Tuesday, June 21, 2016

With your help we can set a HISTORIC RECORD. I'll match you $1 for $1.


This is the first fundraising email I have ever sent on behalf of my campaign. That's right. The FIRST ONE.

And, I'm going to help make it the most successful introductory fundraising email in modern political history by personally matching every dollar that comes in WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS, up to $2 million!

Friend, this means any donation you make between $1 and $2,700 (the maximum allowable contribution) will be matched, dollar-for-dollar.

Help make history by giving one of the amounts below:


Even without this match, this initial effort would have been the most successful first fundraising email in history. I am certain of this. But let me tell you why I decided to match your donations.

The Democrats are desperate, and they're throwing everything they have at me. They just keep failing and losing.

Now they've sent out a very nasty email attacking me, all to raise a measly $250,000. They even promise that a group of "all-star Democrats" will match every dollar raised.

They will say and do anything to elect Hillary Clinton, but I am standing in the way.

I'm fighting back against Crooked Hillary and her pathetic cronies, as well as the dishonest liberal media, and I need your help.

We can't let her back into the White House ever again.

The bottom line – Crooked Hillary has been a DISASTER for our country, and we must win against her this fall, Friend.

Let's make history again, and keep winning, by making this the most successful first fundraising email ever.

Double your impact by donating today.

Let's show the liberals, the professional pundits, and the Washington establishment that this campaign IS NOT ABOUT ME. It's a movement of hardworking, patriotic people who want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Best Wishes,

Donald J. Trump
Candidate for President of the United States

P.S. Help me make my first ever fundraising email the most successful fundraising email ever sent in the history of modern politics. Remember, I will PERSONALLY match your donation, but we must receive it WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.

Please stand with me today.

***By participating, you consent to receiving automated text messages from the campaign. Standard messaging rates apply.***

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  1. Since he called out the green frauds they have turned against him . I hope he calls out the chemtrails and the medical mafia if he gets in , a 61 million dollar law suite was won with them admitting the vaccine caused the condition . His connection to the Clintons is a real concern plus his supporting the gays who by the way are the very same group pushing the green fraud . But you cant have everything. I do likke his non intervention policy however , its ruining the world including USA .

  2. They really are a joke , this is agenda 21 in action “General Joseph Dunford addressed the United Nations peacekeeping summit to discuss transitioning the US military into a global force for peace… the US military will now be focusing its energies on “Israel, drug cartels and China in the South China Sea.” They will also be fighting to protect eco-systems and hunt down poachers of endangered species…

  3. MR Trump rump did not pay taxes on LOTS of Money$$ Some place in Delaware with a fake address..Hillay rotten too..She did not pay taxes on 16 million 2 years ago..address in Delaware He can afford it..He has lots of Stolen money..DO not give rump a dime...

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