Saturday, March 26, 2016

LBJ and the Killing of JFK, with Roger Stone

JFK 50th Anniversary Assassination Panel with Roger Stone and Jim DiEugenio 


  1. I ALWAYS KNEW THE CHINESE WERE INVOLVED AND HAVE STATED IT ON HERE MANY TIMES , THEIR DOCTRINE FOR WAR IS VERY CLEAR , BIO WEAPONS , TAKE DOWN FROM THE INSIDE 1ST BEFORE THE MAIN ATTACK .. Erik Prince, the notorious former chief of the mercenary company Blackwater, is facing possible charges in the US for selling military services to Libya and money laundering, according to an exclusive story in The Intercept.

    Prince, who sold off his Blackwater operation in 2010 after years of controversy, set up the Frontier Services Group in 2014 with the help of major Chinese investment firm Citic Group.The ex-Navy Seal is alleged to have sought and received help from Chinese intelligence to create a Bank of China account for his Libya activities.

  2. I WONDER WHO ORGANISED FILES TO CONFESS . MAYBE HE WAS ONE OF THEM ?? THIS IS INTERESTING , 993 FAS Public Service Award to George Soros (10… Zoom in .... Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, Wallace Award STRANGE HE WOULD BE CONNECTED TO THAT FAMILY .


  4. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base has been in Cuba since 1903 and throughout all of the decades until the present. The US has had a presence IN Cuba and is still there. Why are all these talking heads ignoring this FACT. Castro is one big false flag operation. You can identify all the corrupt agencies, people and operations you want but you have to look at the context...the big picture. Kennedy was a puppet of a group of wealthy oligarchs i.e. his father and other industrialists. Castro was a puppet of the Jesuits/Vatican/whoever...


  6. That dirty POS LBJ..I always knew he was a complicit SOB..All you really need do is LOOK at his Evil Ugly face..GUILTY..Funny thing in a way: He used to pull out HIS Johnson and wave it at people and yell etc..Nice gentleman waving his penis at people bragging about it etc..IM surprised someone didnt ICE him..I would have..To blow someones brains(jfk) all over his innocent wife..Pure hate and revenge...Nothing NEW under sun..Evil continues..Reading faces is EZ 4 me 9 out of 10 right..

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