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Welcome to the Hotel California–Why Donald Trump's anti-Neoconservatism might not be enough to prevent WWIII

Source: The Ugly Truth

ed note–Special thanks to the irreplaceable Sabba here at TUT without whose historical knowledge much of this could not have been written.

By Mark Glenn, 2016

Like an EKG announcing in shrill, ear-splitting decibels that a life-threatening cardiac event is in full swing, so too is an already-saturated-in-noise-pollution world made dirtier these days by the incessant screeching emanating from a certain religio-nationalist neighborhood, as minute by minute the residents there sink deep, deep, deeper into apoplexy over both the person and presidential candidacy of one Donald J. Trump.

That the world (or at least those portions of it prisonered by the stupefying and stupidizing effects of media-induced Zionist black magic) finds itself being carpet-bombed with news pieces and OpEds underscoring the sense of doom currently gripping Israel's partisans concerning a future Trump presidency is not an issue up for debate. Within every known means of mass communication the panic-stricken noise is as much everywhere as it is relentless.

And unlike many instances involving Judaic theatrics that oftentimes are more bark than actual bite, all can be assured that this panic–as visible as heat waves boiling off of sun-scorched pavement in mid-summer–is indeed the real deal. Like a rotten tooth gone to abscess causing throbbing, maddening pain for its victim, likewise the very jramatic, hysterical, full-throated displays of militant 'anti-Trumpism' (a Judaically-based, politically-correct bigotry embraced and propagated by unregenerate anti-Trumpites) does indeed indicate that an exposed nerve has not only been touched, but rubbed raw.

The aggravating factor in this case is the political possibility (probability?) of what the sum total of Trump’s words portend vis-à-vis Israel and for organized Jewish interests in general. The political establishment in America and all its members being in effect the equivalent of the Judaea Tabernacle Choir, where a carefully scripted soundtrack favorable only to Judaic interests repeats itself over and over again like a broken record, Trump stands out as a political Pavarotti of sorts, loud, proud, very broad in his vocal range and who with great aplomb sings not only from a different political page but in a different political key. What's more–to the obvious unnerving of those conductors wildly waving their batons in the air in commandeering the course of the program in directions that suit only them–Trump's political trumpeting attracts both attention and applause from a disenchanted political audience in America very much in the mood to hear something different besides the same-old, same-old.

Furthermore, all can be equally assured that not only are these anti-Trumpite elements not simply making noise just for the sake of making noise, but as well that bringing him down has been made prima prioritas. By hook or by crook, whether through some type of electoral chicanery or whether his physical safety is remanded over to the not-so-tender mercies of today's Sicarii (the Judaic assassins of yesteryear whose religio-political murder and mayhem sparked the 1st Roman-Jewish war lasting from 66 to 135 A.D) the leadership of La Kosher Nostra is as intent upon scuttling the chances of DJT becoming POTUS as they were in deep-sixing the political antics of one troublesome carpenter from Nazareth and using much of the same tactics.

Today's learned elders of Zion, trafficking in the same evasive, innuendo-based tactics towards Trump they have mastered over the course of thousands of years accuse him of (what else?) Nazism, racism, xenophobia, vulgarity, of 'putting America in danger' and a chorus line of other baseless, emotionally driven and irrelevant charges high in mud content. By doing so, they hope to electrify and energize the mob against him in favor of some Barabbas substitute pre-selected to do the bidding of the Jewish state, and as such, anything and everything is made the subject of political discourse, except of course the real thorn in Judaea's eye, which are the problematic noises Trump has made indicating that a tectonic movement of geo-political plates is about to occur with regards to the bigger plans Israel envisions not only for herself but as well for the rest of the world.

In particular, what has Judaea’s knickers in a knot are the concerns that a major rewrite of history is about to take place, where a political/religious hijacking that occurred decades ago (i.e. Israel's hostile takeover of America in the political, military, foreign policy and economic sense immediately following JFK's assassination) is about to be undone, with Trump representing the point-man of a political SEAL team sent in to deal with the hijackers in a manner up close and personal.

Furthermore — just as the previous metaphor suggests — it's not just Trump all by his lonesome that has Judaea so jittery these days, but something much bigger and much 'badder' than simply a billionaire real estate developer with a penchant for brash language.

If thousands of years of pogroms, expulsions, and being forced to wander from place to place amidst a sea of less-than-welcoming Gentiles has resulted in anything, it is the evolutionized capacity on the part of Judaea's 'managerial class' to divine possible/probable tomorrows based upon today's events. Armed with a school-of-hard-knocks-developed sixth sense, and utilizing social thermometers and barometers in detecting impending Gentile fevers and Gentile storms, the 'brains' of the Judaic body politic have indeed mastered the use of 'pre-emption' against those believed to possess even the slightest disaffections or disinclinations towards 'Am Y'Israel'–the people of Israel–or those otherwise perceived in some manner to represent an obstacle to Judaic designs.

This being the case then, the same pack of political hyenas now circling the would-be lion king understand that Trump is just one of a much larger and more dangerous pride of powerful alphas organized around the mission of clearing the American landscape of those poachers and scavengers calling themselves the Neoconservatives. Through that afore-described '6th sense,' they understand he is the proverbial tip of the iceberg indicating that something bigger and more foreboding is headed Israel's way than simply a candidate 'not wanting Jewish money' or promising to take an 'unbiased approach' to the Israeli/Palestinian situation. His comments concerning 'what really happened' on 9/11 and charging that a coverup took place, to his criticism of the Zionist-wrought disasters in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc that have destabilized the region and made it a breeding ground for terrorists, to his promise of improved relations with Russia, to his targeting of economically eviscerating trade deals and the problems associated with illegal immigration, all wrapped up in one nice, audiogenic phrase 'Let's Make America Great Again,' speaks volumes about what Trump & co have in store five minutes after he has taken his oath of office on Inauguration Day, 2017.

In sum, what's been made clear to the goombahs making up the Kosher Nostra Krime Syndicate is that a billionaire Wyatt Earp and his posse have ridden into town and that a 21st century political re-enactment of the infamous gunfight at the OK Corral is about to take place between heavyweights in the American power establishment and those deeply-entrenched Neocon saboteurs and spies sent in decades ago to destroy America from within.

The 'posse' organized around Trump that has Judaea so panicked these days is of course comprised of those as-of-now unnamed individuals and institutions, highly placed within the political, military, intelligence, law enforcement and economic apparati of the USGOV acting in much the same capacity as 'machers' bearing names such as Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Paul Singer, et al. Like a team of explosives experts carefully placing shaped charges in some soon-to-be-demolished building condemned as a hazard to public safety, likewise these elements — many closely involved in the 9/11 investigation and who know intimately Israel’s direct role in all of it (as well as her involvement in the murders of both Kennedy brothers, her deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY, the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995 and the near-total collapse of the US economy in September of 2008) are hard at work preparing for the soon-to-materialize 'clash of civilizations' between what remains of Pax Americana and the multi-tentacled, multi-headed, multi-horned beast representing those Judaic interests out to destroy the US and the West through the means of perpetual war, economic evisceration, and political dismemberment.

Of course, the first reaction on the part of those who understand the parasitic relationship existing between Judaea and the West is to point out the illogic of such a scenario–i.e. the destruction of that very system that has acted for decades as Israel's main sustenance in terms of cash, military hardware and political protection–in that it would in effect mean the death of the Jewish state itself.

This would certainly be the case if in fact the Jewish state truly needed all that Western lucre for its existence, which it doesn't. While it's true that during her infancy she depended heavily upon the money, arms, and support of the West while cutting her fangs, today however, things are different. What began as a baby crocodile that needed momma's help during its developmental stage has now grown into a monster of apocalyptically immense size, along with an apocalyptically destructive disposition and equally destructive apocalyptic hardware.

Despite her incessant demands for increased aid and reparations, Israel doesn't need the West's money per se. Receiving it certainly makes things easier for her, but like a millionaire-many-times-over taking advantage of various public assistance programs so as to leave his pile of geld untouched as it accrues interest, likewise Israel could walk away from western money and would fair none the worse. Indeed, not only letting go of momma's skirt, but indeed taking momma down and devouring her is very much on Israel's to-do list, for as soon as America has 'paid her debt' to Judean society (i.e. has fulfilled the requirements handed down by 'the court' and has made 'restitution' by destroying the entirety of the Muslim Middle East for Israel’s benefit, leaving the U.S. a bankrupted, broken empire) America will then be pushed out of region, leaving control of all the oil wells and refineries in the hands of the Jewish state. This–paired with her military might and uncontested dominance of the world's banking systems–will turn her overnight from a tiny slice of land innocuously referred to as 'a homeland for the Jewish people' into a nuclear-armed superpower threatening economic and atomic annihilation against anyone daring to resist her demands, just as those religious texts that function as the founding documents of her existence have outlined in clear detail now for thousands of years, to wit–
'Foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you…Your gates will always stand open, day and night, so that Gentiles may bring you the wealth of their nations, and their kings led in triumphal procession, for the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish, it will be utterly destroyed.'–Isaiah 60:10-12
And the notion that this is not a well-known fact to those making up the various gears of the Donald Trump bulldozer–powerful, well-connected individuals fully cognizant of not only what Israel's done to America in the past but as well what she plans to do tomorrow–hovers somewhere between the improbable and the impossible. These individuals, who have lived and breathed 'national security' for the entirety of their lives and whose job is to be constantly watching out for icebergs that threaten to sink the ship of state know what is coming, how bad it will be for them personally and thus, for reasons related to saving their own skin and their own necks, are mounting what is a (more-than-likely too little/too late) surgical strike aimed at removing the Neoconservative cancer from the American body politic in a desperate move to extend the life of the empire just a little bit longer.

Those handicapped in understanding how/why Israel would be willing to embark on such a mad course–burning down America and the West which have acted as both surrogate and midwife now for over half a century–do so only because of a deadly misunderstanding concerning the peculiar spiritual electricity that animates Judaic thinking in both the religious and political sense. Within the context of such a misunderstanding, Judaism and its cult members are perceived like any other religion, where universally accepted principles, manifested in a list of 'thou shalts' and 'thou shalt nots', guide the lives of its followers in ways that lend towards inner peace with the creator and mutual respect/cooperation with fellow man.

To make such a comparison is of course as erroneous as saying that wolves and sheep are the same because they happen to share a few similar characteristics, while at the same time leaving out of the equation the fact that one by its very nature is a ravenous carnivore whose main diet consists of the other.

Judaism — just as its followers state with a measurable amount of arrogance at every given opportunity — is not like other religions. There is no aforementioned menu of universally accepted 'do's' and 'don'ts' that guide its followers in ways that lend towards mutual respect/cooperation with fellow man. Judaism — as its name implies — is a political paradigm whose nucleus is the Jewish people themselves and as such, represents an inter-tribal political arrangement no different than what is followed by gang members who live in a state of war with organized society. It is a closed, members-only politico-religious club operating under the same pretenses as does La Cosa Nostra — 'our thing' — the only variance being that 'Cosa' is replaced with the word 'Kosher'.

More importantly, as it relates to the criminal activities associated with this gang and its war against America and the West, outsiders viewing all of this from the here-and-now perspective need to understand the deeply historical elements that are its primary driving force. As difficult as it may be for the Gentile mind to grasp, nevertheless it is a fact that today's Neoconservative termites chewing away at the body politic of the West do not see themselves engaged in a subversive, secret war with nations bearing names such as America, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc, whose populations originated in Europe prior to the age of colonization.

Rather, these various nations and their various peoples are seen collectively as the modern day extension of ancient Rome from which all of them originated. Their culture is Roman. Their systems of government are Roman. Their various languages and alphabets are Roman. Their military power — unchallengeable virtually throughout the entire world — is Roman, and all of this ‘Roman’ power is headquartered in the most ‘Roman’ of all the various players, the United States, complete with its various manifestations of Roman symbology — the Eagle, the Senate, its ‘presidential’ Emperor/Caesar and its sprawling military, economic, cultural, and political dominance over world affairs.

It is for this reason then that the West — led by the United States –was chosen by the elders of Zion as the vehicle by which Judaea's scattered, tattered people would be returned to their 'homeland' and why 'Rome' would be the source in suckling the Jewish state up to this very day with money, arms, and political protection. And not — as most would assume — due to the West's money and military power, but rather in making good on that old Judaic dictum of 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'.

The soon-to-erupt gathering storm cannot be understood without first looking backwards into history, and not just that period beginning with Theodore Herzl's First Zionist Congress held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897, but rather all the way back to 66 A.D., in a province on the eastern end of the Roman Empire known as Judaea and the series of revolts she waged against Rome that led to her destruction.

It was 2,000 years ago that the Judeans–just as dangerously xenophobic, fanatical, haughty, and prone to religious-inspired violence as their progeny are today–engaged in a multi-generational program of state-sponsored terrorism aimed at driving the Romans out of 'Eretz Y'Israel'. Led by a group known as the Zealots (whose progeny today exist in the various right-wing parties in Israel going by names such as Likud, Jewish Home, Shaas, etc) they utilized a network of spies and select assassins known as Sicarii ('dagger-wielders') tasked with murdering both Romans and fellow Jews deemed 'not sufficiently patriotic' vis a' vis the occupation of the land they believed was divinely deeded to them by their god, Yahweh. Rome — understanding well the dangerous implications associated with this growing lawlessness — sent in its legions to put down the revolt lest it spread to the other provinces. Led by the soon-to-be-made emperor Vespasian and his equally-soon-to-be-made-emperor son Titus, the Romans — starting in Galilee to the North — went from village to village, hunting down the insurgents and putting them to the sword. After successfully destroying the rebellion in the north, Jerusalem remained the last hold-out of Zealot/Sicarii resistance to Roman occupation. After an extended 7-month siege, Titus and his troops breached the walls of Jerusalem, and in the ensuing battle, the 2nd Temple (a re-build of Solomon's Temple destroyed 500 years earlier by the Babylonians) that was the centerpiece of daily Jewish life caught fire and was destroyed. Since it was Titus' plan to present the Temple to the Roman emperor as a gift, there would have been no reason therefore for its destruction by the Romans, and it is assumed then that the fire was an unintended consequence arising out of the battle taking place or else the Jews themselves set it alight in order to prevent what would have been a total victory for Rome.

The aftermath was all too predictable … The defeated Jews were taken away as slaves to Rome, along with all the Temple’s gold and valuables. Those not taken as slaves were forced to flee and live their lives as refugees throughout the Empire, from whence the term 'Wandering Jew' is derived. As a punishment for having breached the Pax Romana, a particular tax was levied against the Jews, the Fiscus Judaicus, equal in amount to the 2 denarii tithe they paid for the upkeep of their Temple in Jerusalem, which was then used for the upkeep of the central place of worship in Rome, the Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Adding insult and humiliation to injury, for 25 years after the defeat of Judaea, the Romans minted coins in every denomination celebrating their victory over the Jews, reading 'Judaea Capta' and showing Judaea as a grieving woman sitting at the feet of a victorious Vespasian.

Besides the Fiscus Judaicus being in place for as much as 300 years, Judaism itself — seen as the electrifying and energizing source of the rebellion — was also outlawed, at times punishable by death.

Nothing taking place today vis-à-vis Israel and her interaction with America and the West can be understood completely without first plugging all of this history into the equation. It must be remembered that this event — Rome's destruction of Judaea and the dispersal/humiliation of the Jews — is credited as the causal source of the constantly cited '2,000 years of persecution' which finally culminated in the 'persecution of all persecutions' — the misnamed 'Holocaust' and its claim of 6,000,000 ‘blessed Judaic souls’ being incinerated.

As Judaic reasoning goes, had the Romans not destroyed Judaea, this entire chapter of Judaic suffering would never have occurred, and therefore, not only are the Jews deserving of 'that land' they claim was given to them by their god, Yahweh, but more importantly, it is the duty of those responsible for bringing about this extended tragedy to make restitution, and since those responsible have gone on to meet their makers long ago, the onus therefore falls upon the heads of their progeny, those making up 'the West' today, in accordance with the old Judaic dictum that 'the sins of the father are visited upon the heads of his children'.

It is in this context therefore where it becomes clearer why the West is bled dry economically through 'reparations', financial 'aid' to Israel and usurious interest loaned by Jewish-owned banks to both governments and people alike. It is in this context where it becomes clearer why the blood of the young men and women serving in today's 'legions of Rome' is spilled on the sands of Iraq and other locales where they have been sent to fight those wars whose only beneficiary is modern day Judaea. Since the destruction of Jerusalem left a power vacuum that was then filled several hundred years later by the followers of Mohammed, it is therefore the duty of today's great-great-grandchildren of yesterday's Roman centurions who served in the army of Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus to wipe away the sins of their forefathers by militarily vacating that land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers termed 'Greater Israel' of all traces of non-Jewish inhabitants.

And in this way, a major re-write of history is effected, where the original celebratory phrase 'Judaea Capta, Roma Victor' is reversed and thus becomes 'Roma Capta, Judaea Victor', as clearly evidenced not only in the Great Seal of the United States, but as well in the 'coinage of the realm'–the American dollar — which features a Judaic Star of David sitting in superior position atop the eagle (the national symbol of both ancient Rome and Nova Roma, the United States of America) as well as an inverted Menorah placed over the eagle’s breast, one of the sacred items looted by the Romans and taken to Rome following Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 A.D.

The tragedy associated with the destruction of both Temples–first by the Babylonians and then by the Romans — is by no means considered inconsequential or trivial. Every year during the Judaic religious feast known as Tisha B'Av–considered to be the 'saddest' day in the Judaic year — Jews the world over recall with mourning the destruction of both temples and all the suffering that ensued, and particularly that 2,000 years of suffering that followed the events of 70 A.D.

It is of great interest to note that in Hebrew, 'Tisha B'Av' literally means the '9th of Av,' and 'Av' being the 11th month in the Judaic calendar year, what this translates into is, literally, '9/11'.

It is also quite curious and interesting to recall that on 9/11, the Twin Towers in New York–representing the two 'temples' of American (Roman) economic power–were destroyed by fire, not 'one stone being left upon another', in a reversal of fortune as befell the two Temples in Jerusalem. Across the river, in Jersey City, New Jersey, a group of five Israeli intelligence officers were seen by witnesses that day both filming and cheering at the destruction. They were arrested later that day, held for several months for extensive questioning by the FBI and then quietly sent back to Israel, where shortly thereafter they appeared on a talk show, admitted they were Israeli intelligence and that they were sent to 'document the event', indicating not only clear foreknowledge on the part of Israel, but as well involvement.

It must be remembered that on Tisha B'Av, 2001, when the 2 Temples of American economic power were destroyed, thus began the often-cited ‘clash of civilizations’ between modern Rome encompassing America, Europe, and the West, and 1.5 billion Muslims spread throughout the Middle East and beyond. It is this same 'clash of civilizations' which Netanyahu (the same creature who snickeringly characterized the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York as 'Good' in that it would generate 'immediate sympathy for Israel') predicted would last until the end of the century. And, as stated previously, the notion that the outlines of this plan in bringing about the destruction of modern day Rome by the modern-day progeny of yesteryear's Judaeans — has somehow escaped the discovery of those elements highly placed within the military, intelligence, political, and economic power centers of 'Nova Roma' lies somewhere between the improbable and impossible… And, from stage right, enter one Donald J. Trump…
'…And then a new king came to power in Egypt…"Look," he said to his people, "the Israelites have become far too numerous for us…Come, let us deal wisely with them, or else they will multiply and in the event of war, they will enjoin themselves to those who hate us and fight against us and then depart from the land…' Book of Exodus
Those who have watched over the years as 'the great experiment' in Judaic self-rule in the Middle East has descended deeper and deeper into a type of religiously-sourced, rabid, ultra-violent madness are doubtlessly hoping that with a Trump presidency, a planned re-enactment of Titus's destruction of the entire Judaic paradigm is in the works.

This may very well turn out to be the case, but in terms of it being part of the planned paradigm that Trump & co envision at this moment, this is unlikely.

Realistically, what Nova Roma and its would-be Caesar, along with his consuls, advisors, and generals are planning is not to hack the tree down at its roots, but rather to prune it and make it more manageable. The situation involving not only the Palestinians, but also all the other peoples in the region has become a ticking time bomb about to go off, and particularly now that a nuclear-armed Russia has entered an apocalyptically problematic mathematic equation where things could get out of hand very quickly in ways that would prove irreversible. More than likely, what Team Trump have in mind is a distancing of Nova Roma from Judaea and a situation where pressure is put upon this unhealthy manifestation of religio-political madness in order to bring it to heel. Netanyahu & co will be told that high noon has arrived, that it is time to abide by the various international resolutions requiring Israel to pull back to those original territories allotted to the Jews by the UN and that all the land stolen after the 6 Day War is to be vacated and returned to its owners. AIPAC and all the other tentacles representing organized Jewish interests in America –slightly-more sophisticated manifestations of the Sicarri of yesteryear who today engage in spying, bribery, blackmail, political sabotage, etc, in furthering the agenda of modern day Judaea–will, after a series of criminal prosecutions and convictions, be forced to register as agents of a foreign power in conformity with the same FARA requirements which JFK and his US Attorney General brother Robert were pushing to implement.

What must be remembered however is that to Netanyahu and his band of fellow Zealots — who have all sworn blood oaths wholly dedicating and consecrating themselves not only to the destruction of Rome but as well to the realization of those ancient Judaic prophecies foretelling a New World Order with Jerusalem as its capital and with 'Judaic values' operating as the dominant protocols — the 'change of plans' envisioned by Trump & co are viewed as nothing short of an extinction-level event.

A Judaea confined to a mere sliver of land residing along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, rather than the sprawling global empire ensconced between the Nile and Euphrates rivers — just as depicted both in the 'holy books' making up the Torah and on the Israeli flag itself — would in effect be a statement that Judaism and all its precepts are a patent fraud. Thus, at a time when the world finds itself bit by bit evolving forward and upwards and in the process, shedding the skin of irrational, antiquated and superstitious ideas in favor of both personal and collective enlightenment and progress that results from the application of facts and reasoning, the liability that Jewry itself will break free from the mental chains of its Judaism and walk cooperatively and peaceably with the rest of the Gentile world is something that threatens the very existence of the entire Judaic paradigm going all the way back to the Book of Genesis.

Furthermore, it needs to be noted that the entire destruction of Rome taking place at the moment is doubtless being done for 'religious' reasons as well, in that a new feast celebrating the destruction of a Gentile nation who got sideways with God's chosen people is being scripted in real time so as to accompany other Judaic feasts such as Passover, Purim, and Hannukuh that celebrate the destruction of Egypt, Persia and Assyria, respectively.

And it is for this reason then that today's Zealots — firmly in control of unspeakable apocalyptic power whereby entire civilizations can be reduced to smoking, smoldering ruins, either through a pre-planned economic first-strike such as took place on 9/11/2008 or through the use of those nuclear weapons which Israel has doubtless smuggled into the various provinces making up Nova Roma under protection of diplomatic pouch (to say nothing of her state-of-the-art nuclear-armed submarines) will simply not allow the change of political seasons heralded by the person of Donald J. Trump to materialize without having the 'last laugh' in the form of their often-threatened use of the 'Samson Option'.

In many ways, the entire scenario is reminiscent of the final scene from the film Gladiator, where the beloved Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius faces off against the scheming, ambitious, very Judaic-in-appearance-and-behavior Emperor Commodus in the Coliseum. The crowd watches with fascination the spectacle taking place before them, without realizing that the fate of the entire Empire–and by logical and irrevocable extension, their own futures–hinges on who wins this battle.

And in other ways, the desperate move on the part of certain elements within Nova Roma to circumvent the final stages of a 2,000 year old vendetta on the part of Judaea is reminiscent of the final stanza of a popular song from the 1970's, where the author has just realized he has walked into a prison of sorts where his continued existence is now in serious question–

'Mirrors on the ceiling…
Pink champagne on ice, and she said, 
"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device"
And in the master's chambers, 
They gather for the feast… 
They stab it with their steely knives, 
But they just can’t kill the beast'… 

'Last thing I remember, I was running for the door… 
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before… 
"Relax," said the nightman, 'We are programmed to receive… 
You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave…' 

By Mark Glenn, 2016


  1. Thus confirms my ongoing suspicion and research into israel. And those lyrics mentioned have been an amazing insiration for me my entire life. Excellent thesis mr Glenn.

  2. The world would have been spared this nightmare and we would all be enjoying paradise on Earth right now had the arrogant pricks simply taken the Carpenter at His Word and believed the good news of the Kingdom. If there were a Darwin award for entire nations...

    1. "Jesus" is part of the deception as well, wake up:


  3. So guess Asia has never been much of a serious consequence to the world and even today controlled by Jews. Probably better. People who are so quiet even with a large secret society remaining for the most part silent and merely claiming a right of self defense could not be much of a problem for the true big players outlined in the books or book perhaps and even if not being a part of the west had no or will have no significant part in ancient or current history. Once Jew get totally in charge doubt if anyone will remain totally unconvinced so guess like the story goes the gentiles will serve them as required by the volcano god of fire and brimstone who as promised returned to defend against the atrocities of overbearing Roman Rule of the day and indeed will rain fire, wrath and terrible punishment on all who are not loyal followers. Nice try but no bananas.

  4. This Glenn guy is deluded, Trump is part and parcel of the entire scheme:

    Donald Trump: We Are Staring "The Devil" Right In The Face


  5. Truth be told, I've learned to be very cautious and untrusting in many sources around the net. I enjoy the articles at this site, as it gives me some 'hope' that things may change in our country, but I've also learned that hope and truth were Bernay's expertise. I WANT to go back to the days when I believed our men in uniform and those we call 'leaders' were loyal to our nation and it's people FIRST, and not men who sold their souls for a price. Not sure if that will ever happen, as the more I read, the greater my knowledge of what a horrible illusion we live in.

    I'm just being completely honest, we don't know what to believe anymore because Belief is created by other 'men' and we can only take what feels good to us, and that becomes the reality we choose to live in. With that said, this is probably the best article I've read regarding Trump's run for office, and those whose plans are to control the world. Whether Trump and the others are doing it for selfish reasons as well, we will again, have to wait and see.

    One other thing, I think the 'Romans' are as much involved in this never-ending destruction of humanity as their counterpart Jews, in fact, I believe they are run from the same headquarters in Rome, where deception among who is a Jew and who is a Catholic is a mystery to the people, but not themselves, but the facts remain, they DO work hand in hand in some of the greatest evil this world has seen, one pretending to be holy, the other pretending to be something they are not, and both claiming it for the (communistic) 'common greater good' - it's just not OUR greater good, but for the good of the little 'gods' who run this show.

    Thanks for the article - I found it an excellent read!


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