Monday, April 25, 2016

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents


  1. What a waste of talent- Abby Martin , imagine her in killery's position there wouldnt be anyone who could touch her in a debate . She has got it all, and is mighty hot to boot .

  2. Funny that it should start in Germany , i guess the getting caught with the fake video of Brussels fake attack was too much for them. It was from Russia in 2011 .
    Top BILD Editor Blows Whistle: It's a Propaganda Mouthpiece

    Former editor Peter Bartels has confirmed what readers already knew - that BILD is crass German government hogwash

  3. Kurds shedding blood for ‘risk-averse’ Britain in war by proxy – scholar . Britain is using “biddable” Kurdish fighters to avoid losing UK troops in another “unpalatable” war, a former soldier turned academic claims.

    Rob Thornton served nine years in the British infantry before becoming a lecturer in insurgency and modern warfare at Kings College, London.

    In an article for Sustainable Security, he argued British military authorities are using the Kurds to avoid more unpopular Afghanistan-style troop deaths, but said the decision was a fraught one. The British are always behind the wars .

    1. Maybe the Bnai-Brits can find some Hessian mercenaries for hire to do their dirty work, as in the 1770s? What wankers.

  4. Big bad jew boys with the Stolen $$ money and Stolen power will put their witch in office asap..hillary rotten owes about a thousand favors and mighty BIG Favors..After all, she has been given Many Millions making it billions..SHE has to PAY UP or else..I guess her and red nose bill clinton are difficult to get to for a HIT...2 bad for us


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