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  1. As the last veteran of the American Civil War (1861-1965), President McKinley never forgot the debt the United States owed Russia for saving their entire nation during this dark period of history as British and French troops massed in Canada and Mexico to invade a war-torn US—but who were stopped in their tracks when Tsar Alexander II sent his entire naval fleet to the US threatening a global war against both Britain and France should they even dare set one foot upon American soil. On 24 October 1863, the London satirical publication Punch published a vicious caricature of US President Abraham Lincoln and Russian Tsar Alexander II, demonizing these two friends as bloody oppressors.

    So, when McKinley became President in 1897, the British Empire was all-powerful and ruled the oceans of the world with their mighty fleet dictating global trade through their free trade agreements that left hundreds-of-millions in poverty, destroyed entire nations and indigenous populations and reduced to slavery and abject poverty all who opposed them. And in 1892, McKinley warned the American people about the British by saying:

    “Under free trade the trader is the master and the producer the slave. Protection is but the law of nature, the law of self-preservation, of self-development, of securing the highest and best destiny of the race of man. [It is said] that protection is immoral.

    Why, if protection builds up and elevates 63,000,000 [the U.S. population] of people, the influence of those 63,000,000 of people elevates the rest of the world. We cannot take a step in the pathway of progress without benefiting mankind everywhere.

    Well, they say, 'Buy where you can buy the cheapest'.... Of course, that applies to labor as to everything else. Let me give you a maxim that is a thousand times better than that, and it is the protection maxim: 'Buy where you can pay the easiest.' And that spot of earth is where labor wins its highest rewards.”

    And not just in words did President McKinley take on the British Empire, but by his actions too in proposing with Russia that they jointly create the largest railway system in the world that would stretch from Europe, across the Bering Straight into Alaska, continue down through North America into Mexico, and end in the South American nation of Argentina—and that President McKinley labeled as “the future for humanity”.

  2. It is very easy to see whats not right, intel agencies or death squads if you will are running everything for the cabal crooks who are the elites .


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