Thursday, June 16, 2016

Political Correctness (PC) in Germany Has Become So Confusing; Steffen Königer in the Brandenburg Parliament Makes the Distinctions Clear

AfD Politician ridicules Green Party LGBTTQQ-Proposal 
by greeting Parliament in 60 different Genders


  1. They aure are keeping this news quiet . Field and co are going to find this news very interesting , it fills a lot of gaps and explains the real reason for ORLANDO to cover up the scandal .

  2. I am so tired of this pervert agenda attempting to inculcate the whole of society. It's not complicated...gender is either male or female (1% hermaphrodite). Sexuality, however, is another story altogether and can run the gamut. It's quite obvious that there's some weird perverted agenda afoot. To literally legislate sexuality by requiring institutions and businesses to provide a third bathroom for sexual deviants begs the question of the mental stability of those making our laws. With so many glaring issues that need addressing (trade, jobs, homelessness, poverty, etc.), why is sexuality being propagandized and legislated as an important issue? I'm confident in saying that the majority of people could care less what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom. However, I DO CARE A GREAT DEAL that my tax dollars are being spent on bullshit that has nothing to do with solving real issues to better our society. And, it really pisses me off that they are involving our children during school, who are innocents, in their sick drama. I'm so done with their political correctness, which is just a disguise. So, why are the sexual deviants doing this? Since a child's mind is like putty in the sculptor's hands ... it should be real clear what's going on. When all's said and done, it's NOT going to work out well for them....they're playing with fire.

  3. Whatever happened to MAJORITY RIGHTS? I'm all for minority rights, but it creates a big imbalance when a healthy majority culture is sabotaged, fragmented, marginalized by radical minorities (e.g. radical Judaists, radical queers…) with developmental disorders. Compassion, yes; kowtowing, no.


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