Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nuclear weapons are a hoax. Nuclear power is likely another hoax.

HIROSHIMA: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? Nuclear truth - Rerevisionist & John Friend

3½-hour audio talk ('Lords of the Nukes' audio) 1½-hour audio talk (2013 interview w. Deanna Spingola) 1½-hour audio talk (2014 interview w. John Friend)

Nuclear weapons are a hoax. Nuclear power is likely another hoax. Explore history, politics, scams, war plans, 'Jews', nuclear weapon & nuclear power revisionism.

Further reading:

The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests Were Faked (Miles Mathis)

The Nuclear Hoax (Miles Mathis)

Abel Danger cautions to use discernment with all reporting and to evaluate specific claims carefully, regardless of the source.


  1. Another HOAX @ Hiroshima-Jesuit priests survive, unscathed

  2. Field: This has thrown me for a loop. What do you think about this?

    2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor - Vietnam era] ANTI-WAR retired.
    POB 177 W Pawlet, VT 05775
    802 645 9727

  3. yes it is indeed so. The last 70 + years are a constructive fraud. now the truth has yet again surfaced to detonate the deceit of the nuke weapon false paradigm. Bravo. This therefore means that the Cuban missile cr-isis was an objective to manipulate minds, alter political objective and cause widespread fear. Much $ created as the by product. The resultant energy created by the Mr and Mrs Joe Average human involved the electron after all.

    Weisenstein's Theorem: E = Mass Distraction + Confusion 2

  4. The only reason for the existence of nuclear power and their plants is for the production of weapons grade plutonium. And now the existence of humanity is in great peril.

  5. Thanks for promoting the nuke issues [weapons, and nuclear power, both frauds - is a forum which explored these issues very competently].
    See mainly Lords of the Nukes, if you can take 3 1/2 hour youtubes. This has 3 speakers in the soundtrack, and a large number of videos, books, drawings, extracts from online comments etc - find out about the truth behind Jewish fake atom spies, the Manhattan Project fraud, Einstein etc, the supposed Cuba Crisis, faked nuclear powered vessels, and scares - doomsday bomb, EMP weapons, radiation scares, H bombs and other junk. is 'Lords of the Nukes'
    part of
    Also look at priesthoodagitator [aka FirstClassSkeptic] who does detailed deconstructions of US press (eg Truman on Hiroshima being fire-bombed, films supposedly of atom bombs being loaded onto airplanes etc).

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