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Jim St­one: Is Egyp­tAir MS804 a repeat of Malaysia Airlines MH370? - Dick East­man: Egyp­tAir MS804 is most like­ly a remot­e-con­trol hijack­ing, for th­ese rea­sons

Is Egyp­tAir MS804 a repeat of Malaysia Airlines MH370?
May 19 2016

UPDATE: No wreckage found, as reported earlier. Now it looks like it could be another MH370!

I have sifted through the reports and concluded that all the wreckage reports are from a single Greek ship captain who does not seem to know what he is talking about, and "authorities" jumping the gun. No credible photos have been produced yet from any source whatsoever. CNN has a hoax posted. All others have the same hoax posted. To date, NO CONFIRMED WRECKAGE FOUND.

UPDATE: It was confirmed that before takeoff, the plane was changed from an Airbus A320 to a Boeing 737-800. If your news source is still talking Airbus, they are BUNK.

Pardon me as I sift through the wreckage of news reports.

My early conclusion: Plane electronically hijacked and landed in Israel. A 90 degree turn to the left, followed by a 360 degree turn, equals a 90 degree turn to the left, which would be STRAIGHT TOWARDS ISRAEL.

The latest reports simply have the pilots going silent – no fireball, no debris, just a sudden change of course and drop in altitude with deactivated transponder and silent pilots, like we saw with MH370. CONCLUSION: If this is true, the plane was diverted to Israel. It had no fuel to go elsewhere, and no one else could have done this. After showing a sudden turn towards Israel and sudden dive of the aircraft, the radar was blanked also. 66 people aboard. HMMMMMMMMM … 66 people aboard. Down from an originally reported 69. Yep. Time to find out if those 3 air marshals reported to be aboard were provided by Israeli security companies! THEY WOULD BE NEEDED TO THREATEN THE PASSENGERS AND CONFISCATE CELL PHONES AND MAKE THREATS TO PREVENT PASSENGERS FROM MAKING PHONE CALLS AFTER THE PLANE WAS FORCED DOWN IN EITHER TEL AVIV OR SOME HELL BASE IN THE ISRAELI DESERT. BINGO, I THINK WE MIGHT HAVE IT: DEBRIS TRAIL, OR THAT IS THE STORY. WHY THREE AIR MARSHALS FOR 56 PASSENGERS? BINGO!!!!

Now we *really* need the background of the passengers aboard. If there is no debris trail (I have confirmed all the reports on debris trails are a hoax so far) and if none actually shows up, the plane was forced to land in Israel – there is no other possibility. DEBRIS TRAIL OR ISRAEL, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION!

QUESTION: How do you revise the number of passengers and crew to 66 after the plane took off? Common Core boarding log math tabulators???? How does that type of number, which is set in stone at the boarding booth, get changed later? ISRAELI SHOOTDOWN, OR ISRAELI ELECTRONIC HIJACKING, that's how.


Original early report follows – for as long as no credible wreckage or bodies are found, the above is what I am going with; but here is the initial report, which was based on early reports which now appear to be inaccurate:

The lack of response from the pilots, and the flight pattern of the aircraft as it crashed, strongly indicate a missile strike to the nose of the aircraft. If it was a bomb in the cargo hold or cabin, the pilots could have still talked as the plane broke up, and the breakup would have been faster. This breakup involved a 90 degree turn and a full 360 degree turn. This means the wings were still on the plane, and enough time passed for the pilots to radio a distress call. Lack of this proves a hit to the cockpit. Obviously "Islamic terrorists" are going to be blamed (and already are), but this is most probably an Obama, Clinton and Nut Yahoo production due to the altitude and location of the event, and the difficulty of getting a missile as high as the plane was flying. Only a missile could have done this. Easily accomplished from Israeli airspace.

And remember, it is still an "act of terror" if Israel does it. Trump could be totally right about the "terror" angle, and totally wrong about who actually did it.

Hoax news sites are reporting ISIS responsibility and muddying the waters. Everything still points to missile strike by Israel. This is not a "bomb in the cabin" type incident, which would have given the pilots time to radio out. They were in contact with the ground when this happened, said nothing about anything, and vanished. That equals missile strike to the cockpit; and in that area, only Israel or the Egyptian government could have done it, and I seriously doubt Egypt doing this. Who was aboard this aircraft? Same old important question….

* * * * *

Egyp­tAir MS804 is most like­ly a remot­e-con­trol hijack­ing, for th­ese rea­sons

Dick Eastman ( 
May 19, 2016

The way EgyptAir MS804 broke with air traffic monitoring on May 19, 2016, making an unscheduled turn to port of 90 degrees, followed by a turn to starboard a full 360 degrees while descending to 15,000 feet and then to 10,000 feet – where it was lost to radar – is too much like Malaysia Airlines MH370, which also turned and descended before disappearing on March 8, 2014. MH370 also did not crash. It was seen in Maldives flying due south, towards the British/US intelligence headquarters for the region, Diego Garcia. I suspect that EgyptAir MS804, when below radar and when all transponders and voice communication with the cockpit were shut off, headed for the one place likely to be able to keep the receiving of the plane hijacked in the Mediterranean so near to Egypt a successful secret: Israel.

Whether EgyptAir MS804 was the usual Airbus A320 or whether another plane, a Boeing 737-800, was substituted does not matter. Electronic hijacking was possible with either a Boeing or an Airbus plane: American Airlines Flight 587 (an Airbus A300) manifested clear instances of remote-controlled takeover of the flight during the crash episode on November 12, 2001 – as did EgyptAir 990 (a Boeing 767) before its crash in its flight from New York's JFK to Cairo on October 31, 1999.

Let's review some facts about AA587 and EgyptAir 990, as well as an incident that happened at Miami International in 1999.

Flight 587 took off from JFK with nothing unusual when, over Queens NY, the rudder on the vertical stabilizer began shifting back and forth its full range, causing the plane to experience severe sideways movements, called yawing, that slammed passengers back and forth. This back and forth broke the bonding of the lamination that held on the tail fin. This remote-controlled sabotage eventually broke off the stabilizer from the plane.

When the rudder was gone, the plane was still able to fly; but now the remote controller began operating the ailerons (flaps, elevators), causing the plane to make extreme turns – at one point turning 10 degrees in one second. The flight recorder clearly shows that the plane banked to port, even as the data shows the pilots were working the cockpit controls to move the plane in the opposite direction. The voice record of this portion of the flight has never been released by the NTSB. Then the electronic hijackers chose to finish the job: the nose dropped and, still before the crash, the voice record cut off. The plane was in a dive full-throttle, then the plane put down its flaps – at which point the engines separated from the wings, the pods' brackets pulled from their roots.

Happening just two months and one day after the September 11 event, the crash was covered with all of the secrecy and deceit of the investigation into that larger event.

Another American event needs mention here. In 1999, an American Airlines Airbus A300, as it prepared to land at Miami International, also experienced its rudder suddenly moving from side to side completely on its own, as the pilots reported. The NTSB reported "rudder movements extreme." No cause was found.

Early in the morning of October 31, 1999, EgyptAir 804 took off from JFK to Cairo, Egypt, with top Egyptian military personnel aboard, as well as other passengers (mostly Americans). At about 2:00 AM, the pilot left the cockpit to go to the toilet. The language aboard the plane had been in Arabic but, while the copilot was alone, another voice was picked up on the voice recorder saying just two words in English: "Control it." Immediately after this, the plane, which had been on autopilot, deviated in its course. The copilot, noticing this, exclaimed with a prayer, "Tawakkalt ala Allah," which may be equivalent to an English-speaking Christian saying "God protect us" – appropriate words under this unusual circumstance.

The copilot then, the event recorder shows, tried to disengage the autopilot. The plane continued to move independently and inappropriately for autopilot control. The copilot repeated his prayer. The plane next entered a dive. Sixteen seconds into this dive, the pilot returned to the cabin, asking, in Arabic, "What's happening?"

Both pilot and copilot worked their controls to pull up from the dive, but without results. The plane, still diving, then went full-throttle. The copilot attempted to close the fuel lines, which would have stopped the engines. Then, also not under cockpit control, the right and left elevators moved in opposite directions. The ailerons on both wings moved full up. The pilot ordered the copilot to shut the engines. The copilot replied, "They're shut." They were switched off, but that made no difference.

Pilot and copilot attempted to lift the plane out of the dive. The last words heard on the recording were of the captain repeating, in Arabic, "Pull! Pull!" Then, just as with Flight 587, the voice recorder shut off before the crash occurred.

Long before any of these crashes, the United States developed software called PROMIS, intended to take over the flight of planes that had been taken over by on-board human hijackers. Furthermore, Dov Zakheim, involved in 9-11, was CEO of SPC (System Planning Corporation) International, developers of remote-control flight systems for military and commercial aircraft. Dov Zakheim is a dual US–Israeli citizen.



EgyptAir 804: Debris reports are fake because of bogus boat search, no rescue helicopters – Plane electronically hijacked and landed in Israel


  1. See: EgyptAir flight MS804 was hit on 19 May 2016.

    On 20 May 2016, Moshe Yaalon, the Israeli Defense Minister, resigned.

    He said that Israel is being taken over by "extremist and dangerous elements."

    Israel's ex-defense minister: 'Extremist and dangerous elements' Also MH370 passengers included valuable scientists ditto MH17 - virus experts. Most likely all of the VIP brains trust are still alive working for free under threat of seeing their families tortured and killed. So that's not 'Israel' it is a powerful group who are sometimes called the Shadow Government. The VIP brains trust may be in Pine Gap, Diego Garcia or some other facility for unacknowledged special access projects. Indeed who was on board will be a vital clue - what their expertise was. Any VIP pedophile witnesses? Rather than say Israel 'may' have done it? Could we not say 'TPTB'those who benefit.

    1. Yaalon is being disingenuous or self-delusional; in fact, Israel was CREATED by "extremist and dangerous elements."

      "TPTB" is hopelessly vague. In this case, we could say "organized Jewish mobsters."


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