Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The GREAT Muammar Gaddafi - If the western world only knew the truth


  1. He was the only leader who did what he said he would do . They gave up robbing banks and such and are now robbbing countries .

  2. Dag nab it....Well third time has to be the charm.....darn inter-web gremlins.

    So be for you go glorifying this gadfly you need to watch "My Brother's Bomber." It is a three part series into the Lockerbie plane bombing.

    Yes a Jew died on that flight and I know "how shocking." But I was surprised at how the live brother ferreted out the tracks. So don't let your disposition color your reasoning but let your recollection of known historical headlines of distorted facts do so.

    Gaddafi was no winner but a pawn that fell into a trap that he knowingly helped construct.

  3. Read the court documents of the plane bombing then get back to us . That was a Cia plot . The evidence states that the lock into the baggage space was cut with bolt cutters in order to plant the bomb , thats why they let the guy go , they didn twant the scandal . Why on earthwould he wantto blow up anything ?? HE OWED NO DEBT , and was about to embark on a project that would have given Africa a great futre . The only people who gained from that bombing was the west who used that to attack them . He may have helped construct it and in my opinion he was a strange guy , but he did more for Libya than any other country has done for its people . Nextyou will be telling us 911 was no an inside job . He is a bright young man and would be a great leader for Libya or Africa .


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