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Orlando Pulse: G4S Mercenary Patsy in a "Complex Environment" - Omar Mateen: Fall Guy for This Particular Gig - Witness/Actor Reports of Extra "Shooters"/Helpers - An Obvious False Flag - No Photos, No Video From Inside the Nightclub? - Obama's Gay Agenda and Gun Control Agenda - The Repetitive "Assault Rifle" Meme - Time to Comb Craigslist for Terror Training Drills in Orlando - The Same Idiotic Psyop Team in Charge of This Staged Event (Shalom, You Schmucks!)

June 13 2016


I came up with a major dig!

G4S security is featured in a MAJOR WAY on MercenaryJobs.org, and that certainly does not look good. But wait, it gets better! SEE THIS: "a growing number are military specialists dispatched by the company into what are delicately known as 'complex environments' to take on jobs that national armies lack the skill or the will to do". That certainly fits his ex-wife's description of him being evil and violent. Yada bada bing! Hey, he worked for a MercenaryJobs.org featured "security firm", but where did he actually do his security work? I'd bet NOWHERE, and that he did gigs, and was the fall guy for this particular gig.

Now we have the perfect explanation for why witnesses at the scene reported 3 shooters and other helpers, and the MSM is saying nothing!


I might as well put item 8 on top, because it confirms everything that follows that I reported earlier. The man who wrote this post obviously does not know about false flags, and that most likely ALL non-patsy shooters returned to CIA/Mossad headquarters unhurt. He thinks they are not letting the public know about the other two shooters who "got away", when really, they "got away" because they were not the assigned patsy and are not part of the story line. This explains the high death toll and other reports about it being more than a one-man operation.

It was an obvious false flag – and beyond that, who knows what the real truth is?

People are pursuing the crisis actor/drill angle with this. I will say this:

1: Is it not interesting that this happened right in the middle of the Bilderberg meetings?

2: Hmm, remember one of the other shootings, where the shooter's dad was running for President in an Arab state? Well, this also got reported in relation to this latest "shooting": that the shooter's dad was running for President in Afghanistan. That is too coincidental; I think the same idiotic psyop team or AI was in charge of this shooting as well. I don't believe this was anything but staged – real blood or not.

3: Wait a minute: Why were so many of the injured paraded down the exact same path in front of the cameras? Just like Nick Vogt (Boston Smoke Bombing), who went back and forth in front of the cameras FIVE TIMES with his legs blown off, rather than straight to an ambulance. Now it is looking fishy.

4: Here is a big one: If you youtube "pulse nightclub orlando", you will see that people constantly make cell phone recordings in the crowd. Yet not one cell phone video of this shooting starting from the crowd in the nightclub has surfaced yet. AND THAT WOULD BE BECAUSE THEY CAPTURED MORE THAN ONE SHOOTER ON VIDEO, AND GET BLOWN OFF THE WEB THE SECOND THEY ARE POSTED.

5: Shooting victims are being listed under fake names. WHY? See this:

The picture is from this link. The quote I captured is under the timeline of 6:10, and it is certainly odd!

6: Obama: "'We' are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre." MY TRANSLATION: You have guns. You refuse a gun ban. It is your fault, and I will fix that!

7: At least a third person had to have been involved in the nightclub false flag, because a witness was on the air saying someone was outside holding the doors to the nightclub shut while the shooters did their work. His testimony ended when he was cut off abruptly by the censors. That would make 2 shooters (minimum) and one outdoor accomplice (minimum). That kills the official story dead. THIS CORROBORATES CODY AGNEW'S TESTIMONY ABOVE, A TOTAL BUST OF THIS FALSE FLAG:

Witness: Radical Islamic Terrorist Wasn't Alone 

OK, so we have no pictures from inside the club. We have no video from inside the club. We have witnesses saying the "victims" cannot be located, because they are using fake names. We have the shooter's supposed dad already apologizing, and running for President of Afghanistan. We have a shooter who worked for the world's largest mercenary providing security firm. We have ridiculous camera placement catching footage of every victim going by. We have a witness saying there were two shooters. We have another witness saying there were three shooters. We have an entirely different witness saying someone was holding the doors shut. And it is all happening during the Bilderberg meeting. I am not going to state an opinion about this being yet another total false flag, but I will ask people to think! (OK, that position is becoming a joke, I admit.)

I made a few mistakes early on, but I can at least post the following portion of my original report (it survived my mistakes) while I sort things out; and I'd also like to say that if whoever staged this thought it would do any good, all it will really do is increase support for Trump.

One thing to consider about where they took the Orlando nightclub shooting:

Is it not interesting that it serves Obama's gay agenda and Obama's gun control agenda in one event? And in the new story, the guy shows up with an ASSAULT RIFLE? Why are all these attacks gun attacks? When are we going to finally see a variation in the official story, such as "Man pumps up Weed-B-Gone sprayer full of gas and flamethrows nightclub?" Come on now, the "assault rifle" meme is getting a little bit repetitive. Assault rifles are really not the norm among gun owners – why is it always THAT? And if anything did happen at that nightclub and it is not all a false flag, it was almost certainly an MK patsy. Time to comb Craigslist for "gigs" and look for terror training drills in Orlando. Yep. That again.

OK, so we have a patsy and an escaped controller. The handler escaped: early reports said there were two people, and now they have dropped to one. That would be because the patsy was set up by the handler, people witnessed two people (the handler got noticed), and now they have to drop the handler out of the news because he needs to get back to Israel. Just like I said in the first paragraph: SAME OLD SAME OLD; CREATIVITY IS A PERPETUAL FAIL NOW. Always assault rifles and suicide vests. They can't have a pissed-off homosexual in the mix if they want a war on Islam to proceed.

I see this crap and say OH, not another one. Same story. Batman. Sandy Hook. San Bernardino. The "art festival". Orlando. Patsy dead.

Oh, and their variance this time I guess was that instead of innocent children getting shot by an ASSAULT RIFLE, it was the poor little gays getting shot by an ASSAULT RIFLE. Yep, they are the victims now. No one can ridicule them anymore because THEY ARE THE VICTIMS. The shooter was ISIS™, and he attacked the GAYS with a SUICIDE VEST and ASSAULT RIFLE. So if you are anti-gay, you are just like "ISIS" and you are a potential terrorist. You can bet they will use this to silence anyone who is against the gay agenda. That is how they play this crap … wait for it.

I'll believe it is real and not preplanned when someone takes out a synagogue over the high holidays. That is something they would NEVER set up.

What they will try to get from this: 1. Hate crimes legislation. 2. Increased surveillance. 3. A gun ban. 4. An increased hatred for Muslims, thus justifying more wars; all the while, the other head of the hydra talks "tolerance" to bury the fact that the hydra hatched it out of thin air.

THIS ONE IS WEIRD: Mateen was a regular at the Pulse for 3 entire years!

Yep. If this Gawker report is accurate (and I bet it is), Mateen was gay. The story from the dad is a lie. It is all a sham. Most likely, Mateen thought it was going to be a drill, and they went live. Because he was gay and he would have spoken up, his mercenary team killed him. He was supposed to be the fall guy.

I have embedded the report here on this page, because I don't know if this one will be allowed to live. This would confirm EVERYTHING: the other shooters, and that Mateen really was a patsy. Mateen went to the Pulse and got drunk off his butt repeatedly, and often had to be kicked out while drunk. Though someone grasping at straws could then say he was bitter about being thrown out so much and went back and shot the place up, it can't explain how he would have convinced several other people to do it. Only one thing fits: He was on a mercenary team with his security firm, they decided to do a drill, the club owners knew what was going to happen and they let it all happen. They might have even been complicit with the doors being held shut. The shooters show up, drill goes live, they shoot patsy and others AND WALK. And if I heard it right, NO GUNS WERE RECOVERED FROM THE SCENE. How could that be? Well, read the embedded report here and THINK; they try to uphold the official lie, but that is an OBVIOUS FAIL.

There is another obvious angle to this story now, and that is that a mercenary team showed up to shoot up the nightclub, did the job and left. Mateen was among the dead because he was there so much anyway, and Afghani, so they pinned it all on him to frame Muslims. There is a huge chance that is what really happened.

UPDATE: They have caved and are going to "arrest someone else" in relation to the Orlando shooting.

QUESTION: Why did they let them go to begin with? If our patsy is the only one dead, and at least two other shooters were inside the club while the police had it all locked down, HOW DID THEY GET AWAY? How could people be outside holding the doors through this shooting when the police were obviously ALL OVER THAT PLACE? I'll tell you how: BULLLLLLLLLLLLSHIT!

The story line: ONE SHOOTER. Everyone else walks. But now that social media provided a way for that to get blown up, they are backtracking desperately and trying to plug holes they never thought anyone would open. And the arrest would be made over the next few days??!!?? WHY? If they could make an arrest at all, it should happen INSTANTLY without announcement. But it might take them a few days to scopolamine up a retarded patsy and hypnotize him into saying he did it – THAT IS WHY IT WILL TAKE A FEW DAYS, AND THERE IS NO OTHER CONCEIVABLE REASON. This stuff is not a video game, where you can predict you will be off a level "in a few minutes". The only way they can predict an arrest over the next few days is if they already have their backup patsy drugged, in programming, and waiting for the electric chair.

Previous report:

Former CIA False Flag Director David Steele Comments on Orlando Shooting


  1. Shalom, You Schmucks!


  2. I see by the above video "Witness: Radical Islamic Terrorist Wasn't Alone" that Alex "Ben Zion" Jones has his den of bears (see Dan Dicks) spreading anti-Muslim propaganda again…



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