Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Australian Ad Starring 'Donald Trump' Banned by US TV Networks - Donald Trump Parody - Record-Breaking - "Once again, my father was right"

Source: The West Australian

by Angela Cox
June 22, 2016

The Donald Trump parody US networks are too scared to show 

FIRST ON 7: A commercial that American networks are refusing to air on television has given a humorous insight into what the future could look like if Donald Trump is elected as president.

The parody advertisement for new sports camera 360fly was created by an Australian duo who said they took a page out of Trump’s playbook when creating the clip.

"Do something controversial, do something stupid and let the media drive it," 360fly CEO Peter Adderton told 7 News.

 The ad is a parody of Donald Trump's bid to become the President of the United States. 

In the commercial, the 360fly action camera follows Trump's erratic lifestyle to show it can keep up with just about anything, including the infamous wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

Mr Adderton and the company's creative director, Scott Anderson, formed the idea and said they used Trump's radical image to help promote the product.

The 360fly action camera. 

"Most of it is from him - didn't need a screenwriter to come write it - that's how crazy it is," Mr Adderton told 7 News.

"In a lot of ways we had to pare it back. There is stuff he says we wouldn't even dare to put in the spot," Mr Anderson added.

But a view of the life under President Trump has proved to be a little too controversial for some, with most major US television networks refusing to play the ad.

The masterminds behind the project are hoping Trump doesn't sue them or send them packing.

“We're ready to be deported whenever he says," Mr Anderson joked. US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The 360fly rivals popular action camera GoPro, but the lens can swivel inside the camera to display a 360 degree view.

The camera retails for $649.

Source: Donald Trump



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