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Executing Flight Maneuvers on 9/11 - Vertical Acceleration Into the Pentagon - American Fight #77 Flew Over the Pentagon 45 Minutes Prior to Impact - Murder With Discretion and Forethought - Commander Charles Burlingame - Decoy, Drone and Crash Maneuvers on 9/11 - Trigger a Double-Occurrence Claim on WTC Towers - Airline Pilots Association Pay Psychiatrists to Make Pilots/Expert Winesses Go Away - Flying Jets in Islamic Kazakhstan Around Tall Buildings - Importing Mercenaries

March 2, 2016 · Richie Allen with Field McConnell 

The Richie Allen Show

Sliney, Herndon And Trump (SHAT) – Serco Sam-Cam Death Pools – Clinton Decoy And Bin Laden Drones

The Trump Organisation – a.k.a. the Commission – placed Ben Sliney as FAA National Operations Manager at the Herndon Air Traffic Control System Command Center to sabotage a timely response to the rogue-hijacking war games of 9/11. Serco CEO Chris Hyman and the UK's 'Sam Cam' met in one of the death-pool suites of the Sheraton chain of hotels in New York on Monday September 10, 2001 to agree on the numbers of victims to be targeted for spot fixing on the following day. The Clinton Foundation set up a decoy meeting in Montreal to pull airport managers out of position for the 9/11 war game Global Guardian while Sliney's air traffic controllers flew droned Boeing passenger aircraft past NEADS interceptors.

AD's Global Ops Director Field McConnell ( 43 year ATP/23000 hours widebody Captain) is available for interview by media leaders who feel their readers or audiences may not understand the real story of Serco 9/11 and why voters need to keep Hillary-Trump out of the White House!

G: IRS + Obama + Marcy + Field McConnell + 9/11

The IRS has targeted Field McConnell because he has exposed his sister Kristine Marcy as the individual who approved Obama's 1994 Passport changing his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama and the fact that she, Kristine Marcy, began working with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 1988 after FAA Ben Sliney began the planning for remote control Boeings and Sky Warriors of 9/11 False Flag!

1. Abel Danger (AD) alleges that Ben Sliney infiltrated ex-PATCO militants equipped with Canadian anti-hijacking technology into the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center and Contract Towers to execute the decoy, drone and crash maneuvers of 9/11.

2. AD asserts that in 1988, Ben Sliney helped Donald Trump develop a death-pool shuttle service for the Mafia Commission – Five Families, Chicago Outfit, Philly Mob – out of Montreal so Trump could deploy long-range hit teams beyond the reach of RICO laws.

3. AD asserts that Serco loan sharks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, Bank of New York/Mellon, HSBC, Citibank) helped Trump and Sliney hide Commission assets in 'plane' view inside The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal.

4. AD asserts that Kristine Marcy – Field McConnell's sister – uses Serco's National Visa Center to import mercenaries and embed them as sleeper cells in various mobbed-up labor unions or 8(a) protégé programs for activation at mass-casualty death-pool events.

5. AD asserts that Serco equipped pay-to-play donors to the Clinton Foundation with the Navy's Onion Router so they could sponsor a cat bond and trigger a double-occurrence claim after imported mercenaries "pulled" both WTC Twin Towers on the same day.

6. Global Operations Director Field McConnell is preparing an affidavit.

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#2608: Sliney, Herndon And Trump (SHAT) – Serco Sam-Cam Death Pools – Clinton Decoy And Bin Laden Drones

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  1. Experts of the witness kind are deemed to have credible, reliable opinions. Only opinions. As they have no first hand knowledge they must rely on skill, education and training the three requirements for and expert witness. Evidence that they use it to control pilots they do not want to say or do something is the fact that a pilots have even been of the highest regard, have done nothing in the way of violating rules, have not crashed or endangered anyone and to the contrary could have just received an award for safety employee of the year. Despite no one else noticing anything the so called psychological expert makes a claim that the pilot might do something that in fact anyone might do like get in to an accident. It is hard to argue against the possibility since anyone could get in to an accident or some future possible event. Often one expert will argue one way and one the other. Supreme Court Judge Sanders commented that they use psycho-babble that no one but them can understand and he could see the day coming when people will be locked up not for what they have done but for what they might (or might not do) Statistics and probability, mostly mere guesses, crystal ball gypsy predictions. They do not have any data base proving out what they say might or might not happen actually has even happened in any cohesive way that even makes sense.


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