchic Social Engineers on Rational, Scientific, Christian Nations - Before Hitler, There Was Herzl - Merger of Venetian Black Nobility and House of Rothschild - Tavistock Institute: World Brainwashing and Social Engineering Center - Freemasonry, a Gentile Front for Judaism - Frankfurt School "Refugees" (Radical Jewish Subversives) From Germany - Covert War Against the U.S. - The Aquarian Conspiracy (Stanford Research Institute) - Trauma-Based Mind Control - 9/11 Gatekeepers - U.S. Navy's Project CHATTER (1947-53), CIA's Project MKULTRA - Talmudic Noahide Laws Deception - New Age False Religions of the Intended Talmudic New World Order - Tikkun Olam: Judaic "Repair of the World" Delusion - Fraudulent "Climate Change" Issue - Gang Stalking and Electronic Weapons - Holding Onto the U.S. Constitution and the Bible - Defending Ourselves From Financial Parasites - Repealing the Federal Reserve Act & National Security Act - Locke's Individualism vs. Rousseau's Statism - Jews Are the Most Aggressive Special Interest Group (Nation Within a Nation) - Judaism Is the Modern Recrudescence of the Babylonian Mystery Religions - Judaic Megalomania and Psychopathy - Chabad Lubavitch Radical Judaic Sect



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  1. Has it ever dawned on anyone that the hijacking of earlier culture, Emporer Hoy Toy of the red races of Atlantas descent, (Iroquoi) persecution of goddess balanced masculine and feminine earlier religious concepts often referred to as the roots of earlier evil with little true research in to these earlier cultures and concepts of Krestus, Krast, Christ concepts and other still ringing true acknowledgements of enlightenment and peaceful advanced life, personifications of diety and the history that the general masses seem to be hell bent on believing, that very possibly in fact that modern Christianity is yet another ploy or mass fooling of the masses in to a pagan creation of Constantine other parties in interest, the Vatican and empire material psychos? While one can speak truth with a written book as a basis this effect is not uncommon and denies that personal knowledge, direct communion and understanding of the universal intelligence and consciousness or God be it male, female, both or eternal and in no need of being either one is a possibility without some sort or ritual based on book or books most of the roots or which are locked away in the Vatican or buried on shelves in dusty corners. Further in depths conscious contact and seeking of the picture seems to reveal organized religion is multi-layered plan to divide and conquer with people still relying on some imagined man or woman like deity or entity providing for them what they must find for themselves personally. If you only think God lives within you because you read it in a book then you do not know it. Knowing and believing are two different things. Love for all life....

    1. To disengage from organized religion is frightful for most people because it requires one to take full responsibility for all one's actions. It can no longer be brushed aside with "god's will allowed it" or "the devil made me do it". To stand alone from organized anything guarantees you will be totally on your own; most won't understand you, some will hate you because they fear witnessing what you are and the rest will ridicule for the same reason. Bravo AirCarvings!

    2. Please see "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross" by John M. Allegro. It is a controversial translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls and involves etymology. Very boring but...the vatican't stand this and bought the publisher and buried it. Used copies tell us about origins of words and if I understand it and other stories correctly... about the symbols of Christmas / Santa Claus. Imagine we the people having access to direct communion with God. Spirit. Source. No middleman/priest to interpret for us/them. Note those silly split hats the pope wears. We meant to be like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed horsesh!t.

  2. Talmudic "know our hyde"..... "laws".................misspelt ...to...MOCK...their ....WORTHLESSNESS.

    "Government" can legally kill Christians ? $!£$ ????


    The so-called "government".....CANNOT.....LAWFULLY KILL.....CHRISTIANS !

    There is a chasm of difference between ....LAWFUL...and ....legal.

    "Legal" simply means the action conforms with the....unlawful ink-on-paper "legalese....that the ....MUTANTS....have pulled..... out of their DERRIERES...and liberally scrawled across copious PILES of "parchment".

    The WORTHLESS UNLAWFUL statutes, clauses etc relate to "mari-time" so-called "law".
    The statutes relate to the.....legally dead.....not the.....BLATENTLY ALIVE & BREATHING.

    Legalese lacks lawful authority in respect of the ....UNALIENABLE RIGHTS....conferred on mankind by the Prime Creator.
    Unalienable rights relating to Molmutine/Common Law.

    Should the..... a$hkeNAZI SCUM or their STOOGES....kill Christians.....the relatives, friends, agents, of the murdered can, under Common Law......REPAY the FAVOUR.

    The... "knew wurrled ODOUR" ...has.... NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY...over ...MANKIND....in spite of the reams of ink embellished paper; the intent of ....WITCH....is to ...DUPE....mankind into ....be.LIE.ving.....the opposite.

    1. The.....FAKE......WORTHLESS.......NULL & VOID.........so-called Legal CYST-em........Cyst, as in PARASITIC entity/energy.

      The COURT is a RAQUET devoid of Lawful authority.


      The so-called .....cween of England.....is an .....IMPOSTER......according to Greg Hallett .....



      The "cween" is said to be a daughter (by sperm donation) of Winston Churchill mixed with the biological matter of a female PROXY a "stand in" for Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.....the "cween" mum !
      Elizabeth B-L choose not to proceed with the marriage to George VI deputising her maid to contract the marriage in her place.
      "King" George VI was known to be neurologically challenged with an IQ "hovering" around that of imbecile, so the decision of the "genuine" Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon to "retire" to a life of relative obscurity in France is understandable.
      "cween" liz of "england" is therefore illegitimate and in terms of DNA, not of Royal blood.

      Queen Victoria, according to Greg Hallett is thought to be the illegitimate daughter of Lionel Nathan Rothschild, in addition to being the "sleeping partner" of Lionel Nathan Rothschild.
      LNR is said to have fathered the children of Queen Victoria as, "Prince" Albert's "interests" lay elsewhere.
      Prince Albert's premature death is speculatively considered to have been initiated and accelerated in order to remove him from a household in which the children bore little physical resemblance to their "father".

      For those interested in the RAT-child infestation of "high places", it is worthwhile looking at "cween" Victoria's.... FAMI-LIE Tree....on Wikipedia and substituting LN Rothschild as the .....royal inseminator.....the resultant picture will illustrate the .........RATs-child INFESTATION of the "royal houses" of Europe.


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