Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Video: Syria's White Helmets Exposed - "NGO Soft Power Is One of The Most Destructive Global Forces Around"

Source: offguardian

May 16, 2016

The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS

Video put together by Steve Ezzeddine, Hands Off Syria! and drawing from the investigative reporting on ‪#‎WhiteHelmets‬ by activist/writer Vanessa Beeley.

Read more about the White Helmets:


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  1. http://www.pravmir.com/western-europe-experiences-moral-catastrophe-patriarch-kirill/

    1. There is all out asymmetric war against Russia. Aleksandr Dugin was supposed to be with Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill in Greece but the Anglo-Americans put the word out on their lackey's in Greece to stop Dugin from entering the country.

      Alexander Dugin denied entry to the EU

  2. All gov non profits are the enemies of all nations including the deadly vaccine gang . Good reporting .


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