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Dugin's Guideline - Philip Breedlove

Source: Katehon

Aired on: March 12, 2016

Dugin's Guideline - Philip Breedlove

Dugin's Guideline about Philip Breedlove

Greetings, you're watching Dugin's Guideline.

Recently, on Capitol Hill, the US military tried to justify the next increase of the military budget. The argument: the need to deter Russia. General Philip Breedlove was the main speaker.

For us it is not so important whether they will increase the budget or not. More essential is how do they perceive Russia and what do they plan to do?

Breedlove's speech was already labeled as "Putin's deconstruction". The fact is that he directly, in a soldier-like style, explained what is in Putin's mind and what should be done to affect these cognitive processes. It is not so important if Pentagon hawks succeeded in guessing the Russian President's real thoughts. In fact, it seems that it's a puzzle not only for our enemies, but also for our friends. The most important thing is how the most hawkish part of the American military and political elite sees us and what they are going to do as a result.

So, Breedlove believes that the American sanctions against Russia haven't brought a decisive result. It is crucial declaration. They thought that they could beat us, but failed. Something went wrong. Here is how the NATO general explained it.

It turns out that Putin has learnt how to deal with internal troubles. He transforms them into foreign ones. The West tightens the sanctions against Russia, who starts a military operation or territorial reunification or even stops the migrant influx in Europe. American tactics are not working! The patriotic sentiments are growing in Russia, and Europe is beginning to wonder if they made the right decision.

Putin is strong, and Obama is troubled and uncertain. He promised peace, but rivers of blood were shed. He started new wars, failed to withdraw American troops from problematic regions, and hasn't solved any problems. Europe faces a rather stupid scenario. They supported their big NATO brother, but the results were the opposite: sanctions hurt the Europeans themselves, neo-Nazi Kiev showed its terrible face and became more threatening and insane. And, finally, there is the migrant influx, which is raping everything that moves. But, order and stability is close to Europe, in Russia. Isn't it time to change your partner?

That is what Breedlove doesn't want to allow. How? It's very simple. He needs three billion dollars for the European Reassurance Initiative. It's not a joke. It is a real project name. Its sense is too simple, like the brains of a man in the American military: to invade Europe with American troops, bases and ammunition that no one could question. Of course, if European citizens finally turn into service staff for American military bases, Europe would feel more confident. So the purpose – reassurance - will be achieved.

Of course, the General could not openly say this, as there is some code of behavior – even with junior partners.

To avoid any trouble, Breedlove said that Putin must be deterred.

Previously, as Breedlove said, the US saw Russia as its partner but failed to hug it to death. Now, only one way remains - deterrence.

Much like the economic sanctions, media propaganda and diplomatic pressure have not deterred Putin, and the agents of influence of the fifth and sixth columns aren't able to launch a Russian color revolution, so there is only one option: to apply pressure using military actions. This is why the policy of deterrence has a military component, and, therefore, three billion dollars is required.

Now, the most interesting thing: what are the reasons for the deterrence besides the allocation of billions? Breedlove decided to psychoanalyze Putin to respond to this possible criticism. So we have a conclusion, it is only possible to deter someone when they realize that they are being deterred. In other words, if Putin realizes that the US has started to apply serious military pressure on Russia, he will see that he has no possibilities to transform home troubles into foreign ones. So, he will become deterred. In fact, it is not so important to deter Putin using military methods, but rather to pretend to do it. It is some kind of military Postmodernism or just a trick.

Goodbye, you've watched Dugin's Guideline on deterrence.

I'm sorry if I called a spade a spade.

Source: Choose Your Side

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Russia, China, Korea etc., you're all under Congress too! 

Anyone who has ever studied the bait and switch scenario in the advertising world will recognize this act for just that. So, why would this be important for you to you know if you don't live "in the United States" (which is NOT a land mass, it is a stile, chain of events, Congressional ACTS) as one might say? Remember, Congress was given world dominion under the Atlantic Charter in 1941 - the NWO IS HERE, NOW.

So, your "country" (Canada, Australia, NZ, Russia, etc), which are registered to do business on the American exchange is now "commissioned" through Congress and you are also now subject matter for offsetting Congressional debt. It's all banking, and you're a special deposit! See the agreements the USofA has with each "country" - they are the same entity - THEM vs. US.

All the world's a stage and we see every day the big media shows for the sheeple (they call us that, that's why we use the word) that present Russia and USofA as DIFFERENT governments, but they are not, they are the same corporation! It's just presented to you that way to garner consent and so you keep funding it. If they get you to buy into it, they've got your mind (and dollars); they do this with instilling fear of going to war, fear of sanctions, fear of economic woes, patriotism, on and on...

This shouldn't be surprising when you remember the meaning of the word congress: "with transgression". Many of these things are overtly in our faces but we have never been taught how to see them.

One could see the world stage like a game of Risk or a big mall with different "stores" and there is the Russian "store" of Congress, the Canada arm or "store" of Congress, the Australian arm, the UN arm...ALL of Congress (the King, this is just veiled in modern times). The FBI (the enforcement arm), CIA (the production arm, media hoaxes, etc), NSA (the spying arm), IRS (the dollar collecting arm), Obama (the microphone), Putin (the "bad cop"), etc, etc; all subdivisions of the same controls all UNTIL you stand. Then the sword of your wrath will be made known. Where have you heard that? Revelation. Breaking the seals refers to these realizations, one by one, in you, that this is being done to mankind. Who else is going to do it? Do you think "Jesus" is going to come via a bearded dude flying in from the sky? Or do you think that force will come through each of us waking up and banishing psychopathy from the world to facilitate the New Jerusalem?

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  1. Dead right , just read all the treaties the Royals have with every country , they run the lot even China goes running to the Royals seeing as they have been sucking the life out of every country for hundreds of yrs . Cut down on your power while their power bill was 48 million pounds for a yr paid by taxpayers . They are the ultimate scam artists mind you Rockefller isnt far behind along with the Vatican crooks .


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