Monday, March 21, 2016

Reclaiming Liberalism and Defeating Feudalism

Dick Eastman (
March 20, 2016

As I watch the Tory Prime Minister cutting all benefits to the poor, merely to add to the interest tribute paid to the new Jewish-British ruling aristocracy – the impunity and arrogance, and the sense of entitlement by power with which they do it – I at first did not believe what I was seeing. Surely I am watching one of those absurd British humor shows – Monty Python, or a Dr. Evil routine in an Austin Powers movie – a comic absurd farce mocking upper-class arrogance and usurpation of the famed but unwritten (and really, make-believe) "British constitution" – but this is real.

We are seeing the end of liberalism – of real liberalism – and the return to a new feudalism made a thousand times more terrible because there is no Christianity in it at all: nothing but love of power, a criminal-class aristocracy up to their eyeballs in murder and child sex trafficking and the plundering of nations initiated by mass-murder false-flag operations. THERE IS NOT A PARTICLE OF LIBERALISM LEFT IN EITHER THE BRITISH OR THE AMERICAN RULING CLASSES. And Americans are so damn enslaved in their brains that the worst ideology they can name is liberalism; the worst epithet they can hurl at a political enemy is the hated name "liberal."

9-11 and the oligarchy's ability to prevent its discovery that it was a false-flag inside-job mass-murder frame-up was proof of the Judeo-Toryism that the commoners were powerless to stop – the revival of the old order of nobility and slave, of lord and powerless serf, of Wall Street Banker and debt slave, of international war-makers and soldiers who are mindless pawns sent to kill on command, sent even against their own population in their own country.

I see clearly what is happening, and there is no room for doubt. The worst monster the world has ever known is out of the closet where it has been hiding; or, more descriptively, out of the disguise of liberalism in which tyranny and upper-class depravity has been concealing its true ways and intentions. What we have here is resurgent Bank-of-England/ East-India-Company/ Rothschild total depravity wreaking havoc on the human race, as it first did when it conquered India and made her grow opium; when it forced opium upon what had been one of the highest civilizations of all time – the China of, say, 1750 – and then when China, led by Li Xiucheng, attempted to destroy the opium and end the trade, the most terrible of wars, the Opium War, forced China into submission, and to its degradation and destruction.

Now that same Bank-of-England/ East-India-Company/ Rothschild system of coercion and atrocity is forced on every nation, including the commoners of America and Britain. But the new masters are neither British nor American nor Christian; they are the international Jewish conspiracy, they hold every nation in debt slavery, and they have the power to take and kill, or take and rape and kill, any commoner anywhere in the world and get away with it, because they have all the money and all the weapons of shock-and-awe and amazing killing power; all the news media, all the educational and scientific institutions, the corporate news media, etc.

America is going through what China went through in the 1800s. First, opium; then, when China responded with a revolution based on the teachings of Jesus – setting up a true Christian republic with its own independent money supply, its own version of the message of the Prince of Peace, and freedom from opium and corrupt foreign-led government – the Bank-of-England/ East-India-Company/ Rothschild system sent its money, its guns, its officers to the wicked empire that Taiping had overthrown, and they forced upon China a civil war against the Taipings that killed more people than all of World War One. And why? To keep opium sales going; to keep Bank-of-England system finance going.

Today, there has been a war against Christianity and Islam – the two great religions of humanity that put all men on equal footing below a God of justice and mercy and goodness – but the world has been poisoned to hate America, because they have been told that the evils of America come from its Christianity; when, in fact, Jews have bought religious leaders and Bible interpreters, and with big money have created this monstrous blasphemy and anti-Christ Christian Right – and as they have done this, the Jews have redefined themselves as no longer white, and have sent their propagandists around the world to convince everyone that the white race, the Christian religion, and Islam are the great evils in the world, when this is not true.

I have managed, by accident of circumstance in my life, to remove the scales from my eyes and to see the matter as it is. I know many others – in isolation, as I have been in isolation – have worked out the facts of this resurgent feudal nobility tyranny: its systems, its incentives, its power, its devices, and its acts against humanity (I can't call them laws against crimes against humanity, because there are no longer any laws against crimes against humanity: the lords of tyranny write all the laws and officially interpret them now).

All that is left is commoners who, if they stand up, must do so on their own assertion of right, authored by themselves – and such assertion is called liberalism, and I reclaim liberalism – the creed of Franklin, Jefferson, and Paine; of Cobden, Bright, and Gladstone – and I call upon all who understand my words and the rightness of them, to form a new Liberal Party – the commoners' great liberal interest, without which there is no hope and no future.

Be liberal right now – this very second, and for every second of the life you have to come – for the good of all, and for the love of God. Does this sound crazy and melodramatic to you? If it does, then Donald Trump and David Cameron must seem as business as usual to you, which leaves nothing more to say.

And what of populism? By all means, let there be populism in money and economics, with this understanding: that populism is the only way to restore and to perfect the liberalism that sets us all free.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.


  1. All the ISM'S are no good and invented mainly by the Rothschild scum . Everyone wants freedom but cannot define what freedom is as a whole and what limits should be placed upon it . You simply cannot have one ruling class getting away with unspeakable crimes whilst everryone is put to the gun so to speak for minor crimes . A typical example is a woman who sent to jail 45,000 people on faked evidence , she wasnt even qualified and all she received was 5yrs out in 3 . That was in USA and she was Indian on a work visa or the 8a gang . The British did not back the Christians in China they backed the communists into power which tells you everrything about religion , used in my opinion to quell the crowd and believe in mystical things that can never be proven . As we now know those religions are run by Governments ,the Catholics for example are a front for the mafia bank . Non of them p[ay taxes but they are all very rich and never did help anyone but themselves . If people want to believe in anything good on them, but they should spend more time believing in themselves . Every war has been fought over religion for power and money which tells the story . Those who did not fall for the far feteched stories of virgins having children which is impossible", they did not die or go to hell and no body has ever come back from the dead .

  2. Its quite strange that with all the good writers and academics in the world no one has written about all the treaties with the Royals . They tell the story and clearly show there ae no enemies between the elite only between the people and the elite . Recemtly the Royals made it illegal for any Commonwealth country to discuss treaties they have made because the truth would be exposed .

  3. I work in a pizza shop with kids aged 16 to late 20s. They are zombies. They use google maps to travel one block. They waste all their money on coffee. None of them live on their own, nor pay their own way. They are a joke and it is ruining the business. They live in a bubble. All discussion is related to nothing of importance. They are our future? No, they are our demise. But they are our children, what has happened!?

    1. They have been programmed by mass-media social engineers. Recommended: the "Perpetual Adolescence" 5-part radio series by the Celtic Rebel (Feb. 3-Mar. 3, 2013). It explains plenty.

  4. Pizza shops and zombies. So then the Zombie thing is real in America then?

    My humble suggestion would be to stop purchasing all these CON-cepts. Once the CON-cept is purchased, at that point it is a little hard to observe what is going on for any self-preservation. Once financially and economically committed it's too late.

    Youth are being CON-verted by being CON-fused about their circumstances through social media. They are being fused into a new type of digitized feudalistic Apple iPhone citizenship cast.

    Digitization is feudalism which will be managed by a technocratic elite. Their new citizenship corporate statute standing in private commercial law under CFR will be "Selfie Citizen."

    The next pizza I order will be delivered by a drone. At least the drone won't open the box before delivery and help itself to a slice of pizza while looking for directions just down the block on a smartphone.

  5. I have no children of my own. I have two teenage nephews who are smart as hell, one putting himself through college. I also have a beautiful, super smart, with it, funny as hell 10 year old niece who puts most "adults" to shame with her with-it-ness. She uses her hands AND mind at the same time like some kind of super enlightened Being. She is the brightest light I know. There.

    A Happy Uncle

    1. Also from A Happy Uncle. One of these nephews at age 15 almost committed suicide because his girlfriend and him had some kind of pact. She killed herself but her father found out that they had this suicide pact and warned my sister and brother in law and they got my nephew the help he needed and he's OK now. So, not all cops are bad like the Lame Media is trying to get us believe. It is Evil that is Bad

    2. I should have noted in the previous post the father of the girl was a local police officer

      A Happy Uncle

  6. Evil is human in origin. Seems to have come in to big employ sadly when religion was redesigned in to a new kind of personification of diety(s) along with the idea that one single universe was not all things and all people and creatures but a man in some distant place, apart and separate, like a castle where earthly men rule as tyrants was the new pagan concept to take to heart, memorize and base all thinking upon. Peasants feeling lowly and in need of some kind of vicar to even perhaps get in a small prayer to this now distant god would need to behave and of course being disconnected had no way to define themselves other than via the large, enormous and "godly" Kings and rulers who happened to of course be good friends with this distant god and always were right and could rain down fire and brimstone on the masses if needed. (Only if they were bad or evil and disobedient to the King er I mean God) So now all their vain attempts to pretend and create this idea that they are the reason for the universe and have the only power is falling apart as people realize there are far more people than a few vain rulers even if they can toss around stupid movies, even dummer TV programs and the days of their fake hijacked holiness are numbered.

  7. GLADIO IS BACK Brussels, Belgium (CNN)Three explosions that ripped through the Belgian capital of Brussels on Tuesday killed at least 26 people and wounded 130 more, according to Belgian media, and raised the reality of terror once again in the heart of Europe.



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